Which Bronte Sister Are You?

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The Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne were storytellers from a young age. Growing up in the moors of Yorkshire, England, they wrote stories to keep themselves occupied. This became the foundation for greatness to come. Later, they sharpened their writing chops by becoming teachers and governesses. They were worldly women who had aspirations to go beyond their English homes, eventually traveling to Brussels to improve their French. The theme of education and travel would show up in their various novels. One of the most famous Bronte novels, "Jane Eyre,"  centered on an intelligent English teacher and governess who wanted to live independently.

The forward-thinking women behind these timeless, feminist novels had life experiences that shaped what they wrote and delivered to the world. Forced to write under pen names, they knew what it was like to be intelligent women confined by society. Like them, the characters they created, like Jane Eyre, Agnes Grey, and Helen Huntingdon, sought their freedom in their circumstances. Centuries later, we're still reading their universal stories. The strength the Brontes exhibited in their lives and their writing resonates across space and time. Take our quiz, and see how you compare to these women who were ahead of their time. Find out which storytelling sister you are!

Besides the Brontes, who is your go-to feminist author?

What kind of heroine are you?

To which country would you travel to study?

How do you handle the word "no"?

How would you act if you saw someone mistreating an animal?

What name would you choose for a house?

What Bronte hero could be your leading man?

What would be your job in the Bronte's world?

With which Bronte heroine would you be besties?

If someone you loved betrayed you, where would you run?

Do you consider yourself quiet?

Can you tell us what your surprise twist would be if you wrote a Gothic novel?

What do you wear to a party that the finest people will be attending?

Given these scenarios, which one is most romantic to you?

Who played Mr. Rochester best in the movies?

Besides the books of the Bronte sisters, what is the best Victorian novel?

A relative who was unkind to you is calling for you when they are ill. How do you respond?

Out of today's feminists, who would fit into a Bronte novel?

If you wrote under a pen name, which one would you choose?

Who is the Bronte villain that you love to hate?

Besides love, can you think of something you can't live without?

You think you see a ghost at your landlord's house. What do you do?

Can you name a poem that best describes you?

Would you prefer to live in Wuthering Heights or Thrushcross Grange?

As an accomplished young lady, what hobby would you choose?

The curtains in your boss's office mysteriously burn. What do you do?

Are you healthy or sickly?

If you felt like no one understood you, how would you act?

You don't feel respected at your job. How do you handle it?

How would you like people to remember you after you're gone?

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