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Take the all-encompassing Jimi Hendrix quiz that will get you rocking. From his early childhood to his death, get to know the real Hendrix like never before.

During what war was Jimi born?

Jimi was born in 1942, so he was born during World War II. His father was sent off to fight in Europe and his mother raised him until 1945. Upon his father's return, Jimi left his mother to live with his dad.


What is the highest level of education that Jimi completed?

Jimi dropped out of high school and never completed it, so the highest level of education he received was elementary. However, he received non-formal education in music, and thus starred in it.


Jimi served with which Army division?

Jimi enlisted with the 101 Airborne division in Kentucky. The group was nicknamed the Screaming Eagles, and he was a volunteer paratrooper. His army life was short-lived, but, in the end, that worked out well for music fans.


Why was Jimi released from his Army contract?

As a member of the 101, Jimi broke his ankle on his 26th jump. This injury led to a medical discharge from the Army. Looking back, it was a good thing that ankle got broken or we might not have witnessed the greatness that was to come.


How old was Jimi when he first picked up the guitar?

Jimi got his first guitar from his father when he was 15. His dad spent $5 on an acoustic and let his son play with it. A year later, Jimi got his first electric guitar and the rest is history.


What kind of electric guitar did Jimi first play on?

Supro Ozark 1560S was his first ever electric guitar. His dad Al bought it for him when he was 16. Although not the greatest guitar, Jimi had a soft spot for Supro for the rest of his performing career


Where did Jimi decide to go, to find his sound?

Jimi loved his British rock heroes, so he took a plane to London to find his sound. He landed in 1966 and began working hard to develop the music we love today. Arriving in London, Jimi only had a small bag and a guitar.


Why did Jimi play his Fender upside down?

Jimi was luckily enough to play the Fender, but he did so upside-down to accommodate his left-handedness. He flipped the guitar around and it seemed to work for him. Other guitar makers offered to make him a left handed guitar, but he loved his Fender


What guitar was Hendrix's prime choice?

Jimi’s weapon of choice tended to be a Fender Stratocaster, but he would occasionally play the Gibson SG, Flying V, and Les Paul. On rare occasions he played the Fender Jazzmaster and the Fender Duo-Sonic.


What did Hendrix call his music?

Jimi Hendrix called his music the Electric Church, due to the fact that he believed music was his religion. He utilized his guitar and microphone to create a sermon for all of his listeners.


In what city is there a Sky Church dedicated to Hendrix?

Seattle's Experience Music Project plays homage to Hendrix with their Electric Sky Church - a room that is fully dedicated to Hendrix and his movement. If you are in Seattle, skip Pike Place Market and hit up EMP, believe me.


What Seattle museum was almost the Museum of Hendrix?

Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft, wanted to create a Hendrix museum. Even though the family initially agreed, the project was held up. Experience Music Project was created instead, and it plays homage to Hendrix with the Electric Sky Church.


What jazz player had studio time booked with Hendrix, but the collaboration never happened?

Miles and Hendrix had studio time set, but Jimi died before it happened. Many think that Miles changed his sound to honor the late Hendrix. You can check out Witches Brew, an homage to the great guitar player.


At what festival did Jimi make his first major US appearance?

Hendrix's first major US appearance was at the June 1967 Monterey International Pop Music Festival. He shared the stage with The Who, Janis Joplin, and Otis Redding. The Beach Boys were booked, but they cancelled.


Name the song based on the following lyrics: "Actin' funny, but I don't know why / Excuse me while I kiss the sky."

Jimi's second single release was one of his biggest - Purple Haze. Here's the full verse, with the selected lyrics: "Purple haze, all in my brain / Lately things they don't seem the same. / Actin' funny, but I don't know why / Excuse me while I kiss the sky."


In Third Stone from the Sun, there is a secret hidden dialogue. What must the listener do to hear this exchange?

You can hear this conversation when you play the record at 2x speed. It's a dialogue between an alien spaceship orbiting Earth and the alien's home base. This was discovered by a number of DJs over the years, and continues to be a cool aspect of the song.


On his tours, what was Hendrix's preferred brand of amplifier?

Although Jimi used Sunn amps initially, they tended to blow out when used with aggression. Hendrix used amps Marshall for the majority of his career. His setup of the Fender Stratocaster and Marshall amp has become the gold standard for rock guitarists.


In which two of Jimi's songs does he simulate bombs, screams, and helicopters on his guitar?

Jimi simulates bombs and war on his guitar on Machine Gun and the Star-Spangled Banner. This is one of the many talents that Jimi could display on his guitar. Jimi showcased his anti-war protests during these two songs.


"There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief" is the first line from which popular Hendrix song?

All Along the Watchtower was a cover song that was originally written and performed by folk singer/songwriter Bob Dylan. But, needless to say, Jimi brought the song to a higher level. It has been featured in many movies, such as "Forrest Gump," and continues to be used in movies, TV, and radio.


How many studio albums did Jimi release?

He released three studio albums: Are You Experienced, Axis: Bold as Love, and Electric Ladyland. He also released two live albums: Band of Gypsies and Live at Monterey Pop Festival.


What was the song, Purple Haze, about?

Most people think that his song, Purple Haze, was about drugs. But the original working title of the song was, Purple Haze Jesus Saves. It was about Jesus saving him in a dream. Whether drugs were involved in this dream, we are not sure.


What was Jimi's actual first name?

“Jimi” was actually born Johnny Allen Hendrix. Jimi’s mother and father did not have a very good relationship, so when Jimi went to live with his father after he gained custody, his father renamed him James Marshall Hendrix. He didn’t spell his name “Jimi” until 1966.


What was Jimi's first instrument?

Jimi found a ukulele in the trash and remade it. The uke only had one string, but he made it work. Although he was given a guitar later on in life, the uke still played a strong role in the development of his guitar skill.


Why did Jimi join the military?

Jimi enlisted in the military to avoid prison. He was caught stealing cars, and the judge gave him the option of jail or military service. He chose military and enlisted in the army corps.


What unfortunate club is Jimi a part of?

Jimi is part of the 27 club. The 27 club includes entertainers who died at the age of 27. The club includes Jim Morrison and Amy Winehouse.


What couldn't Jimi do?

Jimi never learned how to read music. He played by ear,and learned by doing. This was very evident when he switched from ukulele to guitar and picked it up with ease.


What was the title of the screenplay that Jimi wrote?

Moondust was the name of the screenplay that Jimi wrote. The main character, the Powerful Sound King, is based on his persona. It also has characters that are drawn from Spider-Man.


How many children did Jimi have?

Jimi fathered one son for sure and one daughter possibly. His son, James Sundquist, is well known. There is no DNA testing on Tamika Hendrix to confirm the bloodline, but she continues to claim he is her father.


What made the Woodstock concert special for Jimi?

The Woodstock concert was the first and last time the Jimi used a second guitarist. The group, Gypsy Suns and Rainbows, featured Hendrix's first and only use of a second guitarist. The guitarist was Larry Lee, with whom Hendrix had performed very early in his career.


Where is Jimi buried?

Al laid his son to rest in their hometown of Renton, Washington. The suburb of Seattle is a quiet community that the Hendrix family called home. His grave is still visited by his friends and family.


Where did the infamous Star-Spangled Banner concert take place?

Jimi played the infamous rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at Woodstock, New York. The concert is now seen as one of the best performances of his young career. He played the tune to protest the Vietnam War, and it became a part of history.


What war did Jimi protest publicly?

Hendrix was in public defiance against the war in Vietnam. He did not see the need to be in the war in the Far East, and he sang about it. His Woodstock concert is evidence of this.


What nationality was Jimi's last girlfriend?

Monika Dannemann (1945-1996) was a German ice skater. The hours leading up to Jimi's untimely death are subject to numerous conspiracy theories, due to the confused statements of his partner at the time, a 25-year-old that he barely knew. The post-mortem revealed that he had vomited in his sleep and choked to death, having overdosed on Monika’s sleeping tablets. Monika has never spoken publicly about the incident.


What pill was found in Jimi's system after his death?

Jimi asked his then-girlfriend for some of her powerful German sedatives, Vesparax. Unaware of the half-tablet dosage, Jimi took nine. His reckless mixing of drugs and alcohol had become so commonplace the previous year that his girlfriends regularly woke up to hear him gasping and had to clear his windpipe.


In what year did Jimi die?

On September 18, 1970, Jimi was found dead by his then-girlfriend. Sadly, there was no angelic rescue and he died at the age of 27, six days short of the fourth anniversary of his arrival in London.


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