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How much do you remember about the movie that pitted humans against alien predators? Take this quiz and see if you can recall the horrific events that took place in “Predator”!

What type of group is searching the jungle for kidnap victims?

During the American Revolution, Britain hired German mercenary groups to fight against the colonists. These German mercenaries were known as Hessians.


Who leads the mercenaries?

Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer was once a member of the United States Military. After he left, he started his own private military unit.


Which country hired the mercenaries?

Dutch maintains contact with people in the U.S. Military. These contacts set him up with a job after one of their helicopters goes down.


Who has been kidnapped?

Dutch is informed that the Cabinet Minister's helicopter has been shot down. He must take his team into the jungle to rescue him.


Who kidnapped the Cabinet Minister?

During the Vietnam War, guerrilla units were used by the Viet Cong to counteract the military power of the United States. These units were effective by striking quickly then retreating.


Where does the search take place?

Central America connects North America with South America. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


Who is the tracker of the mercenaries?

Billy is of Native American descent. His heritage inspired him to hone his tracking skills.


Who is the CIA agent who accompanies the mercenaries?

Dutch and Dillon have a long history that can be traced back to the Vietnam War. This history occasionally brings them back into contact with one another.


How many skinned bodies are hanging from a tree?

The mercenaries believe that the villagers skinned the bodies of these men. However, there is actually a more dangerous creature roaming the jungle.


Who is captured among the guerrilla forces?

When Dutch and his men enter the village, they begin attacking the guerrilla rebels. Anna is the only rebel left alive.


What happens to the hostages?

During the attack on the village, Dutch watches as a hostage is executed. He realizes that his men were never supposed to save the hostages.


Where do the mercenaries head after killing the guerrilla rebels?

With his mission complete, Dutch wants to get his men out of the area. He orders them to head toward the helicopter pickup point.


Which mercenary believes they are being hunted by something that isn't human?

Billy seems to have a deeper understanding of the jungle and the creatures that inhabit it. The rest of the group should probably listen when he talks about something following them.


How does the Predator determine the location of the mercenaries?

Thermal imaging uses temperature patterns to form an image, also called a thermogram. This technology has been used in various ways, from surveillance to medical care.


Who chases after Anna when she runs away?

As the group heads towards the extraction point, Anna seeks an opportunity to escape. When she finally gets the chance, Hawkins is forced to chase after her.


Why can't the Predator be seen?

The Predator wears a suite of active camouflage. This gear allows it to turn invisible, making the creature that much deadlier.


Who is killed first by the Predator?

Anna is covered with Hawkins' blood after the Predator slices him open. After this, Anna is so shaken that she can't even describe the creature.


How does Blaine die?

The Predator is armed with various weapons that make it an excellent hunter. One of these weapons is a laser gun.


What color is the Predator's blood?

Mac picks up Blaine's gun after Blaine is killed. He starts firing at the Predator, which he can't see. Despite his inability to see, Mac does manage to strike the creature in the leg.


Who takes first watch on the night after Blaine's death?

Blaine was one of Mac's best friends. In fact, they served together before they teamed up with Dutch.


What does Mac stab to death?

Mac hears a noise in the middle of the night and believes it is the creature that has been hunting them. Scared, Mac starts stabbing the figure, which turns out to be a wild pig.


What is stolen while Mac kills the pig?

Everyone rushes to check out the noise, but they leave behind Blaine's body. During the chaos, the Predator returns to collect its kill.


Who is used as bait to catch the Predator?

The remaining mercenaries set up traps to catch the creature following them. However, Dutch quickly realizes that someone will have to be used as bait to lure the creature out.


Who talks about a "Legendary Demon" who stalks villagers?

Apparently, this is not the Predator's first trip to Central America. In fact, the creature comes during the warm years and hunts the villagers.


Who chases the Predator after it escapes the trap?

Mac is still upset after the Predator killed Blaine. When it escapes the trap, he takes off after it as Dutch yells for him to stop.


Where does Mac find the Predator?

Dillon catches up to Mac, and they decide to ambush the creature. However, the creature locates Mac first and shoots him through the head.


What body part of Dillon's body does the Predator shoot off?

Dillon puts up a courageous fight against the Predator. However, he is eventually outmatched and killed by the two blades the creature carries.


Where does Billy stop to fight the Predator?

Billy knows they can't all outrun the creature following them. He decides to stay behind and fight the creature one on one.


What is Billy's only weapon?

Billy throws his rifle aside and pulls out his machete. He has determined that there is no point in shooting at a creature he can't see. However, he is still no match.


What does Dutch kick out of Anna's hands?

After the Predator kills Poncho, Anna tries to pick up his gun. However, Dutch knows that the Predator will chase her if she carries a weapon, so he kicks it away from her.


Where does Dutch tell Anna to run to?

Dutch decides to lead the Predator away from Anna, so she can escape. He also wants revenge, since the creature killed his men.


How does Dutch challenge the Predator?

Dutch sets a fire and screams for the creature to come find him. Pridefully, the Predator responds to the challenge.


How does the Predator fight Dutch after Dutch destroys its camouflage?

The Predator notices that Dutch has no weapons left. To prove who is the better killer, the creature removes its weapons and settles in for hand to hand combat.


What does Dutch cover his body with, so he isn't seen by the Predator?

With his body covered in mud, Dutch can't be detected by the Predator. This provides Dutch with an opportunity to destroy the creature's camouflage.


How does the Predator kill itself?

Dutch is able to trap the Predator. However, before Dutch can deliver the final blow, the Predator sets off a bomb, killing itself.


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