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How well do you know these "Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men?" Take this quiz now to see if you have what it takes to ace this Two and a Half Men quiz now!

In which year did Two and a Half Men premier on CBS?

Two and a Half Men premiered on September 22, 2003 with 15.31 million viewers.


For how many seasons did Two and a Half Men run?

Two and a Half Men concluded on February 19, 2015 after 12 seasons and 262 episodes in total.


What is Alan Harper's occupation?

Alan Harper is played by actor Jon Cryer. Cryer won two Primetime Emmy Awards for his role in Two and a Half Men in 2009 and 2012.


Who is Alan's brother?

Charlie Harper is played by actor Charlie Sheen who starred in this lead role for 8 seasons for a total of 177 episodes.


What is the running time of each episode of Two and a Half Men?

Each episode was 21 minutes long with 9 minutes of commercials to fill its 30 minute time slot.


Who is the "half" man?

Jake Harper is played by Angus Jones. He starred as Jake for 10 seasons, then returned in the final season as a guest.


Where do Alan, Charlie and Jake live?

They live in a beachfront Malibu house owned by Charlie


Who is Berta?

Conchata Ferrell played the role of Berta for all 12 seasons of Two and a Half Men. She received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations in 2005 and 2007.


Who is Jake's mother and Alan's ex-wife?

Judith Harper was played by actress Marin Hinkle. She acted in 83 episodes of Two and a Half Men, one of her longest running gigs on television.


What does Charlie write for a living?

Charlie was expelled from Juilliard School and moved back to LA where he met a commercial producer and started his career as a jingle composer.


Actress Holland Taylor plays the role of _______.

Holland Taylor played Evelyn Harper over the course of the 12 seasons for a total of 105 episodes.


What is the name of the Harpers' next door neighbor who is in love with Charlie?

Rose is played by actress Melanie Lynskey. Following Charlie's death, she finds new love in Walden!


Who is known for having one-night-stands?

Charlie's favorite past times are partying, sleeping, gambling, drinking, and of course womanizing.


What kind of shirt does Charlie wear in almost every episode?

There is even a website selling Charlie Harper inspired bowling shirts!


Which famous actress made a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men as Charlie's ghost?

Charlie returns to tell Alan that he was sent to hell and condemned to spend eternity in a woman's body! Kathy Bates won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outsanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for this quick role.


Who does Alan marry in the final season of Two and a Half Men?

Alan and Walden marry so that they can adopt a foster child Louis - this also happens to solve the issue of Angus Jones' departure from the show in 2014.


In the sixth season, Charlie aims to settle down and becomes engaged to ________.

The relationship did not last, however, Chelsea breaks off the engagement.


What is the occupation of Walden Schmidt?

Walden Schmidt is played by actor Ashton Kutcher. He was introduced in the beginning of season 9 and held a main role through the remainder of the series thanks to Charlie Sheen's departure.


In the season 8 finale, with whom does Charlie fly to Paris?

It is in Paris where Charlie dies - there are suggestions that Rose pushed him into the train's path after learning that he cheated on her!


Following Charlie's death, who buys the house from Alan?

Charlie left his house to Alan, and Alan in turn sells it to Walden.


How often does Jake stay at the house with Alan and Charlie?

Jake stays with his mother Judith during the week.


Upon graduating high school, what do Jake and his best friend Eldridge do?

By the end of the tenth season, Jake announces that he is being shipped to Japan for a year with the Army. He returns only for a cameo appearance in the series finale of season 12.


Which of the following activities is Jake NOT good at?

Jake is also very good at 'passing gas' and watching television!


In addition to writing jingles, Charlie works as a children's music performer under the name Charlie ________.

Charlie Waffles wore a yellow shirt with a cartoon waffle-man on the front, as well as a white hat.


Charlie's serious girlfriend Mia was a _________.

Mia was played by Emmanuelle Vaugier. She was a ballet teacher who Charlie fell in love with during season 3.


What is the name of Jake's math tutor who eventually becomes his girlfriend?

Macey Cruthird plays the role of Megan in seasons 8 and 9. Jake once had a nightmare that he got Megan pregnant, but they never had sex.


Who is Alan's on-again/off-again girlfriend who is also Eldridge's mom?

Lyndsey McElroy is played by Courtney Thorne-Smith and appeared in seasons 7-12 for a total of 52 episodes.


Which famous singer rents the house next door to Charlie?

With Mia gone, Charlie loses his cool and gets into a heated confrontation with his new neighbor Steven Tyler.


Who is Alan's second ex-wife?

Kandi Harper is portrayed by April Bowlby who appeared in 16 episodes of Two and a Half Men from 2006-2015.


What is Charlie's relation to Jake?

Jake is the son of Charlie's brother Alan.


Who does Berta adore above all?

Berta shows great disdain for Alan and Jake but puts her Charlie above all!


What is the first word of the opening theme song of Two and a Half Men

The show's theme song was written by Chuck Lorre who is also one of the creators of the show itself.


How old is Jake when the series begins?

Angus Jones was born on October 8, 1993. During his 10-year tenure on Two and a Half Men, he won two Young Artist and TV Land Awards.


Who is Charlie Sheen's brother in real life?

Charlie Sheen's real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez and his brother Emilio is also a famous actor.


On which network did Two and a Half Men air?

Two and a Half Men aired on CBS and was syndicated on largely CW affiliates throughout the US. It also aired in more than 50 countries internationally!


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