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Some brand names have become so ingrained in pop culture that they are used as the name for the product themselves. But for every Kleenex and Q-Tip, there is a host of brand names that aren't quite clear about the product they represent. Can you match the brand name to the product in this quiz?

What does Gerber make?

The Gerber Products Company was founded in 1927 in Fremont, MI. As of 2017, Gerber products account for 61 percent of all baby food sold in the US.


What is Glade?

Glade air fresheners first hit the market in 1956. The line now includes aerosols, candles, Plug-Ins, and solid gel air fresheners.


What are you getting if you buy a Wham-O product?

Wham-O was founded in 1948 in Pasadena, CA. They have produced some of the most enduring toys in American history, including the Hula Hoop, the Frisbee, the Slip 'N Slide, Silly String, and the Hacky Sack.


TRESemmé makes products for what?

TRESemmé was founded in St. Louis, MO in 1947. It was originally made for use only in salons, but its popularity allowed it to crossover into consumer shops.


If you are using a Gillette, what are you doing?

Gillette is known for making razors and other shaving related products, such as shaving cream and replacement blades. They made their first safety razor in Boston in 1901.


What is a Durex?

Durex is the second-best selling brand of condoms in the US, behind Trojan. The name comes from their original slogan: DUrable, Reliable, EXcellence.


What is Chevron?

Chevron is credited with the "world's first service station" set up in Seattle in approximately 1910. Chevron also has oil rigs and refineries.


What are you taking if you swallow Advil?

Advil is one of the many brand names of ibuprofen, along with Motrin and Nurofen. It's an anti-inflammatory, which is why it's often recommended for sprains and pulled muscles.


What is Aquafresh?

Aquafresh Toothpaste is recognizable for its striped appearance. When it first came out in 1973, it was the first striped toothpaste and only had blue and white stripes for fresh breath and fighting tooth decay. The red stripe represents gum health.


What kind of product is Arrid?

Arrid Deodorant and Antiperspirant first hit the shelves in 1935. They now offer solids, creams, roll-ons, sprays, and clear gels.


What does Samsonite make?

Samsonite Luggage was founded in Denver, CO in 1910. The name alludes to Samson, the Biblical strongman, in an attempt to build confidence in the brand’s durability.


What are you eating if you are having Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is the best-selling brand of cream cheese in America. Despite its name, the product actually originated in New York.


What does Nature Valley make?

General Mills first introduced Nature Valley granola bars in 1975. Their slogan is “The energy bar Nature intended.”


What kind of snack food is Chips Deluxe?

Chips Deluxe is a brand of chocolate chip cookies made by Keebler. They are known for their specialty chips, such as rainbow, coconut, and peanut butter cup.


What does Morningstar Farms make?

Morningstar Farms, now run by Kellogg, has been making vegetarian and vegan foods since the 1970s. They are mostly known for creating meat-free versions of foods typically made from meat, such as ribs, corndogs, sausage, burgers, and bacon.


Altoids help to control odor from what source?

Altoids are a “curiously strong” breath mint invented in London in the 1780s. Despite their British origins, Altoids are now primarily manufactured and sold in the US.


If you are eating a meal from Banquet, what meal are you most likely eating?

While many people technically eat cheap and yummy Banquet meals for lunch, they are best known for their TV dinners, which first hit the shelves in 1955. Since then, they have expanded their meaty pot pie kitchens to make hearty breakfast pies and yummy dessert fruit pies, but their bread and butter remains the TV dinner.


If you spread Blue Bonnet on your toast, what are you eating?

Blue Bonnet is a brand of margarine that comes in stick and tub form. They are owned by ConAgra Foods.


What does Van Camp's make?

Van Camp’s is the second best-selling brand of canned beans in the US, behind Bush’s Baked Beans. The company was founded in 1861 and made a small fortune a year later when they won a contract to supply cans of food for the Union troops during the Civil War.


What does Maxwell House make?

Maxwell House coffee was founded in 1892 and was named after the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, TN. The production plant is in Jacksonville, FL.


What does Milk Bone make?

Milk-Bone was created in 1908 in New York’s Lower East Side. It was originally called Maltoid but was renamed due to a large amount of cow’s milk in the recipe, unusual for the time.


What is Deer Park?

Nestle owns and operates the Deer Park brand of bottled water, which is made and mostly sold in the mid-Atlantic US. It is named after the town of Deer Park, MD.


What type of snack food is Act II?

Act II is a brand of ConAgra microwave popcorn meant to emulate movie theatre popcorn. It was named Act II because it came after the less-successful Act I popcorn.


If you are enjoying Lay's, what are you doing?

Technically, you might be sunbathing, driving, or doing any number of other activities while enjoying Lay’s, but by having Lay’s, you are in fact eating, potato chips to be precise. Lay’s first hit the shelves in 1932 and has been owned by PepsiCo since 1965.


If you put Colman's on your burger, what have you added?

Colman’s is one of the oldest food brands in existence, having been around since 1814. It is primarily sold in the UK, but some shops in America have begun carrying it in the last few years.


Scope is used to freshen and clean what part of the face?

Proctor & Gamble introduced Scope mouthwash in 1966 as a better-tasting alternative to Listerine. As an April Fools Joke in 2013, Scope announced a new bacon-flavored mouthwash.


What does Puffs make?

Proctor & Gamble created Puffs tissues in 1960 and added lotion to the tissues in 1987. Puffs accounts for 25 percent of all tissues sold in the US.


Old Spice makes grooming products for what demographic?

The fragrance Early American Old Spice was first launched in 1937, and eventually expanded into the grooming empire known as Old Spice. Surprisingly, the brand name almost synonymous with masculinity was originally targeted towards women, with only holiday fragrances for men. The men's brand sold better and the company changed focus.


What does Nikon manufacture?

Nikon has been at the forefront of the optical business for a century. In addition to cameras, they make microscopes, binoculars, rifle scopes, and ophthalmic lenses.


V8 makes what type of vegetable product?

V8 is vegetable juice, but in later years has expanded to include fruit and veg blends. It got its name in 1933 from the fact that the original drink was a blend of eight vegetables.


What does Triaminic make?

Triaminic is a cough syrup made specifically for children. Their website also offers parenting tips and social media groups for parental bonding.


What kind of product is Nature Made?

Nature Made vitamins and health supplements were introduced in 1990. In addition to pill and tablet forms, they also come in gummy form.


What are Huggies?

Huggies hit the shelves in 1978 but were test marketed for a decade prior. In most of the world, they are gender-neutral, but in Australia, consumers can buy diapers specifically for boys and girls.


What type of drink is Cheerwine?

Cheerwine is a cherry-flavored soda made in North Carolina and sold throughout the southeastern US. The Peeler family began production in 1917 and are still in charge, supporting the claim that Cheerwine is the "the oldest continuing soft drink company still run by the same family.".


What does Cottonelle make?

Cottonelle is a Kimberly-Clark product, but is marketed as part of the Kleenex family. Their mascot is a Golden Retriever puppy.


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