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Baby, if you've ever wondered how well you remember this classic comedy, it's time to find out! We've created a quiz on this beloved show about a program director trying to rejuvenate a failing radio station. Tune in now!

What year did "WKRP" premiere?

WKRP launched in 1978, and its hair and clothing styles reflect the times.


Where is the subject of WKRP's theme song living?

An urban legend circulated that actor who played Les sang it, but it wasn't true.


What event kicks off the pilot of "WKRP"?

Andy was hired to turn the struggling station around, and the format change was part of that.


Which character was known as "Big Guy"?

Herb Tarlek was "little guy," though this nickname was rarely used.


What was reporter Les's last name?

DJ Johnny Fever calls WKRP the station with "more music and Les Nessman."


Which two characters had military experience?

Actor Tim Reid says that "WKRP" was the first show to deal with the topic of Vietnam.


Which character wore unusually tacky clothes?

Honestly, much of the 70s gear looks tacky now, with the possible exception of Mr. Carlson's and Les's conservative suits.


Which character persistently hit on receptionist Jennifer?

Herb, the station's smarmy sales manager, was played by Frank Bonner.


What was Les Nessman's signature article of clothing?

Les also wore a Band-Aid in every episode, although it often wasn't prominent.


Who played bleary-eyed DJ Johnny Fever?

David Cassidy was actually offered the role. Bonaduce would have been a bit young.


Who did station boss, Mr. Carlson, fear?

Her wealth allowed him to "run" the station, though he preferred fishing to the radio business.


Which of the following was NOT one of Johnny Fever's other on-air names?

His rarely-used real name was John Caravella.


What word got Johnny Fever fired from his previous radio job?

Andy assures Johnny it's okay to say it now, and Johnny immediately does.


What goes wrong with Bailey's first "Cinncinnati Beat" program?

Bailey doesn't realize "Dr." Hy Monroe is nuts until he's on the air.


What did Mr. Carlson have thrown out of a helicopter as a Thanksgiving promotion?

A shell-shocked Carlson says, "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."


What event causes a near-suicidal Les to go out on a ledge?

A Cinncinnati Reds player calls Les "a queer little guy," which gets misinterpreted.


What was the name of Herb's wife?

Lucille was played by veteran comic actress Edie McClurg.


Which song does Andy use to win a debate on religious censorship?

A Jerry-Falwell-like moral leader objects to the song's premise of a world without heaven, hell or religion.


What private demon afflicted Herb Tarlek?

This episode was a rare human moment for Herb, who was often comic relief.


What does Johnny Fever say on the air that makes his L.A. job short-lived?

"Defenestrate" isn't even a dirty word -- it means to throw or fall out a window.


What was the prize for the "unwinnable" contest?

Andy tries to make the contest unwinnable in order to not give away the $5000, but of course, he fails.


What is the name of the man who (briefly) captures Jennifer's heart?

Unfortunately, Steel is a gold-digger, like Jennifer herself is implied to be.


When Johnny Fever hears the voice of God, what does God want him to do?

The full announcement: "John, I love you, I want you to seek knowledge, and I want you to be a golf pro."


Les takes Jennifer to the awards banquet for which prize?

Les held several other minor awards.


Why does Venus Flytrap rethink a job offer from a competing station?

Unsurprisingly, Venus stays behind the mike at WKRP.


Who was the only person unfazed by imperious Mama Carlson?

Andy, however, tended to hold his own with her when he negotiated in the interests of the station.


In the two-part bomb-threat episode, where was the bomb actually planted?

Andy thought he was being clever by having Johnny and Venus broadcast from the tower.


What's the hitch when Les meets a woman through a dating service?

It was Les who had a giant dog, Phil, he lived in fear of.


What disturbing thing does Les learn about his biological father?

Frank Bonner, who played Herb, directed the episode.


How does Venus persuade a teenage boy not to drop out of school?

Venus makes a nifty analogy about three competing gangs, which turn out to be protons, neutrons and electrons.


In the series' final episode, what do we learn Mama Carlson always wanted WKRP to be?

Because the show was expected to be renewed, this last episode wasn't notably a farewell.


Which character could be seen later as the Maytag repairman?

A longtime Mormon, Jump also appeared in several films made by the LDS church.


Which actor also co-wrote five episodes of the show?

Many actors try their hand at directing -- as Sanders also did -- but writing episodes is rarer.


Which of the following is actually true about "WKRP"?

Series creator Hugh Wilson, who had worked in radio, heard several versions of the story.


What is "WKRP's" end-credits song about?

Studio musicians faked incomprehensible lyrics expecting them to be replaced later, but the show's producers were fine with the demo as it was.


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