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Many new films owe their existence to the legacy of classic movies. Be it Hollywood in origin or be it foreign-made, many early films undeniably set the pace for many of the movies we have been enjoying during the later decades. Think you can score high in naming the most iconic classic movies of all time? Then take this quiz and find out!

The one where Southern belle Scarett O'Hara tries to maintain their cotton plantation estate called Tara during the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era. Which classic film is this?

Gone With The Wind was the epic almost 4-hour saga about Scarlett O'Hara's life turned topsy-turvy by the Civil War. It was based on a popular novel.


The one where the monochromatic world of Dorothy and Toto gets transformed in brilliant technicolor when they are blown away by a tornado from Kansas to Emerald City. Which classic film is this?

The Wizard of Oz remains an enduring classic even if it was made way back in 1939. No amount of remakes, reboots or spin-offs of today could measure up to this emerald gem.


The one where Gene Kelly tap dances with Debbie Reynolds as they portray actors with different types of celebrity status, regardless of the weather disturbance. Which classic film is this?

Singin’ In The Rain is the classic movie musical that left an imprint on many filmgoing generations. It's still popular today, as newer films like La-La Land try to mimic it a bit and pay homage/tribute to it.


The one where an angel tries to earn his wings by preventing a suicidal man from taking his own life on Christmas Eve. Which classic film is this?

Frank Capra directed It’s A Wonderful Life, now a staple of Christmastime viewing fare. It's about valuing your existence, because you never know the impact you have on other people.


The one where the buffed but brusque Stanley Kowalski shouts "Hey Stellaaaaaa!" Which classic film is this?

A Streetcar Named Desire was staged as a play first, where Marlon Brando first played the part, a then-Hollywood unknown. But once the movie version hit, glitz and glamor followed him everywhere.


The one about lawyer Atticus Finch defending a wrongly accused black man in the South, as the story unfolds through the eyes of his daughter Scout. Which classic film is this?

To Kill A Mockingbird explored issues of racism and injustice. These issues are sadly still being learned today, as needed.


The one where the title character, dying media mogul Charles Foster, looked for the mysterious "Rosebud" on his deathbed. Which classic film is this?

Citizen Kane always ranks high among the list of best classic films of all time. Some charts actually have this black and white film at the top of the list.


The one where an American named Rick runs a gin joint in Morocco, where he also nursed a broken heart, as his African-American piano player Sam tinkled the ivories. Which classic film is this?

Casablanca starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Play it, Sam!


The one where Norman Bates ran a lodging place called Bates Motel, as he is mentally nagged by his unbearable mother, prompting some murderous tendencies. Which classic film is this?

Alfred Hitchcock's masterful handiwork is all over Psycho, his 1960 film. Even if the world was already in color back then at the movies, he chose to shoot this film in black and white.


The one where New York socialite-wannabe Holly Golightly eats her first meal of the day in front of an expensive Fifth Avenue store. Which classic film is this?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the 1961 film that cemented Audrey Hepburn's signature sophisticated look onscreen. This look is being imitated worldwide, up to now!


The one where the Little Tramp plays The Lone Prospector during the mining mayhem of a certain precious element, where some classic comedy ensues. Which classic film is this?

The Gold Rush was based on the Klondike Gold Rush stories during that particular period in California history. Charlie Chaplin starred and directed it.


The one about a poor farmer's family from Oklahoma who journeyed to California to seek a new life, the story of which was originally penned as a novel by John Steinbeck. Which classic film is this?

The Grapes of Wrath was a 1940 film adaptation of John Steinbeck's classic novel. It was directed by John Ford, and starred Henry Fonda.


The one about prisoners-of-war building a structure to connect separated areas of some countries in Southeast Asia. Which classic film is this?

The Bridge on the River Kwai's story is actually fictional, but its historical details were actually based on real-life structures during World War II. And yes, there is a real bridge somewhere in Asia to prove it.


The one where a simple and sometimes naïve man with a golden heart faces government corruption firsthand when he goes to the country capital and becomes a state senator. Which classic film is this?

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is the classic film directed by Frank Capra. The man helmed many classics that became templates of storytelling and plot patterns today.


The one where James Dean stars as the troubled youngster with parental and school issues, which gave a pretty face to the term "teen angst." Which classic film is this?

Before Rebel Without A Cause, American pop culture didn't tackle teen angst much. But after this film premiered, and after The Catcher in the Rye novel's Holden Caulfield character burst into the public consciousness of the 1950s, teenagers were now multidimensionally characterized.


The one where Gary Cooper plays a torn town marshal deciding to face an arriving enemy or run away with his wife, played by Grace Kelly. Which classic film is this?

High Noon was filmed in real time. That means the duration of the film is the real duration of the story's time. Cool!


The one where Lana Turner plays a bored wife of a diner owner who plots to kill her husband together with her love. Which classic film is this?

The Postman Always Rings Twice was made in 1946 based on a 1934 crime novel. There was a 1981 remake starring Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson.


The one where Bette Davis plays an aging Broadway veteran threatened to be overshadowed by her biggest fan who later became her understudy. Which classic film is this?

Bette Davis was a powerhouse in All About Eve. The 1950 film also had Marilyn Monroe in there somewhere.


The one where, for the first time, Hollywood heard someone sing and talk at the movies, as the film portrayed a musician who sang and spoke in sync! Which classic film is this?

The Jazz Singer indeed played the pivotal role of upgrading the movie industry from silent era to sound era. Thanks to this film, we're enjoying films the way we are right now.


The one where Greta Garbo plays a Russian femme fatale who goes to Paris to stop three fellow Russians' plot to resell jewelry, all done in a comedic tone. Which classic film is this?

Ninotchka saw Greta Garbo do comedy. The 1939 classic is actually a rom-com!


The one about aging silent screen actress Norma Desmond who falls in love with a younger screenwriter, but their picture doesn't end well. Which classic film is this?

Sunset Boulevard was the 1950 classic by Billy Wilder. It was turned into a successful musical stage play in the 1990s, still popular today.


The one where a femme fatale of a wife seduces an insurance salesman to help her murder her husband -- so she could get twice the claim. Which classic film is this?

Double Indemnity is the 1944 film noir classic directed by the prolific Billy Wilder. Who knew that an insurance-focused narrative would be that thrilling!


The one about Humphrey Bogart playing a private investigator going after some adventurers who were going after a lost treasure of a bird. Which classic film is this?

John Huston also directed film noir classics, like The Maltese Falcon. Bogey was his usual self here.


The one where Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon play jazz musicians who dress up as women to evade the mob, and meet a bombshell of a woman, Marilyn Monroe, producing a comedic dilemma of gendered proportions. Which classic film is this?

Some Like It Hot might appear trite for filmgoers of today, but this was an important film that played on gendered representations in cinema. Homosexuality issues in film were starting to appear more during this time.


The one where Marlon Brando method acts his heart out as a longshoreman who "coulda been a contender instead of a bum" under the direction of Elia Kazan. Which classic film is this?

On The Waterfront was an important film wherein Method acting was heavily used and utilized by Marlon Brando. Elia Kazan again directs Brando here.


The one where Charlton Heston played Judah, the Jewish hero who clashed with the ruling Roman empire, where an epic chariot race later ensued. Which classic film is this?

Ben-Hur was a film stunt classic, especially when it came to that climactic chariot race toward the end. The 2016 remake didn't have chutzpah on that remade scene, though.


The one about this Russian doctor named Yuri, his love interest named Lara, and the Russian Revolution somewhere in the backdrop. Which classic film is this?

Doctor Zhivago is another epic film that's also a classic. It was directed by David Lean.


The one about a dozen members of a jury who deliberate, argue, fight and connive with each other, to hopefully reach a unanimous verdict. Which classic film is this?

Our courtroom dramas of today somewhat owe their styles to 12 Angry Men. The 1957 film by director Sidney Lumet was a very intense film, given that it only took place inside a jury room with men just discussing stuff.


The one where Clark Gable plays a reporter who falls in love with a spoiled heiress, all told in a comedic frame. Which classic film is this?

Frank Capra might be the granddaddy of film rom-coms, as evident in his directed film It Happened One Night. This rom-com indeed transcends time and era with its classic storylines.


The one about pre-Pearl Harbor bombing soldiers and their Hawaii-based life, but of course what we remember most is the iconic beach scene kiss between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. Which classic film is this?

Fred Zinneman directed the drama From Here To Eternity. But this 1953 classic is also classified as a romantic film.


The one where a serial killer also moonlights as a preacher, making sermons using his tattoos of the word "love" on one hand and "hate" on the other hand, to dupe widows and small towns of money. Which classic film is this?

You could see which of the contemporary filmmakers were influenced by The Night of the Hunter, a staple film school-required viewing. Spike Lee used the love/hate tattoo thingie in his film debut Do The Right Thing.


The one where a female star reporter gets lured back to the journalistic world by his former newspaper editor and ex-husband, who actually wants to win her back as his wife. Which classic film is this?

His Girl Friday is a 1940 classic film. But back then, when they did screwball comedies like this one, the characters still appeared so dapper!


The one about a World War I British army officer getting torn about his royal duties and his enlightenment via his newfound friends from the desert regions. Which classic film is this?

Lawrence of Arabia also starred Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn and Alec Guinness. The 1962 epic was directed by film epic helmer David Lean.


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