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Ready for an offer you can't refuse? Take this quiz on the famed Godfather series and see if you're fit to be a short-lived fall guy or a mafia mastermind​.

The Godfather is considered to be a series in this genre of films:

The Godfather saga consists of three crime films.


The Godfather film series is based on the crime novels authored by this writer:

It is said that Puzo died before completing a collaboration with the film series’ director for a fourth installment.


Who directed the film version of The Godfather series?

Coppola won an Academy Award for directing the second Godfather film.


The Godfather is about this Italian-American family’s saga:

It was in the second Godfather film where we saw how the Corleones rose to power.


Who is the head of the Corleone family?

Vito was played by Marlon Brando.


What is the specific type of crime narrated throughout The Godfather film and novel series?

One sector of organized crime in America is more popularly known as the mafia.


The first Godfather film introduces Vito’s son, who has just returned from serving in the Marine Corps. What is this son's name?

Michael was played by Al Pacino.


Who is NOT one of Don Vito Corleone’s biological sons?

Tom Hagen, the "adopted" child of the family, was played by Robert Duvall.


What is the name of the only daughter of Don Vito Corleone?

Connie was played by Talia Shire.


In the first Godfather film, where in Italy did Michael hide after killing some of their mob rivals?

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.


Michael fell in love with a native Sicilian while in hiding. What happened to this girl?

The bomb was originally intended for Michael.


Sonny Corleone beat up his brother-in-law Carlo for doing this to his sister Connie:

The Corleone’s henchman eventually kills Carlo after he beats up Connie again, despite warnings not to do so.


Don Vito Corleone died in the first film. How did he die?

Despite a career in violent commerce, Don Vito suffered the attack during a peaceful moment of playing with his young grandson in the garden.


Which Corleone son was ambushed while passing through a highway toll booth?

Sonny was actually on his way to rescue Connie when he was ambushed and shot to death.


Which son eventually took over as the head of the Corleone crime family?

Even Don Vito didn’t want his favorite son Michael to inherit the business at first, but he eventually does.


The Godfather Part II had a flashback containing the history of which member of the Corleone family?

It traced his beginnings from Italy to America.


Corleone wasn’t the original surname of the family when they left Italy. Where did the name come from?

Upon arriving in America, the immigration officer was the one who wrote down "Vito Corleone," mistaking his birthplace for his surname.


What is the original surname of Vito Corleone prior to being shipped to America?

Vito Andolini of Corleone, Sicily, landed in America when he was 9 years old.


Why did Vito leave Sicily at such a young age?

Vito’s father insulted this local chief named Don Ciccio, which led to the former's death being ordered by the latter.


Who portrayed Vito Corleone as a young man making his early rounds of crime in New York City?

De Niro won an Academy Award for his supporting role in this film.


The young Vito ends up killing this local gangster/extortionist boss in their New York neighborhood when he was still honing his crime-committing skills.

Fanucci was played by Gastone Moschin.


The young Vito Corleone involved himself in this kind of legitimate business, mainly as a front for his mafioso business:

Vito still had ties back in Corleone, Sicily, where he gets his products.


The young Vito returned to Sicily, using his olive oil business as a front to do this deed:

Vito’s longtime friend Tommasino helps him in achieving this goal of revenge on the don, which succeeds.


What is the name of Michael Corleone’s wife in America?

Kay was played by Diane Keaton.


In his dealings as the new don, Michael first gets ambushed in this state.

Nevada is near the border of California.


Still in his role as the new don of the family, Michael flies into this capital city where a revolution was currently ongoing.

Michael was reluctant at first to make deals in Havana due to the ongoing Cuban Revolution.


This member of the Corleone family is so dismayed that he got passed over by his father to head the family.

Fredo was played by John Cazale.


In the second Godfather film, this kind of government hearing was publicly held to investigate organized crime.

Michael Corleone, himself, attended the hearing and spoke in front of senate investigators.


Kay confessed to Michael that she didn’t originally lose a child from miscarriage, but from this:

Kay tells Michael she had an abortion because she did not want to bring a son into the family while Michael grew into his role as the mafia don.


Michael Corleone was the one who ordered this deed to be done to his own brother Fredo.

Michael discovered Fredo’s betrayal and ordered the hit.


In The Godfather Part III, Michael’s son Anthony wanted to pursue this career instead of being a lawyer:

Naturally, Anthony’s opera debut takes place in Palermo, Sicily.


This illegitimate nephew of Michael forms a romantic relationship with the aging mafia don’s daughter, Mary:

Vincent was played by Andy Garcia.


Who played Mary Corleone, earning the film director some early criticism for the casting?

Sofia Coppola replaced the actress originally cast in the role, Winona Ryder, who dropped out at the last minute.


The third Godfather film also involved underworld dealings with religious characters from this Italian location:

Michael’s bid of going legal in business is foiled when his Vatican-connected dealings turned out to be illegal in nature.


The famous musical score for The Godfather films was created by this great cinematic composer:

Rota received an Academy Award for his score in The Godfather Part II.


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