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Garfield's Thanksgiving was the eleventh special made for television that featured Garfield the cat, appearing much later than the Halloween and Christmas specials. What do you remember about the show? Take the following quiz to find out!

What was grandma wearing when she arrived?

Grandma was first seen in the comic strip simply dressed in a black dress and tight bun on January 25, 1982. However, in all the animated specials and in the comic strip after December 25, 1993, she appears as a wild, energetic older woman who rides her motorcycle everywhere. She appears at the door in a scarf and motorcycle helmet in Garfield's Thanksgiving special.


How did Grandma make her split second cranberry sauce?

She covered Garfield's eyes as she dumped the cranberry sauce out of the can. Canned cranberry sauce first became available in 1941, after it was invented by Marcus L. Urann. Americans consume about 5 million gallons of it during each holiday season.


Who wrote Garfield's Thanksgiving?

Kim Campbell assisted comic strip writer James Robert "Jim" Davis (born July 28, 1945). She is also the director of Paws Incorporated, which is a comic book studio, production company, and animation studio founded by Jim Davis.


What did the vet say is wrong with Garfield?

"The good news is your cat is as healthy as a horse. The bad news is he's also big as a horse. He'll have to go on a diet."


Who was the voice of Grandma?

Pat Carroll (born May 5, 1927) provided the voice of grandma in Garfield's Thanksgiving and A Garfield Christmas. She has won several awards for her work but is probably most famous for being the voice of Ursula in The Little Mermaid.


What did Garfield and Odie want for breakfast at the start of the special?

"Pancakes, pancakes the size of Australia, and coffee, yes, Jon, coffee. We wouldn't be the great nation we are without coffee. So do your patriotic duty, Jon Arbuckle, and fix - me - breakfast!"


What did Garfield see on the calendar?

Garfield always hated going to the vet. Dr. Liz Wilson first appeared in the comic strip in 1979. Although she was relentlessly asked out by Jon over the years (and occasionally dated him), they did not become a couple until she admitted she liked him, around 2006.


Where did Jon tell Garfield they need to go when he discovers Thanksgiving is the next day?

"Yes, I know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Which reminds me, we'd better go to the grocery store to get lots of good things to eat."


Who does the voice of Garfield in this special?

Gerald David "Lorenzo" Music (May 2, 1937 – August 4, 2001) was the voice of the cartoon Garfield from 1982-1994. He also provided voices for Larry the Crash Test Dummy, Darkwing Duck, and Pac-Man.


What was the vet's name?

Dr. Liz Wilson was introduced as Garfield's vet in 1979. Julie Payne (born September 11, 1946) provided her voice in the special.


Fill in the blank: "I'll just stand here and ________ until you say you'll go out with me."

"I'll just stand here and hold my breath until you say you'll go out with me…" "Okay, I'll go out with you… I can't stand to see a dumb animal suffer."


What was hanging on the wall in the vet's examination room?

Although many animal pictures hung on the wall in the waiting room, only Liz's diploma hung on the wall in the examination room. Orson, from Garfield and Friends (U. S. Acres), was seen in the waiting room as one of the other patients.


Where did Jon want to take Liz on their first date?

"Great! Tomorrow! My place! I'll fix a big Thanksgiving dinner. You're gonna love it!"


What did Garfield get for his first meal on his diet?

Garfield was only given a leaf of lettuce for his first meal. The Garfield balloon joined the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1984. Originally, the balloon was of Garfield ready to pounce. Since 2003, he has appeared with Pooky.


How did Jon ensure Garfield stays on his diet?

"Garfield, I would like you to meet my new diet monitor, Odie the Fierce. Odie will be watching your every move, and every time you go off your diet, he'll blow his whistle, and I will come running."


Who provided the voice of Odie?

Gregg Berger (born December 10, 1950) was the voice of Odie, as well as several other Garfield and Friends voices (Orson, Floyd, Announcer, etc.). Berger also provided the voices for several animated films and video games, such as the Final Fantasy and Skylander series.


What did the scale say Garfield's name was?

After calling Garfield Orson Welles, the scale continued the charade until Garfield stomped it to death. The scale's last word was "Rosebud." Orson Welles, a larger man in his later years, directed and starred in the film classic, "Citizen Kane."


How long before cooking was Jon supposed to get the turkey out of the freezer?

"Remove bird from freezer at least 24 hours before cooking. Oop, well, I'm sure that's just a minor technicality."


What did Jon do to speed up the turkey cooking?

After rubbing butter on his own skin instead of the turkey's, Jon reads that he is supposed to roast it at 325 degrees for 5-1/2 hours. He turns the oven up to 500 degrees to speed things up since Liz is coming in three hours.


What did Garfield do to ruin the vegetables?

Garfield added garlic to the vegetables to sabotage them since he would not be allowed to eat any of the dinner while on his diet. Garfield has been syndicated in more than 2,500 journals and newspapers.


What did Jon wear to dinner?

"Maybe if I just dressed as myself? How's this?" "…Nice polka-dot boxer shorts."


Which of the following was not something Liz listed as a symptom of a diet-induced vitamin deficiency?

Liz described many maladies that could occur from a vitamin deficiency: anemia, listlessness, irritability, nervousness, uncontrollable twitch, dementia, and difficulty breathing, all of which Garfield acts out immediately. She did not say that he would break out in a rash.


What hint did Garfield give that finally made Jon realize he needed to call Grandma?

Although Garfield showed Jon many hints to make him think about calling Grandma Arbuckle, it wasn't until Jon saw the picture of Grandma that he thought about calling her. Grandma's full name was Patty Evylin Clint Arbuckle.


What kind of turkey did Grandma make?

"What have we here? Looks like something the cat dragged in…. I love a challenge and this sure as heck looks like one. Stand back, Garfield. This is war… Ever had Grandma's famous turkey croquettes, Garfield? Nothing finer."


What did Jon like to do right before the meal?

Jon told Liz he liked to reminisce about the past. At this point, Jon talked about the history of Thanksgiving until Liz fell asleep.


Which president did Jon say started Thanksgiving?

Interestingly enough, it was Abraham Lincoln who officially proclaimed the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving in 1863, you see. Now get this: in Canada, they celebrate Thanksgiving, *too*, but it's *not* on the fourth Thursday of November. They celebrate it on the second Monday of October. Isn't that wild?


What did Jon say was causing the noise in the kitchen?

"What was that?" "Sounds like, uh, the dishwasher…"


What did Grandma add to the sweet potatoes?

"Oh now, come on, Garfield, you've never had Grandma's sweet potatoes… A cup of butter, a cup of brown sugar, and some marshmallows!"


How many chairs were at the table?

There were four chairs: one each for Garfield, Jon, Liz, and Odie. "It's a Quiet Celebration" is sung by Desiree Goyette as background music during the meal.


At the end of the meal, what was the last thing they did?

Odie began the hand-holding gesture by grabbing Liz's hand. In the comic strip, Jon and Garfield appear the most, but Odie and Liz are third- and fourth-most respectively.


"Gee, I've been on this diet only ten minutes, and I can tell I've already lost something… ____________."

"Gee, I've been on this diet only ten minutes, and I can tell I've already lost something… My sense of humor."


When did Liz say she would show up next year?

"Same time next year?" "Mmm-hmm, that'd be nice. I'll be here before the meal, but after the history lesson."


What did Jon want to do after Liz left?

Jon tried to take Odie and Garfield for a walk, but Odie couldn't get off the couch. Originally, Odie belonged to Lyman, Jon's roommate, but that character disappeared for the most part around 1978. Occasionally, Odie's backstory was rewritten to state Odie was adopted from the vet or purchased at a pet store by Jon.


When was the first time Garfield's Thanksgiving aired on television?

Garfield's Thanksgiving first aired November 22, 1989, on CBS. It currently airs annually on ABC.


Who produced the special?

Phil Roman (born December 21, 1930) began as the lead animator for How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966). He produced the Simpsons and other popular cartoons, in addition to several Garfield specials.


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