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Ah, that very colorful, cool, hip and happening decade that is the '60s -- who could forget it? With so many historical events, happening pop culture conceptions, and pivotal social developments taking place, no wonder those who were there to "live it" are still proud witnesses, while those who merely "read/hear about it" are as curious as ever to experience it. Well then, whichever you are, hop aboard our '60s quiz and time-travel with us!

Which war was all over the social consciousness of USA during the 1960s?

Early in the ‘60s, some volunteered while some avoided being drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. The effects of this war are etched in the social consciousness of the USA.


The "British Invasion” started with the popularity of this 4-man band from Liverpool. Which band is this?

The Beatles burst onto the pop music scene of their native UK in the early ‘60s. A few years later, this Liverpool phenomenon would become popular the world over, and influence global pop culture up to this day.


Which US president was assassinated in 1963?

John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Texas remains controversial to this day. While the US government has recently given the go-signal to declassify many documents pertaining to this investigation, not all of them are being revealed to the public as yet.


Pop art spread through the mainstream, thanks to this artist. Who is he?

Andy Warhol mixed a combination of consumerism, intellectualism, kitsch, and philosophical discourses within his artworks. He wanted art to be accessible to everyone,. That’s why his works always question the nature of it.


This yearly TV sports special started airing in 1967. What event is this?

The first-ever Super Bowl game was broadcast on January 1967. A record of 40 million televiewers watched the football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers who won the game.


Comic book readers encountered this sticky superhero for the first time in 1962. Who is he?

Spider-Man debuted in the American consciousness in 1962. He appeared in the Amazing Fantasy #15 comics, which is now a sought after collector’s item.


People were moved when they heard his “I Have A Dream” speech in 1963. Who was this civil rights leader?

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his inspiring “I Have A Dream” speech, speaking about equality, during the 1963 Freedom March in Washington. He was assassinated while in Tennessee in 1968.


People were able to dial more easily when the push-button version of this invention came out in 1968. What is it?

AT&T subscribers were very happy to test out the first-ever push-button telephone. They formally said goodbye to the round dial that characterized early models.


The first episode of this TV show, which made us “live long and prosper,” debuted in 1966. What iconic sci-fi show is this?

It’s hard to imagine life without "Star Trek." We have to thank Gene Roddenberry for this pioneering series, which began airing in 1966.


Women started to become more liberal, wardrobe-wise, when they first wore this short version of an old piece of clothing. What’s this invention?

The mini-skirt started out as a British fashion craze in 1965, as designed by Mary Quant. Little did she know that this piece of clothing would become such a phenomena the world over.


The Western space race became more exciting in 1969 when American astronauts landed here. Where did they land?

Prior to 1969, people thought having a human land on the moon was merely science fiction. It became science fact when Neil Armstrong left his imprint on the moon and said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."


The publication of Betty Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique, ushered in this advocacy calling for equal rights for women. What’s it called?

Feminism was already evident in several artistic works and publications, social discourses, and political movements during earlier decades, but Betty Friedan’s 1963 book gave a definitive outline for it during the modern era. It paved the way for opening up the discussion on women’s rights in all aspects of human life.


If the ‘50s had the beatniks, the ‘60s and the ‘70s had this counterculture persona. What are they called?

Hippie is a term coined by a San Francisco journalist writing about ‘60s young people who were into the counterculture movement and living a bohemian lifestyle in certain communities. The term is still used in certain circles by older generations while younger people are using its descendant term, “hipster.”


Students and faculty attended the first of this kind of academic set-up in 1965, made primarily to oppose the Vietnam War. What’s it called?

The first teach-in happened on the campus of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor on March 1965. It was attended by more than 3,000 people. This kind of protest against the Vietnam War included teachers lecturing, students debating, showing movies, reciting poetry or performing music that reflected the aim of the gathering.


Barbie lovers found 1961 memorable due to the introduction of this other figure. Who was he?

Barbie was already a popular doll prior to the 1960s. But Ken’s introduction in 1961 gave a romantic dimension to this supposedly independent gal icon.


Birth control may be commonplace today, but this specific item was only introduced in 1960. What is it?

"The Pill” popped into the consciousness of American women in 1960. By the end of the decade, millions were already using it for birth control — even if they were not married (which was the initial intended restriction when it came out).


Music lovers opened the pages of this rockin’ magazine when it debuted in 1967. What publication is this?

Rolling Stone was first published in November 1967. The magazine is still a leader in the music scene, even if it also has an online counterpart.


Movie lovers mourned the death of this quintessential cinematic bombshell in 1962. Who was she?

Marilyn Monroe’s apparent suicide in 1962 shocked her worldwide followers. She rose to prominence playing bombshell roles during the 1950s, often portraying “dumb blonde” characters onscreen — even if she was highly intelligent off-screen.


Car lovers fell in love with the Mustang when it first came out. Which company manufactured it?

The sexy muscle cars of the 1960s got a boost when the Ford Motor Company manufactured the Ford Mustang in the early ‘60s. It’s still a beaut to this day!


It was in 1964 when the concept of this pastime/vice became know as being “dangerous to your health.” What was it?

Smoking is dangerous to everyone’s health, and this is a fact we now know. But the concept was only introduced in 1964 when the Surgeon General’s Report detailed how lighting up wasn't as cool and groovy an idea as had previously been advertised.


TV lovers embraced this new host of the late-night talk show, "The Tonight Show." Who was this legendary host?

Johnny Carson became the barometer of late-night talk show hosting when he took over "The Tonight Show" in October 1962. He stayed for three decades. Jay Leno took the crown from him after that, and held onto it for 22 years before Jimmy Fallon stepped in.


Concertgoers of the ‘60s trooped to New York to attend this landmark three-day concert event. What’s it called?

Music legends of the ‘60s played in the three-day Woodstock music festival organized by a group of guys in their twenties. Nearly half a million people came to watch Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Who, and Jimmy Hendrix, to name a few.


Black and white people delineation at eating counters was protested as early as 1960. What was this kind of protest called?

Sit-ins became a form of action protest for people to voice the opposition towards segregation, but in a non-violent manner. In particular, the Greensboro sit-ins were started by black students who sat at lunch counters designated as “for whites only.”


The popular Walk of Fame began in 1960 when Joanne Woodward was awarded her star. Where is this attraction located?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a series of sidewalk tiles designed as stars, with each star bearing the name of a recognized entertainment industry icon. This tradition began in February 1960, with actress Joanne Woodward earning the first-ever star.


This New York bar became the pivotal location of gay liberation in 1969 when riots erupted there. What’s it called?

The modern-day LGBT movement’s evolution in America could be traced back to many smaller events, but one event stood out on June 1969: The Stonewall Riots. This was when Greenwich Village bar patrons, led by fabulously fierce drag queens, began to protest unjust arrests and raids that police routinely conducted. In particular, Stonewall Inn patrons started fighting back that day — and the rest is LGBT history.


This show debuted in 1969, teaching kids lessons, manners, and other curiosities. What is this show?

Sesame Street went on air in December 1969, featuring humans and puppets and short animated skits. It’s still on air today!


The ‘60s are always characterized by the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” line. What particular drug was popular then?

Lysergic acid diethylamide was popularly known as LSD, or simply acid, the recreational drug that had psychedelic effects on users. It fit in perfectly with the counterculture era of the ‘60s, where free love and other experimentations took place.


Another civil rights champion was assassinated during this decade. Which minister was gunned down in 1965?

Malcolm X was a minister and an outspoken critic of white privilege weighing down the black population. He was assassinated in February 1965 in Manhattan.


A cookbook entitled Mastering The Art of French Cooking became a bestseller for this American TV chef. Who was she?

Julia Child came out with her cookbook full of wisdom and new cuisine in 1961. She wittily demonstrated these recipes to a willing American TV audience via "The French Chef" which began airing in 1963.


It was in 1962 when M.I.T. students came out with the very first of this kind of game. What’s this game?

M.I.T. students Steve Russell, Alan Kotok, and Shag Graetz are credited to have created the very first interactive type of video game. Their invention was called “Spacewar!” and they used early prototypes of joysticks to play this game.


Action movie fans started to say yes to this debonaire spy they first encountered in the film "Dr. No" in 1962. Who is he?

The first James Bond film debuted in 1962 with "Dr. No." The very first to play 007 was Sean Connery.


Before "Sex and the City" made it big as a book, a TV show, and films, Helen Gurley Brown published its predecessor of sorts. What’s the title of her book?

Sex and the Single Girl sold about two million copies during the first three weeks it came out. Now that’s a lot of women heeding much-needed lifestyle advice regarding being single, having an active dating life, and holding down a good career to boot. Bridget Jones who?


This legendary boxer started to punch his way to stardom in the ‘60s. Who was he?

Muhammad Ali won the heavyweight championship in 1964. He was still known as Cassius Clay back then, but soon became Muhammad Ali when converted to Islam.


This kind of televised political event is commonplace today, but it all started with Nixon and Kennedy in 1960. What’s this event?

September 1960 is a marker in TV history and the US political arena when a presidential debate was aired live for the first time. It suddenly mattered how candidates presented themselves and their stance on pressing issues prior to voting time. The medium is the message indeed.


The first medical transplant experimentations of this human organ began in the ‘60s. What was this organ?

In the US, an artificial heart was first implanted in 1963, but its success on the patient was literally short-lived. In 1967, an actual heart transplant succeeded in South Africa.


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