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Don't get stuck in the middle with this one! It's time to see how well you remember all of the greatest moments from Malcolm in the Middle! Take this quiz now to find out!

In which year did Malcolm in the Middle premiere?

Malcolm in the Middle premiered on January 9, 2000.


Which actor plays the role of Malcolm?

Francisco "Frankie" Muniz IV earned an Emmy Award nomination and two Golden Globe Award nominations for his role as Malcolm.


How is Malcolm different from his peers?

Malcolm has an IQ of 165 and a photographic memory.


At school, Malcolm is in a class for gifted students known to the rest of the school as the ________.

The Krelboynes was a reference to the nerdy Seymour Krelboyne of "The Little Shop of Horrors."


For how many seasons did Malcolm in the Middle run?

Malcolm in the Middle ended on May 14, 2006 after seven seasons including 151 episodes.


What is Malcolm's mother's name?

Lois is a bit of an authoritarian, and played by actress Jane Frances Kaczmarek.


What is the Malcolm's family's last name?

Though never referenced throughout the show, the only clue the viewer has is in the pilot episode when Francis speaks to Lois on the phone, his name tag on his uniform says "Wilkerson".


Which of Malcolm's siblings is in military school as the series begins?

Francis is played by Christopher Masterson. He appeared in 118 of the 151 episodes.


What is the name of Malcolm's dad?

Hal is completely dependent on Lois for parenting! He is played by actor Bryan Cranston.


Who is Hal and Lois' second son?

Reese is 2nd oldest of the 4, and later 5 boys.


Who is Stevie Kenarban?

Stevie Kenarban is portrayed by Craig Lamar Traylor. He appeared in 56 episodes as a recurring character.


Who is mistakenly placed in a class for slower students?

Dewey is Hal and Lois' fourth son who is played by actor Erik Per Sullivan in all 151 episodes.


What is the nickname of the class for slower students?

Dewey serves as the Buseys self-appointed teacher.


Who is Lois' overweight coworker?

Craig Feldspar has a crush on Lois, but he is very geeky and self-absorbed.


Francis and Lois have a _______ relationship.

Despite their love for each other, the two clash because Lois tries to keep order but Francis is a bit of a delinquent.


What is the theme song of Malcolm in the Middle?

"Boss of Me" was written and recorded by the rock group They Might Be Giants.


How long was each episode of Malcolm in the Middle WITH commercials?

Each episode filled a 30 minute block of TV time: 22 minutes plus 8 minutes of commercials.


On which network did Malcolm in the Middle originally air?

Malcolm in the Middle was created by Linwood Boomer for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It has since been syndicated in 57 countries on various networks.


Where is Malcolm in the Middle set?

The show was set in a suburban neighborhood in the fictional Tri-County Area. Much of the filming was done on location in various parts of the Thirty Mile Zone around Los Angeles.


Malcolm broke the "fourth wall" in television by doing what?

This is a rarity and a taboo in television!


What is the name of Lois and Hal's fifth son?

Jamie is played by twin brothers James and Lukas Rodriguez in 35 episodes beginning in season 4.


In the series finale, what does Lois discover?

Jane Kaczmarek appeared in 148 of the series' episodes.


In the series finale, where does Malcolm attend college?

Lois always believed her son Malcolm would be the future President of the United States.


Which of Hal and Lois' sons is a culinary prodigy?

Though he is the worst-behaved of all the brothers, Reese discovers a great talent and love for cooking and baking.


Who does Francis marry?

Francis met and married Piama Tananahaakna off screen during his year in Alaska.


Who is Malcolm's Krelboynes teacher who absolutely adores him?

Catherine Lloyd Burns plays Caroline Miller who once paid for a medical bill when Malcolm needed stitches.


Who is Malcolm's Krelboynes teacher who he does not get along with?

Lionel Herkabe was played by actor Chris Eigeman.


What is the name of the female Krelboyne classmate of Malcolm who had a crush on him?

Classmate Cynthia was portrayed by Tania Raymonde who got her start in acting with this role on Malcolm in the Middle.


Who is Mr. Hodges?

Steve Vinovich plays the role of Mr. Hodges in season 7 of Malcolm in the Middle.


What is the name of the boys' babysitter?

Jessica was hired to babysit Reese, Malcolm and Dewey. She later lives on the family's couch for a short time after her dad was arrested.


What is the name of Lois' mother/Malcolm's grandmother?

Grandma Ida generally does not get along with the family and vice versa! She is played by actress Cloris Leachman.


Who is Hal's best friend on Malcolm in the Middle?

Abe is the father of Malcolm's best friend Stevie Kenarban.


Who is the head of Marlin Academy military school?

Commandant Edwin Spangler appeared in 15 episodes and was portrayed by actor Daniel von Bargen.


Who is Otto Mannkusser?

Kenneth Mars plays Otto Mannkusser who owns the ranch where Francis works.


After Francis leaves military school, where does he go?

Francis follows his friend Eric Hanson to Alaska where he ends up meeting his future wife Piama.


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