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"Scarlet Street" follows Christopher Cross, a cashier, as he gets mixed up in love with a young woman named Kitty, who uses him for his money. Think you know the tragic tale? Take the quiz to find out!

Who did J.J. Hogarth give a watch to?

J.J. Hogarth gave Chris a watch. He gave him the watch for being a great cashier. It was Chris' 25th anniversary with J.J. Hogarth's clothing company!


What did the men see outside the window at the party?

The men saw J.J. Hogarth's wife through the window at the party. They made some jokes about J.J. as Chris slipped out of the room unnoticed.


What did Chris say he wondered about while talking to Charlie?

Chris told Charlie that he wondered what it felt like to be loved. Seeing J.J. and his wife made Chris feel lonely; he told Charlie that he had never experienced love like that before.


What did Chris witness on the side of the street?

Chris witnessed a fight on the side of the street. It was between a man and a woman. Chris stepped in to fight off the man who had attacked the woman.


What did the woman on the street suggest that she and Chris do when the officer went to find the man who had attacked her?

The woman on the street suggested that she and Chris should leave before the officer returned, even though the officer had asked them to wait. The woman convinced Christ to go because she didn't want her name to show up in the paper.


Chris said he would like to own a work by which artist?

Chris said that he would like to own a Cézanne while he was talking to Kitty. She was amazed that he would pay such a big price for a painting.


What did Chris tell Kitty that he loved to do?

Chris told Kitty that he loved to paint. Kitty was under the impression that Chris was a famous painter who sold his work all over the world!


Who came to visit Chris on Sunday?

Charlie came to visit Chris on Sunday. Chris had asked him to visit the night before because Charlie said that he was always bored on Sundays!


Who was in the photo that was hanging in Chris' house?

The photo that was hanging in Chris' house was a photo of his wife's deceased husband. He name was Detective Sergeant Higgins. Charlie was fascinated by the photo!


What did Chris paint on the day that Charlie came over?

On the day Charlie came over, Chris had painted a flower. Chris and Charlie were talking about the painting when Adele came into the room!


What did Chris send Kitty?

Chris sent Kitty a letter in the mail. Johnny found the letter and asked Kitty about it. She said it was from the man who had tried to save her the other night.


What did Johnny call Kitty?

Johnny called Kitty "Lazy Legs." He also encouraged her to date Chris, as they were both under the impression that he was a rich and famous painter.


What was Millie's occupation?

Millie modeled for a living. She specifically modeled girdles. She and Kitty discussed a dress that she got for a very low price as they talked about her modeling.


Who did Millie not approve of?

Millie didn't approve of Johnny. She thought he was a bad influence on Kitty and she didn't approve of his treatment of her. Kitty, on the other hand, thought the world of Johnny.


What did Kitty ask Chris to do while at a restaurant?

Kitty asked Chris to paint her picture. He wanted to do it, but Kitty told him that her girlfriend would not like him going over to her apartment.


What did Kitty tell Chris about herself?

Kitty told Chris that she was broke. Chris wanted to help her out the best that he could and Kitty had an idea. She asked him to buy a studio apartment for her to live in and he could paint in it as well.


What did Adele want Chris to buy her?

Adele wanted Chris to buy her a radio. He unfortunately did not make a good enough salary, but Adele didn't care. She compared him to her deceased husband.


Where did Chris plan to take his paintings?

Chris planned to take his paintings to the studio apartment that he was going to buy for Kitty. Adele had threatened to throw away all of his paintings, so he wanted to make sure that they would be safe.


Who showed up at the door when Kitty and Johnny were talking about how to get more money from Chris?

Millie showed up at the door during Kitty and Johnny's conversation. She brought some scotch for Kitty and checked out the apartment. Johnny hid in another room until Kitty told him he could come out.


Who walked in when Chris was stealing money from J.J. Hogarth?

J.J. Hogarth walked in when Chris was stealing money from his company. Chris was sure that J.J. had witnessed what he was doing, but all J.J. really wanted was to have Chris cash a cheque for him.


What did Johnny do with the paintings that Chris dropped off at the apartment?

Johnny tried to sell the paintings that Chris had dropped off at the apartment. He met an artist on the street who sold art, and he agreed to sell the paintings that Johnny brought to him.


Johnny told Mr. Janeway that who painted the pictures?

Johnny told Mr. Janeway that Kitty had painted the pictures that he had purchased from the artist on the street. Mr. Janeway was an art critic. It was a big deal to the street artist that he had purchased the paintings!


Why couldn't Chris paint when he arrived at Kitty's apartment?

Chris couldn't paint when he arrived at the apartment because Kitty was angry with him. Chris questioned her about Johnny and she didn't like it.


What did Adele see in the window of a shop?

Adele saw Chris' paintings in the window of an art shop. Only the paintings were signed by Katherine March. Adele confronted Chris about the paintings and claimed that he was stealing the ideas of another artist.


What was Chris' reaction to Kitty selling his paintings?

Chris was happy to find out that Kitty was selling his paintings. His work was finally getting recognition, which made him happy, even though Kitty was receiving all of the credit!


Who showed up to see Chris at work one day?

Higgins showed up to see Chris at work one day. Chris was surprised to see he was alive. He asked Chris to steal some money from J.J. Hogarth's company for him as well.


What did Chris let Higgins in his house to get?

Chris let Higgins in his house to get the life insurance money that Adele had collected. Chris said that if Higgins took it, it would be legal, so he allowed Higgins to come in the house while Adele was out.


Why did Chris go to Kitty's house after her fight with Johnny?

Chris went to Kitty's house after her fight with Johnny to ask her to marry him. However, Kitty was in love with Johnny and she was only using Chris to get money.


What did Chris do to Kitty when she said she wanted nothing to do with him?

Chris killed Kitty when she told him she wanted nothing to do with him. Kitty laughed in Chris' face after he had stolen money and bought many things for her.


Who told the police that Chris had stolen money from his employer?

Higgins told the police that Chris had stolen money from his employer. The police showed up at Chris' workplace shortly after Kitty's murder. J.J. only fired Chris, sparing him from going to jail.


Who was found guilty of Kitty's murder?

Johnny was found guilty of Kitty's murder. After statements from Millie, Adele, the street artist and even Chris, everyone thought that the killer was Johnny. He was sentenced to death.


What could Chris hear when he arrived home after Johnny was sentenced to death?

Chris could hear Kitty and Johnny's voices after he arrived back home. He was feeling guilty and betrayed. He wanted the voices to stop and attempted to commit suicide.


What did the police officer say that Chris claimed?

The officer said that Chris claimed that he murdered people a while back. He said that Chris wanted to be tried and executed for what he claimed he did.


What did Chris see while walking down the street?

Chris saw his painting of Kitty being taken out of the art shop. It was sold for $10,000. Kitty still received all of the credit for the painting as Chris wandered the streets.


What was Mr. Janeway's occupation?

Mr. Janeway was an art critic. He was surprised to find out that a woman had supposedly painted the paintings he bought. He said he could usually tell if a man or woman had painted them.


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