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Were you following around Louis, Ren, and Donny? Test your knowledge of "Even Stevens!"

Which actor plays Louis Stevens?

Beginning in June 2000, Shia LaBeouf starred as Louis Stevens in the Disney Channel original show.


Which actress played Renee "Ren" Stevens?

Christy Carlson Romano started the show in 2000 as a teenage perfectionist who often clashed with her brother, Louis.


What was Louis and Ren's brother, Donny, good at?

Although Donny wasn't particularly bright, he was well-known at his high school for being a great athlete.


What was Mr. Stevens' first name?

Ironically enough, Mr. Stevens' first name was Steven, although they just often referred to him as "Steve."


What did Mr. Stevens do for a living?

Although Mr. Stevens use to wrestle and played football in college, he settled into his career as a lawyer.


What was Mrs. Stevens' job?

Eileen Stevens was a state senator with hopes of joining the U.S. House of Representatives.


What state did the Stevens family live in?

In the series, the Stevens family lived in a suburb of Sacramento, California.


What is the name of Louis' best friend?

Louis' best friend is Alan "Twitty," Louis' somewhat more popular companion who's on the basketball and baseball teams.


Who's Louis' other friend who dresses in Goth clothing?

Tawny Dean plays Louis' other best friend and eventual girlfriend at the end of the series.


Who is Ren's childhood friend who is allergic to almost everything?

Ren's friend, Nelson, who could often be seen with Ren or Donnie, would always try to protect himself because of his long list of allergies.


What's the name of the Stevens' annoying next door neighbor?

Bernard or "Beans" is the Stevens next door neighbor who often comes over uninvited.


What is Beans' favorite thing to eat?

Beans' favorite food is bacon, even going as far as to visit a bacon shack in one of the episodes.


What sport is Coach Tugnut obsessed with?

Coach Tugnut was obsessed with dodgeball and often spoke to the kids about the three "major points" or forced them to play during class.


For the musical episode, which member of the Stevens family catches the flu?

In the episode "Influenza: The Musical," Ren gets the flu and is forced to stay home by her parents.


Why doesn't Ren want to miss school in the musical episode?

When Ren gets the flu, her parents insist that she stays home, but she 'ignores them and goes to school.' The entire episode is actually a dream that Ren is having while in bed.


What does Ren sing about when she gives her report to the class?

In her dream, Ren doesn't finish her report, so she sings a song about which goes, "We went to the moon in 1969. Not 1968, but a year after." Hoe eloquent!


When Louis wants money for a sludgie machine, what kind of business does he open?

In order to save up enough money, Louis, with the help of his best friend Twitty, open up a dog-sitting business.


In order to get out of doing volunteer work, how long does Louis agree to sleep in a bed for?

In order to get out of doing "boring" volunteer work, Louis agreed to sleep in a bed for 48 hours, quickly regretting his decision when he saw everyone having fun.


Why does Ren get detention?

The only time Ren ever landed in detention was when Louis unplugged her alarm clock and made her late for school.


What sport does Louis decide to play when he's told he needs to join a sports' team?

When Louis joins the wrestling team where he is faced with the problem of fighting a girl or losing to one.


In the Halloween episode, what body part was Ren taking from the whole school?

When Louis finds out that Ren and Principal Wexler are using a hypnotic ray to control the student, Louis sees that they're also removing the eyes of their victims.


In the Halloween episode, after they removed the victims' eyes, what did they have a craving for?

When Louis tells this fictional story to Beans, he runs out of the room when Ren walks in with cartons of milk.


What was the name of Louis and Twitty's band?

Louis and Twitty's band, the Twitty-Stevens Connection makes plans to perform on the school's roof, but after they're stopped by Ren, the band slowly breaks up.


In "The Even Stevens Movie," who does Ren get a job babysitting?

When her boyfriend breaks up with her, Ren starts babysitting Beans in hopes that it will help her get over Gil.


Where is the Stevens' family vacation actually located?

Although they are told they're going to a tropical island, their vacation is just off the California coast.


What is the name of the fictional 'reality show' that the family goes on in the movie?

Miles McDermott, the host of Family Fake Out, convinced the Stevens to go on vacation, but they didn't know it was for a reality TV show.


What kind of animal is 'after' the Stevens family?

The Stevens family were afraid of a "killer squirrel," that happens to show up everywhere and eat their nuts.


When Louis' parents go away for a weekend, what kind of business does he open in his house?

In order to try to raise money for a snowboarding trip, Louis opens a bed and breakfast in his house while his parents are away.


Which of these can Ren not do?

In one of the episodes, it is revealed that Ren cannot ride a bike without training wheels!


What is Ren's job at school?

In the show, Ren is Principal Wexler's assistant, often doing odd jobs and his dirty work for him.


Who said: "My foot is stuck in the toilet!"

When Ren tries to cut a plant out of her hair, she accidentally gets her foot stuck in the toilet.


Who said: "I can't sleep without my nightie-lightie."

In the same episode where it is revealed that Ren doesn't know how to ride a bike, Twitty confesses that he can't sleep without a night light.


In "The Even Stevens Movie," who puts the family on Family Fake Out?

Although the Stevens family thinks they're going on a vacation, Twitty signs them up for the reality show.


At the end of the series, how does Louis let Tawny know he has feelings for her?

When the family thinks they're moving away from Sacramento, both Louis and Tawny record tapes for each other, but the Stevens family finds out they're not leaving anymore.


In the last episode of the season, where were the Stevens planning on moving to?

When they get news that Mrs. Stevens won a seat on Congress, the family gets ready to move. They soon find out that she hasn't won and they're not leaving Sacramento after all.


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