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"The Santa Clause" was a massive holiday hit in 1994! Through the decades, its popularity has only grown, upgrading this Disney comedy to a Christmas classic! Revisit the magic of this heartwarming tale and test your Santa Clause movie knowledge with this quiz!!

Who is the main character?

Played by Tim Allen! He is also known for starring in another Christmas classic, "Christmas with the Kranks!"


The movie earned what box office ranking in 1994?

At the same time, Tim Allen's show, "Home Improvement," was rank as the #1 TV show! In addition, his book was also #1 on the "New York Times" best-sellers list!


How many sequels did the movie have?

After the critical and box office success of the original film (ranked #1), "The Santa Clause 2" hit in 2002, and "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause" came in 2006! The second two featured evil villains!


Where does the movie take place?

It is set in the fictional town of Lakeside, Illinois! However, it was shot in a suburb outside of Toronto! The film crew took advantage of what was available locally.


Which actor did the writer have in mind, while writing the role of Scott Calvin?

After Bill Murray, the role almost went to Chevy Chase (of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" fame). Tim Allen filled in due to a schedule conflict!


What is the name of Scott's son?

Charlies parents are divorced. He goes to stay with Scott the first night of the movie! It is clear at the beginning of the movie that his relationship with his father is not good, but that seems to change.


What is the profession of Charlie's stepdad?

Neil is a psychiatrist and, throughout the movie, he analyzes the psychological aspects of the whole plot! He thinks that Charlie is too old to believe in Santa! It all seems to stem from some childhood story when he was 3 years old.


On the naughty and nice list, what letters go next to the children’s names?

A "P" stands for present and a "C" stands for coal. The P or C goes beside each of the children’s names. Scott doesn't understand what Bernard is talking about when he mentions "the list" and Charlie sings "checking it twice" and all the other elves in the workshop sing "gonna find out who's naughty or nice."


When Scott, who is the new Santa, gets in the sleigh, what does he see that has the initials C.D.?

Scott notices the fancy feature in his sleigh! He can choose to get hot cocoa or a cookie to come out. It was Charlie’s idea to put the feature in. Charlie has some great ideas, which is why he's going into the "family business."


While Scott is cooking (or burning) their dinner, what movie is Charlie watching?

A commercial also comes on, flashing a large holiday feast! Ironically, Scott is simultaneously destroying their holiday dinner in the kitchen. The two end up having to go elsewhere for the holiday meal.


What is one way to describe the relationship between Scott and Charlie in the beginning of the movie?

Scott and Charlie appear to have a very distant relationship. However, their relationship changes for the better throughout the movie and the two become close! Charlie believes in Scott and his becoming the new Santa! He is his number one fan.


When do the two first encounter Santa?

The first night at Scott's is when the two encounter the original Santa! It is Christmas Eve and they hear a thud on the roof! Charlie wakes Scott up and they both run outside to find him on the roof! “Arose such a clatter!”


What was the title of the movie going to be, originally?

Scott reads Charlie a bedtime story about Santa. He reads "On the roof, there arose such a clatter!" This was a famous line in the movie. Charlie, or any kid for that matter, was not originaly supposed to be included in the cast.


These local animals were put to good use in the film!

The film crew was shooting outside of Toronto and used the Toronto Zoo's reindeer to shoot! Scott first encounters the reindeer on the roof after climbing up the ladder!


Charlie and Scott spend Christmas Eve dinner where?

Scott burns the turkey the two were planning to eat! They have to settle for a meal at Denny's. Charlie is let down with the dinner, because his options are extremely limited. They don’t have hot cocoa or even chocolate milk!


When did the movie first hit theaters?

That makes it 22 years old, as of 2016! Charlie is all grown up now! The original movie ranked #1 at the box office. However, the sequels did not fare as well!


In the film, Scott jokes that the number for Neil's mother is what?

Disney was scrutinized almost a decade later when parents caught their kids calling the number! It was for an actual phone sex line! Disney removed the reference from future releases!


After finding out he is the new Santa, Scott returns to work for a presentation of what?

The toy is called the Total Tank! Scott is so disappointed with the toy and the ad depicting Santa riding in the tank instead of his sleigh. He voices his opinion in anger - how dare they take away the classic sleigh!


Who is Scott's boss played by?

He is seen in both sequels as well, however, he plays a different character. He plays Father Time in "The Santa Clause 3"! It was the final film he worked on before passing away due to cancer.


Scott and Santa Claus have the same what?

Scott and the original Santa have the same initials! Charlie is the first one to comment on this. He sees the initials S.C. on his dad’s pajamas! Scott asks where he got the pajamas and Charlie says Judy gave them to him! Judy is the elf at the North Pole!


In the beginning of the movie, Scott is running late. What is his excuse?

Scott calls from his cell phone to say that there is really bad traffic and even fakes yelling at a woman on the road because she is driving poorly, even though his car is the only one on the road. He is portrayed as a poor father.


What sickness does Scott say the reindeer might have?

Actually, he means Lyme Disease, but he calls it "keylime." The reindeer used in the film were brought on set from the local zoo!


When the new Santa is visiting houses, a little girl sleeping on a couch leaves what ?

When Scott drinks it, he comments that he thinks the milk has gone bad! Scott had previously told her he is lactose intolerant, so the girl remembered to get him soy milk! Awwww.


The ladder that appears to help Scott and Charlie get to the roof was made by what company?

"Rose Suchak Ladder Co." is a reference to a question Charlie had asked about the line, "There arose such a clatter" from the famous poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas" (The Night Before Christmas).


Who was the little blonde girl walking away from the window in the film's intro?

In the beginning, we spot one of the elves that we later see at the North Pole! There are many scenes with elves! Another elf is seen when Charlie and Scott are being led to their table at Denny's.


When kids scream, "Let him go! Let Santa go!" it is a reference to what?

When the kids scream for Santa's release, this is a reference to "Miracle on 34th Street," an old Christmas classic that debuted in 1947! The movie was also featured in "The Santa Clause," on the television! Charlie watched it as Scott was in the kitchen burning the turkey he was attempting to make!


What is the name of the waitress at the restaurant?

Judy is the name of the waitress. Judy has the same name as one of the main elves Scott and Charlie meet later. When wondering where he got the pajamas he is wearing, Charlie tells him Judy gave them to him. Scott's ex overhears and wonders why a waitress gave him pajamas.


What do Bernard and Scott both call Charlie?

When Charlie and Scott first go to the North Pole, they meet Bernard the elf! Bernard is pretty much the head elf at the North Pole (besides Santa, that is)! He gives Charlie a welcoming present!


How long did it take Judy to perfect her hot cocoa recipe?

She said it took her 1,200 years to perfect the recipe. “Not too hot. Extra chocolate. Shaken, not stirred.” Scott doesn’t seem to fancy the taste and spits it out.


Neil was how old when he stopped believing in Santa?

Neil mentions that he asked Santa for an Oscar Meyer Weiner Whistle, but didn't get it. It seems that the reason he doesn’t believe in Santa is because Santa didn’t come through with a present he was hoping for. Scott makes up for it later with a thoughtful gift!


What is the code to get into the North Pole?

When Scott and Charlie arrive at the North Pole, the code that the elf enters into the North Pole for entry is 1239. They meet Bernard and he introduces a tech-savvy elf named Quentin. Quentin then tells Santa about the gadgets the sleigh has.


What does Bernard give Charlie as a gift when they get to the North Pole?

It comes in handy later! Bernard: “Charlie, you've still got the glass ball I gave you, right? Well, all you've got to do is shake it, whenever you want to see your dad. He can come back to visit you anytime, day or night.” Charlie uses the glass ball to call his dad to pay a visit.


What is the name of the girl who questions Scott profusely as the new Santa?

Sarah: “How come your clothes are so baggy?” Scott Calvin: “Because Santa is... watching his saturated fats. “ %0DSarah: “How come you don't have a beard?” Scott Calvin: “Because I shaved!” %0DScott tells her he doesn't want to drink the milk because he is lactose intolerant. The next time she leaves soy milk for him!


In the intro to the movie, what song is playing?

"Carol of the Bells" goes with Christmas, but its origin tells a different story! It's actually based on a traditional Ukrainian folk chant that celebrated the season of rebirth and anticipated a prosperous New Year!


On Christmas Eve night, Scott begins delivering presents, but he is arrested when he tries to enter whose house?

He is arrested for entering Laura and Neal Miller's house! He leaves Charlie stranded in the sleigh on the roof. The E.L.F.S. (Effective Liberating Flight Squad) gets Charlie and rescues Santa from jail!


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