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The animated buddy comedy, Free Birds, opened November 1, 2013 - just in time for its Thanksgiving-themed topic. How many details can you remember about it?

Which part of the movie did the announcer say was "totally real" in the introduction?

"The following film is a work of fiction. It is loosely based on historical events and is in no way meant to be historically accurate. Except for the talking turkeys. That part is totally real."


From the beginning, Reggie didn't fit in because he was what?

Reggie was born a blue chick instead of yellow. He also was born with a higher level of intelligence than most of the other turkeys.


How did Reggie get out of being Thanksgiving dinner?

Reggie received the Presidential pardon when the other turkeys kicked him out of the coop as a sacrifice. The President's daughter saw him and begged her dad to protect him.


Where did Reggie go by helicopter?

Reggie was flown to Camp David. Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to use Camp David as a presidential retreat, although he called it Shangri-La at the time.


Which television show did Reggie become addicted to watching?

Mundo del Amor was about a boy kicked out of an orphanage for being different. Reggie immediately identified with the main character and began watching it.


What type of food did Reggie order in his new home?

"Well, we can save the day with pizza." "Yes! That looks way better than corn."


Who kidnapped Reggie from the house?

Jake climbed in through a window to capture Reggie. In order to get him out of the house quickly, Jake threw a sack over Reggie while he was watching television.


What did Jake get from the Great Turkey?

"And then, he gave me this…" "A doorknob?"


What did T.F.F. stand for?

"I'm Jake from the T.F.F. That's Turkey Freedom Front."


What color was the line they were supposed to follow in the secret facility to get to the time machine?

The time machine was at the end of the red line, but Reggie told Jake they needed to follow the blue one, which led to the exit.


What was the name of the time machine?

"Greetings, I am S. T. E. V. E. your Space Time Exploration Vehicle Envoy." "Hello, S. T. E. V. E., I am J. A. K., Jake, and this is R. E. G., Reggie."


Who did the voice of Reggie?

Owen Cunningham Wilson (born November 18, 1964) has an extensive list of movie credits, such as Behind Enemy Lines and Night at the Museum. In addition to providing the voice of Reggie, he also was the voice for Lightning McQueen in the movie Cars.


Fill in the blank: "Enough with your impressive and __________. Let's just get back home."

"Enough with your impressive and very gross display. Let's just get back home."


Which of the following was not a side effect that S. T. E. V. E. said time travel could cause?

Accelerated aging, rapid evolutionary regressions, and erratic physical mutation into an adorable baby dragon, an octopus, a king crab, a pony, or the Sasquatch were all things listed by S. T. E. V. E. as possible side effects. Although Reggie got cold, that was not an official side effect. Reggie also punched himself, which was not listed.


To what year did they travel?

They were taken back to Plymouth Colony in November 1621. They arrived a few days before the first Thanksgiving feast was about to take place.


Which human was leading the turkey hunt?

Colm Meaney (born May 30, 1953) provided the voice for Myles Standish, who led the turkey hunt. Meaney also had prominent roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


What did Jenny do to fix her eye when it wobbled?

"Oh, I fell out of the nest when I was a baby… What's wrong with my eye? Just kidding. Whenever I get nervous, it goes… [She holds her breath.] There, now there's just one of you."


Jake got into a physical fight with which turkey about whether or not to save the captured turkeys?

From the moment of their first meeting, Ranger and Jake acted as if they were in a competition. When arguing over whether or not to attack the fort, they did impressive displays of strength and inflated their snoods (the dangly red thing under their chins). Snood length does play a factor in real turkey competitions.


Which turkeys did Myles Standish first capture?

"We should attack the fort and free your captured comrades." "Furley and Amos are my friends, but we cannot risk the safety of the flock."


What was the name of Leatherback's son?

His name was Justy, and he had some issues because his mother was a chicken. He was told to find another magical pinecone and responded by meowing.


What did Jenny and Reggie get as an assignment the first day Jake and Reggie were there?

"Jenny, you will spring the hunter's traps. Take Reggie."


How did Reggie and Jenny escape the dogs?

Reggie recognized the place where the time machine was hidden as they were running away from the dogs. He took Jenny into it, and they flew into outer space to avoid capture. Myles Standish caught a glimpse of them, but he believed it was some sort of magic.


For which character did Woody Harrelson provide the voice?

Woody Harrelson (born July 23, 1961) provided the voice of Jake. Originally noted for his performance on the television series Cheers, Harrelson has also starred in movies such as The Hunger Games and Zombieland.


What type of animal watched Jake and Ranger trying to best each other on the way to spy on the fort?

At first, only one chipmunk watched them with their strange antics. Then others joined, and they all applauded sarcastically.


What did Reggie use to keep the dogs from attacking him inside the fort?

The dogs chased the light from the television remote around the base, and Jake joined in the chase. Dogs and cats can become depressed if they do not have resolution by "catching" the light after chasing it.


How did the hunters find the turkey tree?

Myles Standish struck a match he was carrying in his mouth and lit the gunpowder trail to follow it. In real life, matches were not invented until the 1800's.


How did Chief Broadbeak die?

As the tree was burning around them, Chief Broadbeak held a log supporting the tunnel up so the babies, Jake, Reggie, and Jenny could escape. He told Jenny he would always be with her as they jumped into the water to escape.


Who did Chief Broadbeak want to take over for him?

Jenny and Ranger both had half-shell necklaces. The Chief had left the other half in a sealed box. When the box was opened, it was discovered that Jenny's necklace matched the half of the shell Chief Broadbeak had chosen.


Which actor provided Jenny's voice?

Amy Meredith Poehler (born September 16, 1971) began her career as an improv comedian and a cast member of Saturday Night Live. In addition to providing Jenny's voice in Free Birds, she also was the voice of Joy in Inside Out and starred as Leslie Knope in the television series Parks and Recreation.


Who did Reggie meet when he returned to modern times?

The first Reggie he met was inside the house. The second future Reggie appeared outside and told him he needed to go back in time. The third future Reggie appeared right before Reggie returned to the past.


Who was the Great Turkey?

"Oh, come on! You are the Great Turkey," S. T. E. V. E. told Reggie as the Reggies were contemplating how to find the mythical being.


Why did Ranger accept Jake as a part of the tribe?

Although Ranger was not happy when Jake returned to help them, the hatchlings surrounded Jake. Ranger decided to accept him even though he made a mistake.


What prevented Myles Standish from using a cannon on the attacking turkeys?

Just as the cannonballs were heading to mow down the turkeys, the time machine appeared and created a magnetic vortex that sucked them and the cannons into it. This was an inconsistency throughout the movie, because, in addition to this one magnetic effect, sometimes it created an antigravity effect and sometimes it did nothing.


What food did Reggie bring to the first Thanksgiving?

Since Reggie enjoyed pizza so much, he ordered some and brought the delivery boy along with it. All the pizzas were cheese, but a man named Mr. Anchovy dumped some little dried fish on one.


Who directed Free Birds?

James Hayward (born September 17, 1960) is a screenwriter, animator, and film director, who directed Free Birds. In addition to directing Free Birds, he provided the voices for Ranger and the President.


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