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Do you have a keen mind for statistics? Sharpen your teeth on our quiz and become an expert! (All statistics taken from the latest U.S. Census.)

What is the most populous region of the United States?

With 121 million inhabitants, the South represents roughly 38% of the population.


In what region can a person expect to earn the highest annual salary?

The Northeast comes in first place, followed by the West.


Which U.S. State is the largest by landmass?

Larger than 90% of the sovereign nations in the world and twice the size of Texas, Alaska is by far the largest!


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, what was the population of the United States as of January 2016?

The U.S. population was roughly 322 million inhabitants at the beginning of 2016.


At what age can an average American expect to earn the highest salary?

The average American can expect a salary of about $56K/year at that age.


What percent of the U.S. population reportedly voted in the 2014 election?

Among those who voted, people with higher educational attainment had the strongest representation. High school dropouts represented the lowest turnout.


What is the median size of a single family home sold in 2014?

The median size of a single family home sold in 2014 was 2,500 sq ft with the price tag of $346,000.


True/False: Women with higher educational attainment have fewer children.

The rate of child birth is 30% lower for women with graduate degrees in comparison with women who did not complete high school.


In 2010, how many Americans were living in poverty?

45 million, or 15% of the total population, was living in poverty in 2010.


Which state's county experienced the most hurricanes between 1960 and 2008?

Monroe County Florida experienced 15 hurricanes between 1960 and 2008.


Which export saw a decline from 2014 to 2015?

These commodity exports declined by $45 billion from 2014 to 2015.


Which U.S. region has executed the most people?

The South executed 1,131 people between 1977 and 2014, more than 4 times the number of all the other regions combined. 518 of those executions are from Texas.


How often are people born in the U.S.?

1 person is born every 8 seconds in America. Conversely, 1 person dies every 11 seconds.


Roughly how many Americans take public transportation to work?

5% of Americans take public transportation to work.


As of 2014 what percent of the U.S. population had obtained a Bachelor's degree (counts citizens over 25 years of age) ?

32% of the U.S. population holds a Bachelor's degree. 11.7% of the population holds a Master's.


From 2005 -2012 what percent of unmarried mothers are living with their partners?

25% of unmarried mothers are living with their partner, a 75% increase over the last 20 years.


In 2014, what percent of the "unemployed population" had a Bachelor's degree?

Roughly 1 out of 5 unemployed Americans held a Bachelor's degree.


What is the racial distribution of men in America whose annual salary is higher than 25 million dollars?

In relation to their percent of the total population, Asian American men have the strongest representation in the $25 million+ club.


In 2015, what percentage of Americans over 65 had ever been married?

That's right! By the time you reach 65 the chances that you will avoid marriage shrinks to a mere 5%.


True/False: Wealthy Americans are more likely to get married than low/middle class Americans.

True: 37% of Americans who make less than $40K/year have never tied the knot, vs. 12% of Americans who earn more than $100K/year.


Which of the following couples are the most likely to marry someone of a different race?

Male-Male Couples have the highest rate of interracial marriages.


What was America's single largest export commodity of 2015?

Representing $63 billion by itself, civilian aircraft takes the cake. Thanks, Boeing!


True/False: Men and women with disabilities are more likely to be victims of violent crimes than men and women without disabilities.

Women with disabilities are victimized three times as often as women without disabilities. Similarly, men with disabilities are victimized twice as often.


What was America's single largest import commodity of 2015?

America imported 126 billion dollars worth of crude oil in 2015. That's HALF of the 246 billion dollars that was spent in 2014.


To which country did the United States export the most goods in 2015?

Canada imported $280 billion in goods from the U.S. in 2015. That's more than India, China, and the United Kingdom combined.


From which country did the United States import the most goods in 2015?

Duh! With nearly half a trillion dollars in imports ($482 billion), China remains our #1.


What import saw the largest increase from 2014 to 2015?

With a $16.5 billion dollar increase year-over-year we now import upwards of $110 billion dollars in pharmaceutical preparations.


In which U.S. state would you be the most likely to find grandchildren living in the same household as their grandparents?

7.5% of households in Hawaii have this living arrangement.


In 2011 what category of people had the highest median debt?

With a median debt of $4,600 this category carries the most credit card debt.


Which of these two year spans saw the greatest increase in the median personal debt for Americans?

This two year span saw the median debt increase by 29% for Americans, compared to the 1% increase from 2009 to 2011.


How much has the U.S. prison population increased between 1978 and 2009?

The number of prisoners held in federal and state facilities increased from 294,400 to 1,555,600.


How much has the population of the United States increased between 1978 and 2009?

The total population of the United States has grown from 222,095,000 to 307,007,000.


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