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Australians live in a beautiful country that is much different from the rest of the world. From its climate to its animals and everything in between, the land down under is fascinating. Becoming an independent country in 1901, Australia has not only become a great place to live, but also a large tourist destination. Behind its beaches and deserts, it also has a rich history, as it was inhabited by aboriginal peoples many years ago. So you think you have what it takes to live in Australia?

Do you know what day Australia Day is celebrated on? What about the country's capital city? Do you know which cute animal is actually very poisonous? Can you name some uniquely Australian foods? The country is known for many things such as its animals and sports, but this quiz will take you deeper than that!

Do you know what a stromatolite is? Can you name a few of Australia's favorite slang or words to use? Maybe you can name them, but can you also define them? Do you know who the Royal Flying Doctors are? Australia's nature, culture and the atmosphere are unique and fascinating, if you want to live in the country, you'll want to know your stuff!

No matter if you've visited, or you've even hoped to visit, if you know your stuff about the country, this will be a breeze. See if you could handle the land down under by taking this quiz!

What was New Australia?

New Australia was a new colony that was first started by William Lane. Just over 200 people were part of this colony and they based their civilization off a few beliefs.


Which animal is on the coat of arms for the country?

Australia has two animals on its coat of arms. The first is the kangaroo, and the second is the emu. The emu is native to Australia and it is one of the largest birds on Earth.


What is located underneath New South Wales?

There is a coal fire that burns underneath the ground near New South Wales. It has been burning for thousands of years, but it's not the only one of its kind. There are many of these found around the world as well.


What is a "mozzie?"

In Australia, mosquitoes are referred to as "mozzies." Used in a sentence, you could say: "The mozzies are bad today, I better go grab some repellent."


Is it true or false that it snows in Australia?

This is true. It is actually quite common in certain areas during the winter season for snowfall. Tasmania has been known to have significant snowfall as well.


What is the national flower of Australia?

The national flower of Australia is the wattle. The plant is yellow and it is located in the southern area of the country with a strong seed that can withstand many conditions.


What do the Royal Flying Doctors do?

The Royal Flying Doctors are doctors who fly out to patients who need them. They are able to reach the most remote areas of the country.


What are "thongs" in Australia?

In Australia, a "thong" doesn't refer to your underpants! Flip-flops take on the name instead, and the country even has a company that sells them using the name.


Is it true or false that the oldest living civilization in the world still inhabits Australia?

This is true. Aboriginal Australians are the oldest living civilization in the world. They first inhabited the country an estimated 40,000 years ago.


Which of the following does Australia not have?

Australia does not have an active volcano, making it the only continent in the world without one. Although none are active, there are still dormant volcanoes that exist there.


What is the national sport of Australia?

The national sport of Australia is cricket. It is extremely popular in the country with over 1 million registered players. It was first introduced in 1803.


How many time zones does the country have?

The country has a total of three time zones. The time zones are Australia Eastern Standard Time, Australian Western Standard Time and Australian Central Standard Time. The time zones are broken into five geographical parts of the country.


What is the capital city of Australia?

Canberra is Australia's capital city. The city was first inhabited by Aboriginal Australians that are known to be the oldest civilization still currently living in the country.


Is it true or false that the plugs in Australia are different than the ones in North America?

This is true. The plugs in Australia take a different shape than the ones used in North America. Using a North American charger will not work in Australian outlets, so make sure you pack the correct one.


Where would you find the Three Sisters rock formation?

The Three Sisters rock formation is found in the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains were home to Indigenous Australians for thousands of years and are now used for recreational purposes.


Which of these is the name of a desert in Australia?

The Great Victoria Desert is located in Australia and it is located in both the southern and western areas of the country. It's the largest desert in the country compared to the smallest, the Pedirka Desert.


The Great Barrier Reef has what?

The Great Barrier Reef has its own mailbox. It's not just there for decoration, you can actually mail letters there! To get to it, make sure you book yourself a ferry.


What is a "bludger?"

A "bludger" in Australia is a term used for someone lazy. Typically, these are people who don't want to work and support themselves.


Is it true or false that the country has the highest population density?

This is false. The country actually has the lowest population density in the world. The country as a whole has a population of around 24 million people.


What does the Outback refer to?

The Outback is Australia's countryside, where you can go very far without seeing a person or a building. The Outback isn't one defined area but rather multiple areas of backcountry.


What is the snack made of biscuits and chocolate called?

The snack is called a Tim Tam, which is only found in Australia. The snack comes in many different flavors and they've been the countries favorite snack since the '60s.


What is the emergency number in Australia?

The emergency number in Australia is "000." Any phone calls made to the emergency number are free of charge and only to be used in emergency situations.


The largest what is found in Australia?

The largest sand island in the world is found in Australia and it is known to be a heritage site. It's called Fraser Island and it is closest to the city of Brisbane.


Is it true or false that Australia brought us the ultrasound?

This is true. The ultrasound was invented in Australia in 1959. The technology later expanded throughout the world because of its incredible innovation from older technology.


What non-native animal lives in the deserts of Australia?

The camel is not native to Australia but it does inhabit the country's deserts. The camel first arrived in Australia in the 1800s from the Canary Islands.


What is the Australian national anthem called?

Australia's national anthem is called "Advance Australia Fair." The anthem was only adopted in 1984 even though it was written over 100 years before.


What unique landform does Australia have?

Australia has quite unique pink lakes that include Lake Hillier and Spencer Lake. The cause of the pink lakes is the high salt content that is found within them.


Where would you find stromatolites?

Stromatolites are found in the water, as this is where they are created. They are made of bacteria from the water that builds up.


What is Australians' favorite spread?

Vegemite is a favorite for many Australians. It has even left its mark on pop culture, having been mentioned in many shows and talked about by many celebrities.


What was passed in 1902?

Australia passed a law giving women the right to vote in 1902. They were one of the first countries to pass this law in the world.


What does "chook" mean in Australia?

In Australia, the word "chook" is used to mean "chicken." Not only can this refer to the animal or the food, it can also be used as an insult the same way it is in North America.


When is Australia Day?

Australia Day is celebrated on January 26. It not only celebrates the country and its values but also the history behind how it came to be.


What Australian animal is highly posionous?

The platypus may look cute, but it is actually quite poisonous! The venom is injected using a spur on the back of the animal's legs.


What is a "barbie"?

A "barbie" is the word that Australians use to refer to a barbecue. You may recognize the term from the common phrase, "Put the shrimp on the barbie!"


Who is "Migaloo?"

Migaloo is a white whale that is only found near Australia. He is, in fact, the only white whale in the entire world, and he lives among other humpback whales that are not albino.


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