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"The Fly" grossed $60.6 million on a budget of less than $15 million. It became Cronenberg’s only film to win an Oscar, and the makeup artists also won one. How well do you remember the movie? Find out by taking this quiz.

What did Seth Brundle invent?

“You got it all right—you just can’t handle it. Um, your stocking has just been teleported from one pod to another...”


What did Veronica Quaife do for a living?

Initially, the telepods were like telephone booths. The director had to show the designer his single-cylinder Ducati motorcycle, and the design was taken directly from that.


What was the first thing Seth teleports for Veronica?

"Begin the teleportation sequence. Uh, keep your eye on the stocking."


What security measure enabled only Seth to activate the machine?

Seth was cast first because he had an intelligent presence. He also had the unique ability to have the physical presence required for the last part of the movie.


How did Stathis Borans, Veronica’s editor, feel about the machine at first?

“He’s conning you. It’s an old nightclub routine with two cabinets, and you fell for it.”


Who was Veronica in a relationship with before meeting Seth?

John Getz (born October 15, 1946), who played Stathis, is the only actor to reprise his role in "The Fly II." He has also appeared in "Born on the Fourth of July," "Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead," "Curly Sue," and "Men at Work."


Finish the quote: " Your book will end ______________________."

"Follow me and my work day by day in as much detail as you can stand. I don’t have a life, so there’s nothing for you to interfere with… Your book will end with me transporting myself 15 feet through space from one telepod to another."


What animal failed to teleport properly the first time Seth showed Veronica what the machine did to living things?

"The Fly" was based on a short story by George Langelaan that was published in the June 1957 issue of Playboy. In the 1958 movie version, as well as in the short story, the fly’s head and arm were switched with the human.


What did Seth first think the machine did to living tissues?

“I think it, uh, turned the baboon inside out… Can’t deal with flesh. It only seems to work with inanimate objects—nothing that’s living.”


What food did Seth transport to discover the flaw?

The director loved motor racing, so he named Seth after a Formula One driver turned commentator: Martin John Brundle.


How many different looks did Seth have to wear?

“Five sets of exactly the same clothes?” “Learned it from Einstein.”


What was the name of the magazine where Stathis and Veronica worked?

The concept for Particle was that it was the People or Time magazine for physicists. The closest thing the director could think of in real life that would be similar was Scientific American.


What was the major flaw with the machine at the beginning of the movie

“No, something important’s missing… I can only teleport inanimate objects.”


Which actor played Seth?

Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum (born October 22, 1952) was an accomplished piano player, and so he had no trouble playing the piano when he first invited Veronica to his home. He also appeared in some of the highest grossing films of his era, including the "Jurassic Park" and "Independence Day" series.


What was Seth’s motivation for developing a teleporter?

"You did it. You’ll never have to get car sick again."


What was in the telepod when Seth transported himself?

The baboon teleport scene was the first motion control shot the director had done. They made the film at a time when motion control technology was new.


Why did Seth get upset and teleport himself without Veronica?

"I-I was drunk, and I was a bit upset."


What did Seth start doing when he woke up the day after his teleportation?

In the earlier version of "The Fly" and in the short story, Seth is not articulate during his transformation because his head is that of a fly. The director wanted the audience to develop sympathy for him, and so he had him talking throughout and sharing his feelings as he goes through the process.


Seth initially attributed his changes to what?

"I’m beginning to think the sheer process of being taken apart atom by atom and put back together again—why, it’s like coffee begin put through a filter. It’s somehow a purifying process."


What began to grow in the wound on Seth’s back?

Goldblum had to work out during the movie so he would be pumped when he did scenes with his shirt off. Watching Goldblum exercise encouraged the director to exercise during his breaks as well, so this was the only movie Cronenberg made where he didn’t gain weight during filming.


What type of food did Seth crave after the teleportation?

“Do you normally take coffee with your sugar?” “What?”


What happened to the guy with whom Seth arm wrestled?

The man who plays Marky, Seth’s arm wrestling opponent, was George Chuvalo. Chuvalo is a professional Canadian boxer (now retired) who was never knocked down during either his amateur or professional career, even when he went against (and lost to) greats such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and George Foreman.


What did Veronica do with the hairs she cut off Seth’s back?

“Those weird hairs that were growing out of your back, I took them to a lab. I had them analyzed.”


When Veronica went to Stathis to find help for Seth, what did Stathis want her to do?

Veronica’s apartment is quintessential for Toronto. The director sets most of his films in Toronto. Since he is so familiar with the city, he feels that is what he does best.


Finish the quote: "Better watch out; _____________________."

"Better watch out; he eats chocolate bars." “Yeah, so I noticed.”


What fly-like talent did Seth get?

They filmed the movie before the invention of CGI. All the special effects were done on an optical bench.


What did Seth say the disease was turning him into?

“What do you think, a fly? Am I becoming a 185-pound fly? No, I’m becoming something that never existed before: I’m becoming Brundlefly.”


How did Seth have to eat after his transformation?

To get the baboon to bat at the fly, they attached a live fly to fishing rod with a line made out of light bulb filaments. Any visible strings or wires needed to be painted out on a frame-by-frame basis.


Finish the quote, “Oh, I forgot to tell you— __________________?”

“Who’s this?” “Oh, I forgot to tell you—I live with my mother, too.”


What was Veronica’s nickname?

The telepod got to travel around with an exhibit on director David Cronenberg. Since movie props aren’t made to last, the pod needed to be rebuilt several times during its travels.


During Veronica’s nightmare, what did she give birth to?

It always bothered Cronenberg that in the original movie the fly’s head fit on top of the human. He felt that having a human-sized fly head was not justifiable.


Which actress played Veronica?

Jeff Goldblum was dating Geena Davis at the time. Although she had only done comedies, she was the right height and already had a relationship with Goldblum.


What did Seth decide he had to do to become human again?

One other aspect of the original movie that bothered Cronenberg was the multifaceted point of view that the Seth character had. Although fly eyes are compound, the image they see is one whole image instead of duplicates of the same image.


What did Veronica want to do in the middle of the night?

The baboon fell in love with the script supervisor who was short. Goldblum, who was tall, was able to dominate him. Baboons, in general, are difficult to work with because they are never completely tame.


How did Seth die?

It took several gymnasts to perform all the agility moves Seth had to do. Although Goldblum began each move, professional athletes finished them. Since they had to do the movements repetitively for each take, it required multiple gymnasts because the first ones got tired and could no longer perform.


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