What’s Your Real Type?

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When it comes to the dating world, guys and gals are often spending time with people who aren't their type. Though you might have heard of the saying, "opposites attract," it's always important to find someone that you're at least somewhat compatible with. This is referred to as "romantic chemistry," which is the spark between two people in a relationship. Sometimes, this spark is ignited through mutual interests and in-depth conversations, but some people can simply feel this through their instincts. If you don't sense this kind of "fireworks" feeling after the first few dates, then they're probably not the ideal person for you.

So, what do we mean by "types" of people? Well, think about someone that you may have been attracted to in the past. What stood out about them? Was it their funny personality or their serious demeanor? Would you classify them as a nerd, athlete or someone who is just plain popular? These types of people will not only grab your attention, but they may be the key to making your ideal relationship an everlasting one. So if you're curious about what type of person you should be dating, then take our romantic relationship quiz right now!

What's your ideal location for an epic first date?

Pick one of these dating pet peeves that you just can't stand.

How many serious relationships have you been in before?

What do you value the most in a significant other: looks or personality?

Which celebrity would you like to go on a date with?

Imagine your dream wedding for a moment. Where is it located?

Would you describe your social skills as more introverted or extroverted?

Where is the best place to meet potential significant others?

Do you tend to follow horoscopes when it comes to your dating life?

Would you ever want to date someone who wasn't your type?

How would you feel about dating someone who was not a family-oriented person?

What is the best source of dating advice for you?

Your date wants to play a game of truth or dare with you. Which one will you pick?

Which of these romantic movies would you like to watch with a significant other?

Be honest here: Are you ready to settle down with that special someone yet?

Do you still keep in contact with any of your exes?

How would you feel about dating someone who is a little on the jealous side?

Ideally, you would want your significant other to be really good at which of these interests or hobbies?

When it comes to long-distance relationships, do we hear a "yay" or a "nay" from you?

Would you rather date someone who is overly messy or overly clean?

Have you ever been on a blind date with someone?

Are you the type of person who enjoys using dating apps?

To kiss or not to kiss on the first date... Which do you prefer?

What do you value the most when it comes to your ideal relationship?

How would you feel if your significant other pulled a big prank on you?

Would you ever want to date someone who was a bit awkward?

Texting versus calling: Which do you prefer when it comes to communication?

What do you tend to follow when it comes to dating someone?

How would you handle an argument with your significant other?

Which of the following do you tend to look for the most in a relationship?

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