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"Crimson Tide" was nominated for three Academy Awards. The movie, adapted from the bestselling novel, is packed full of acting heavy-hitters and brings intense drama right to the very end. How much do you remember about this hit 1995 film?

Finish the quote " We're here to preserve democracy, ______________________."

"Do you agree with that policy, sailor? …We're here to preserve democracy, not to practice it."


What was the name of the submarine?

"Welcome aboard the Alabama, son. Do me proud."


Which actor played Ramsey?

Eugene Allen Hackman (born January 30, 1930) has also performed in classics, such as "The Poseidon Adventure," "Superman" (1978), "Hoosiers", and "The Unforgiven." He left home at the age of 16 and served in the Marines after lying about his age.


Who did Hunter say was the true enemy in a nuclear world?

"In my humble opinion, in the nuclear world, the true enemy is war itself."


Lieutenant Commander Hunter was played by which actor?

"Crimson Tide" was the first of five films Denzel Washington (born December 28, 1954) worked on with director Tony Scott. A devout Christian, he reads the Bible and Daily Word every day.


What was the name of the Russian rebel leader?

Ultra-nationalist leader, Vladimir Radchenko, denounced the U. S. pressure as an act of war against the Russian Republic and Russian sovereignty. Denouncing his own president as a U. S. puppet, he called on the Russian people to join him in revolt.


What was Lieutenant Commander Hunter recording when he ran out of batteries on his camcorder?

SSBNs, such as the U. S. S. Alabama, have a 100-day cycle of deployment. Crew 1 serves 2-1/2 months on the ship then spends a month in port maintaining it with Crew 2. At that time, Crew 2 goes to sea and Crew 1 has leave for the next 2-1/2 months, which allows them to spend time with their families and make videos, letters, and other mementos for them to open while they are away.


What did Hunter tell Ramsey he liked to do in his spare time?

"I ride horses… Arabian, Sir… You ever ridden one?"


What is the maximum depth Hunter says they can go?

American nuclear submarines have an estimated test depth, or depth at which they are tested and not supposed to go below under normal operating conditions, of 1,600 feet. The crush depth on American submarines is 2/3 of its test depth or 2,400 feet. In the movie, this depth was decreased to 1,850 feet.


Where did a fire break out?

"Fire in the galley! Fire in the galley! Chief of the watch, sound the general alarm!"


As soon as the fire was contained, what did Ramsey do?

Drills and maintenance take up most of the day on a submarine, but there are drills that include fighting a fire during a submarine battle. Real-life training with actual fires and flooding would only occur on shore because of the dangers these two emergencies create.


In the movie, what did "E. A. M." stand for?

"Receiving Emergency Action Message. Recommend Alert One."


Why did Ramsey terminate the weapons drill?

On a nuclear submarine, there is only one specially-trained doctor (Independent Duty Corpsman) who has additional duties, such as monitoring crew radiation exposure. The IDC would have transformed the officer's mess area into an operating room if one of the fire victims needed CPR or surgery.


What did Ramsey tell Hunter had killed Marichek?

"By the way, it was Marichek's 300 pounds that killed him, not the fire. Dismissed."


Viggo Mortensen played which character?

Viggo Peter Mortensen, Jr., (born October 20, 1958) was first seen in the thriller "Witness" (1985) several years before playing Weps in "Crimson Tide." However, he received the most attention for his role in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy playing Aragorn.


What caused the fight in the Crew Mess Hall?

On nuclear submarines, the crew eats in the Crew Mess Hall. Commissioned officers, such as Hunter and Ramsey, would eat in the Wardroom.


Why did they float the radio buoy?

They were too deep to get the second E. A. M. Although the U. S. S. Alabama is a real ship in the United States Navy, but "The Crimson Tide" and Ramsey's dog's name, Bear, are references to the University of Alabama's football team (the Crimson Tide) and one of its famous coaches (Bear Bryant).


How did the enemy submarine find the Alabama?

"We have a sound short from the buoy wench!" "Stop the… winch!"


Why did Hunter refuse to concur the nuclear missile launch?

Hunter refused because they had not received the full transmission. Throughout the movie, people are seen smoking in the submarine. Smoking was not banned inside submarines until 2010.


"I don’t trust ___________________."

"Last breath of polluted air for 65 days — I'm gonna miss it. I don’t trust air I can't see."


What did the Captain do when Hunter refused to concur?

Although military personnel have the right to refuse an order that is unlawful, they are trained to obey. All the military personnel who saw and commented on this movie agreed that Gene Hackman's character was correct and Hunter was committing mutiny. Civilians, on the other hand, sided with Hunter.


Why did Hunter wait to fire on the Akula?

"No, we're in too close. Our weapons won't have time to arm."


What tough choice did Hunter have to make that ended up costing lives?

They sealed the bilge room in the movie to prevent a dangerous flood, but it killed crew members who were still in it. In real life, the compartments of a nuclear submarine are so big, the only one that can be completely flooded without sinking the submarine is the Reactor Compartment.


Who did not want to revolt against Hunter?

Weps had been Hunter's friend. On average, there are about 14 officers and 120 enlisted personnel on a nuclear submarine.


"See you in _______________?"

"You know I don't know what to say… See you in my dreams."


Why did those loyal to Ramsey say they needed Weps?

In the movie, Weps was the one person with the key to the arsenal locker and the combination needed to finish firing the missiles. In real life, the combination to many of the safes would have come on the E. A. M. with the order to fire.


What made Hunter realize something was wrong?

Matthew John Crnkovich "Matt Craven" (born November 10, 1956), who played Zimmer, can also be seen in "Meatballs," "X-Men First Class," "A Few God Men," and "Disturbia." As Zimmer, he remains loyal to Ramsey, but ultimately cues Hunter to the plot to take back the submarine when he is not at his post.


To whom did Hunter give the key to the ship?

The Petty Officer First Class is equal in rank to a Staff Sergeant in the Army. There are no women aboard the submarine because women were not allowed to serve on U. S. Navy submarines until 2015.


When Weps didn't fire the missiles, where did the Captain go?

"They're gonna fire from Missile Control. We've got to get back to the conn and disarm the system."


How many minutes did Ramsey give Hunter when they had a standoff in the control room?

The last sixty minutes of the movie are almost real time- from the time the 60-minute clock is set until the end. It takes Vossler two minutes and thirty-eight seconds of the three minutes he is given to complete the task.


What did the partial E. A. M. say when they were finally able to receive the entire transmission?

"Unconditional surrender of all Russian rebel military forces. Rebel submarines recalled."


What kind of horses did Ramsey want to talk about while they waited for the radio?

The confusion about Lipizzaners is due to the fact that the "Spanish" Riding School that primarily uses them is located in Vienna, Austria. Archduke Charles II (of Austria) brought Andalusian horses from Spain to Lipizza (Lipica, Slovenia) and crossed them with other breeds to create the first Lipizzaner foundation horses.


What did the Captain threaten, and almost do, to get Weps to open the safe?

"…It does me no good to kill you. You’re the only one that knows the combination. However, Petty Officer Hilaire doesn't know the combination!"


What was the ruling of the Navy investigation?

"For the record, it is the conclusion of this panel that your actions aboard the Alabama were consistent with the best traditions of the Navy and in the interests of the United States. As such, the recommendations of this panel will be to accept, in a manner reflective of his long and dedicated service to his country, Captain Ramsey's request for early retirement from active duty. And based in no small part on Captain Ramsey's recommendation, that Lieutenant Commander Hunter be given his next command at the earliest possible convenience."


During which war did Crimson Tide take place?

The First Chechen War was fought between The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and the Russian Republic from late 1994 through August of 1996.


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