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In which U.S. town did 'The Wonder Years' take place?

The show’s producers followed the network’s directive to set the place in "Anytown, USA” to make it identifiable to many viewers across the nation.


What is the name of the character who narrates us the whole story?

Kevin was played by Fred Savage.


What is the name of Kevin’s bully of a big brother?

Wayne was played by Jason Hervey.


What is the occupation of Kevin’s mother at the beginning of the series?

Kevin’s mother is named Norma.


How will you describe Kevin’s older sister Karen?

Olivia D’Abo played Karen.


Kevin’s father is a veteran of what war?

Dan Lauria played Kevin’s father Jack.


Kevin’s neighborhood crush is Winnie Cooper. What is her original name?

Winnie was played by Danica McKellar.


What war was the Arnolds exposed to during the beginning of the series?

The Wonder Years were set in the turbulent social times of the late 1960s at the height of the Vietnam War era.


One of the neighborhood kids’ brother gets killed in the Vietnam War during the pilot episode. Which kid was this?

Winnie’s older brother Brian gets killed in the war.


This Jewish kid is Kevin’s best friend growing up.

Josh Saviano played Paul.


What are the actual nostalgic years that the show considers as “the wonder years” of growing up?

The series ran from 1988 to 1993, though.


How old was Kevin Arnold when the series ended?

The older Kevin narrates that he grows up to become a writer.


Kevin’s mother Norma eventually went back to college and became a worker in this type of company.

The company’s name is Micro Electronics.


This future Friends male lead played Karen Arnold’s boyfriend whom she eventually married.

Schwimmer played Karen’s college sweetheart Michael.


This other future Friends guest star also appeared in The Wonder Years first.

Ribisi played Jeff Billings, Kevin’s friend during his mid-teen years.


After graduating together from junior high, Kevin got pissed at his best friend Paul because the latter was enrolling in this school without telling the former.

Paul eventually quit prep school and went to McKinley High with Kevin.


Kevin’s geeky best friend Paul grew up to pursue this line of work after graduating from Harvard.

Josh Saviano actually grew up and became a lawyer, but graduating from Yale instead.


Which of The Wonder Years cast members had actual siblings guest in the series?

Fred’s younger brother Ben Savage appeared in one episode as Curtis Hartsell while Danica’s sister Crystal McKellar played the recurring role of Becky Slater, Kevin’s first girlfriend before partnering up with Winnie.


Kevin’s female family members were showing signs of breaking from traditional gender norms, thanks largely to the rise of this movement during the 1960s and '70s.

The second wave of feminism began during the 1960s as it rode the waves of the civil rights movements.


This Saved By The Bell’s happy-go-lucky dude also made a guest appearance on The Wonder Years prior to having his own show.

Mark Paul played Brad Gaines, the guy who thwarted Kevin’s chance of asking a girl out to the dance.


This humorous but not funny-looking teacher once tried to teach Kevin’s class the basics of sex education with a badly drawn female anatomy.

Robert Picardo played the humorless Coach.


Kevin’s father Jack worked for this defense contractor company.

In the last seasons of the show, Jack quits NORCOM and starts managing a furniture business.


Another Saved By The Bell future star also had guest appearances on this series. Who was this one?

Diamond played a character named Joey Harris who, like Paul Pfeiffer, gets left behind when it’s time to pick basketball teammates.


This versatile '90s actress played Wayne Arnold’s high school girlfriend.

Lewis played the character named Delores.


Kevin develops a crush on his 7th grade English teacher. What was her name?

Actress Wendel Meldrum played Miss White.


Before he was recognized in Sex and The City, this actor played Kevin’s sister Karen’s love interest.

Karen was smitten with Corbett's college-age VW-driving hippie character during the first season.


What is the name of Kevin’s junior high school?

After graduating from RFK junior high, Kevin enrolls in McKinley High School.


Before discovering his penchant for singing, this son of actor Alan Thicke tried acting in this show first.

Thicke’s appearance on The Wonder Years was his first acting gig ever.


This Clueless star appeared in the show as one of Kevin Arnold’s love interests during the episode where he was about to get a driver’s license exam.

Silverstone played the character named Jessica Thomas.


This Spy Kids and Watchmen actress appeared in a love triangle episode involving brothers Kevin and Wayne.

Gugino played Sandy Tyler who was first dating Wayne then secretly dated Kevin after.


This Home Alone actor was actually the voice of the older Kevin Arnold, the show’s narrator.

Although Stern was the narrator of majority of the show, the pilot episode had a different narrator who was eventually replaced by him.


In the final episode, Winnie gets a job doing this for a resort.

In the final episode, Kevin fights with Winnie, making her lose this job.


The show being a comedy, what genre conventions did it defy at the time when it aired, making it monumental and pioneering?

The show’s creators wanted to pioneer a different kind of storytelling technique for a comedy series, which explains why many networks originally turned down this show.


The show's iconic theme song “With A Little Help From My Friends” could be heard in the opening credits being covered by this departed rocker.

Originally, this song was penned and performed by The Beatles.


The Wonder Years, a nostalgic American show, ends its run by having the last episode take place during this very American holiday.

The series finale was a double episode.


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