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Carrie was not only the first novel Stephen King published but also the first of his novels to be made into a feature film. He was only paid $2,500 for the rights to the film. How many details can you remember from it?

Who directed Carrie?

Brian De Palma (born September 11, 1940) used many visual elements to tell the story of Carrie and was the first box-office success the director made.


Who wrote the screenplay?

Lawrence D. Cohen adapted two other King novels for television, but Carrie is his best-known work.


What was the name of the High School Carrie attends in the movie?

Carrie attended Bates High School in the movie. She attended Ewen Consolidated High School in the book.


What year was the movie released for the first time?

Carrie was released November 3, 1976, two years after the paperback novel (which was released April 5, 1974).


Which actress was chosen to portray the main character, Carrie?

Mary Elizabeth "Sissy" Spacek (born December 25, 1949) reportedly locked herself in her dressing room surrounded by religious icons and alienated herself from the rest of the cast to stay in character.


What was the name of Carrie's mother?

Margaret White regarded almost everything as sinful. Piper Laurie (who portrayed the character) thought the film was a black comedy because of the over-the-top way her character behaved.


What sport was Carrie shown failing at in the opening scene?

Carrie seemed slightly distracted playing volleyball, and when the ball came her way, she pushed it away instead of returning it.


What happened when the principal kept messing up Carrie's name?

"We're all sorry about this incident, Cassie." "It's Carrie." (The ashtray on the desk falls to the ground and shatters.)


How did Mrs. White punish Carrie when she sins?

Carrie's mother had a special closet with a shrine to St. Sebastian in it where Carrie would be locked when her mother felt she had sinned.


What was behind Carrie in the mirror before she broke it?

An image of Jesus' face was seen in the mirror behind Carrie right before she broke it.


Who played Tommy Ross?

William Theodore Katt (born February 16, 1951) became popular after starring in Carrie. However, his best-known role was probably as Ralph in the Greatest American Hero.


About what was Tommy Ross' poem?

"If you will let us have room enough and air enough and peace enough to love each other as you never could."


How did Mrs. Collins punish the girls for bullying Carrie?

"Now my idea for this little trick you pulled was three day's suspension and refusal of your prom tickets… But the office has decided you're to have one week's detention… Still, there's one little catch. It's to be my detention."


Finish the quote, "Pimples are the Lord's way of ________."

"Pimples are the Lord's way of chastising you."


What book did Carrie read in the library?

Although the card catalog had several books about miracles, Carrie chose The Secret Science Behind Miracles.


What was Tommy watching on television while Sue does her homework?

Sue was ignoring Tommy until he agreed to ask Carrie to the prom, so he watched a western while she did homework.


Where was Carrie when Tommy first found her and asked her to the prom?

She was apparently studying more about her talent—she hid the book titles so he couldn't see them.


What did Carrie do after Tommy first asked her to the prom?

After running away, she met Mrs. Collins and explained, "I know who he goes around with. They're just trying to trick me again. I know."


What did Tommy drive initially?

Tommy was initially seen driving a 1970 red Datsun truck, but when he arrived to pick her up, he was in a pale 1973 Ford Galaxy.


What did Tommy tell Carrie when she asked why he wanted to go to the prom with her?

Tommy only agreed after Sue begged him. He told Carrie it was because of the poem even though Sue was the real motivation.


What mural was on the wall in the White's dining room?

Leonardo DaVinci's (April 15, 1452—May 2, 1519) The Last Supper filled the back wall of the dining room. The original was not as dark as the one in the movie, especially in the eyes. It was painted on the wall of the Convent of the Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy and almost destroyed during World War II by bombs.


How old was Sissy Spacek when she was in the movie?

She was twenty-five even though she was portraying a 17-year old.


How did Carrie's mother find out about her powers?

"I'm going to close the windows."


What color was Carrie's dress?

"It's pink, Mama…" "I can see your dirty pillows. Everyone will."


What was the prom theme?

The theme was "Love Among the Stars." Ironically, as rumors spread about Tommy and Carrie, Norma was getting her hair done in curls—only to put it back in braids and her red ball cap.


Why didn't Mrs. Collins dance at her prom?

Mrs. Collins wore awful shoes to her prom for looks and when her boyfriend's car broke down, she was stuck walking. The blisters on her feet prevented her from dancing.


What kind of blood did Billy get?

Billy and his friends got a gasoline canister full of pig blood. Billy and Chris transferred that to a bucket over the stage.


Where were Billy and Chris hiding?

Sue found Billy and Chris hiding under the stage, but Mrs. Collins didn't understand until it was too late and pulled her away before she could stop their mischief.


What happened to Tommy when the blood fell?

Tommy had just enough time to let everyone know that trick was not cool before the bucket clobbered him on the head and he was knocked unconscious.


How did the principal die?

As he went up to the microphone to try and calm everyone, the hose sprayed him with water, and he was electrocuted.


How did Carrie get out of the school?

After Carrie caused mayhem and destruction, she calmly walked out of the school, opening the doors and then shutting them behind her.


"That Carrie White, she sure is _________."

"That Carrie White, she sure is cute."


When Carrie got home from the prom, what was the first thing she did?

Carrie's mother was mysteriously hiding or absent while Carrie took a bath. Carrie doesn't find her until afterward.


When Carrie knifed her mother, what image did she create?

An image of St. Sebastian in his martyrdom was in the closet where Carrie went for punishment. She recreated this image by attacking her mother with knives (instead of arrows) at the end of the movie.


What did Sue do in her dream?

Carrie's bloody arm grabbed Sue as she laid flowers on the place where Carrie's house once stood. Sissy Spacek insisted on being buried and performing the final scene herself even though she had to wait a long time underground while the rest of the scene was set.


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