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Recall the thrills, chills, and dashing style of James Bond when he earns his license to kill and becomes a 007 agent, ready to delve into his next heart-pounding mission.

Casino Royale introduced a new James Bond; who was the star?

Casino Royale is the 21st film in the James Bond film series and the first to star Daniel Craig as the fictional MI6 agent, James Bond. Daniel Craig has played James Bond in four films thus far: Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre. Sean Connery portrayed James Bond in seven films. Roger Moore starred in seven Bond films and Timothy Dalton starred in two.


What made this film different from many of the other Bond films?

Casino Royale is set at the beginning of Bond's career, as Agent 007 is earning his license to kill. Daniel Craig rejected the part of James Bond a year before, as he had felt that the series had settled into a standard formula. He changed his mind when he read the finished script.


What is the name of the female character who supervises Bond and finances his poker game?

The character Miss Moneypenny is, for the first time in the series, completely absent. Vesper Lynd is the agent for HM Treasury that supervises Bond and finances his poker game. She is also the woman James Bond falls in love with. In the novel by Ian Fleming, the character explains that she was born "on a very stormy evening" and that her parents named her "Vesper," Latin for "evening".


What was mentioned for the first time in this 2006 film?

Ian Fleming created a cocktail recipe in the novel that Bond names after Vesper. The "Vesper Martini" became very popular after the novel's publication and gave rise to the famous "shaken, not stirred" catchphrase immortalized in the Bond films. The actual name for the drink, as well as its complete recipe, was mentioned on screen for the first time in the 2006 adaptation of Casino Royale.


What is the name of the actress who plays M?

M is the head of MI6. Although she feels she has promoted Bond too soon and chides him for his rash actions, she acts as an important maternal figure in his life. Judi Dench, who portrays M, is the only cast member carried through from the Pierce Brosnan films. Judi Dench has six British Academy Film Awards, four BAFTA TV Awards, seven Olivier Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Golden Globes and a Tony Award.


How do we first get introduced to Bond in the movie?

In Prague, James Bond kills traitorous MI6 station chief Dryden and his terrorist contact, thus earning his license to kill and becoming a 00 agent. Speaking of one of the options, groceries, Daniel Craig said he was shopping for groceries when he got the call from Barbara Broccoli that he had won the James Bond role. She apparently told him, "Over to you, kiddo." Craig left the groceries behind and celebrated with martinis.


Money is used to gain an advantage in Casino Royale, but where does the initial money come from?

In Uganda, the mysterious Mr. White introduces warlord Steven Obanno to Le Chiffre, a terrorist financier. Obanno entrusts Le Chiffre with a large sum of his money. In the film, Steven Obanno is a leader of the Lord's Resistance Army. The actual Lord's Resistance Movement is a rebel group and heterodox Christian cult which operates in northern Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although it has since been removed from the list of designated active terrorist groups, it has been accused of widespread human rights violations.


What will LeChiffre do with Obanno’s money?

Le Chiffre uses Obanno’s money to short-sell stock in the aerospace company, Skyfleet, thus betting on the company's failure. Le Chiffre is a banker who services many of the world's terrorists. He is a mathematical genius and expert chess player who uses these skills when playing poker.


What happens in Madagascar that makes M rethink her recent promotion of James Bond?

In Madagascar, Bond pursues bomb maker Mollaka to an African embassy. Bond kills Mollaka and blows up the building. In London, MI6 chief, M, admonishes Bond for his shortsightedness. The bomb maker was just a pawn in a bigger game. Although Bond did not spend much time in Madagascar, there are many places to visit, as it is the fourth-largest island in the world. The nation comprises the island of Madagascar and numerous smaller peripheral islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southeast Africa.


Where do the clues from Mollaka, the bomb maker, point Bond?

Clues from Mollaka point to corrupt Greek official Alex Dimitrios, based in the Bahamas. Alex Dimitrios is another contractor in the international terrorist underworld and an associate of Le Chiffre. Bond finds Dimitrios in the Bahamas and pursues him to Miami. Bond kills Dimitrios and follows his henchman to the airport.


What does Bond find at the airport?

Bond finds a bomb ready to blow up Skyfleet’s airliner. He thwarts its destruction, costing Le Chiffre his investment. Did you know that Daniel Craig gained 20 pounds of muscle for the role? He ate mostly proteins, minimizing his carbohydrates intake, trained five days a week, and only did cardio exercises on weekends.


How does Le Chiffre plan to recoup the invested money?

To recoup the money, Le Chiffre sets up a high-stakes Texas hold 'em tournament at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. MI6 enters Bond in the tournament, believing a defeat will force Le Chiffre to aid the British government in exchange for protection from his creditors. Le Chiffre is a French word which translates into English as either "The Cypher" or "The Number" or "The Figure." Other translations in different languages include "Die Nummer," "Herr Ziffer," "Mr. Number," and "Ochiu Spart," the latter of which is from the Romanian language, meaning "Smashed Eye."


How much is the government's buy-in to be in the high-stakes poker game?

On the train to Montenegro, Bond meets Vesper Lynd, a British Treasury agent there to protect the government's $10 million buy-in. Eva Green, who plays Vesper Lynd, is a French actress and model. She achieved international fame in Kingdom of Heaven. Green has also starred in independent films: Cracks, Womb, and Perfect Sense. She starred in the 300 sequels, Sin City sequels, and Penny Dreadful. In 2016, she starred in Tim Burton's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.


In Montenegro, Bond and Vesper meet their MI6 contact, René Mathis. What does Bond later realize about his old friend?

In Montenegro, Bond and Vesper meet their MI6 contact, René Mathis. We find out later that Mathis works for Le Chiffre, but then it is revealed that the alliance was fabricated by Le Chiffre. Mathis is portrayed by Giancarlo Giannini, an Italian actor best-known for starring in Swept Away, Seven Beauties, The Seduction of Mimi, Love and Anarchy, A Night Full of Rain, and Francesca e Nunziata. He also played the protective father in A Walk in the Clouds, and the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV in the 2000 Dune miniseries. Perhaps his best-known recent role is as French agent René Mathis in the 21st and 22nd James Bond films, Casino Royale and its sequel, Quantum of Solace.


Why is Obanno so infuriated during the Montenegro poker game?

Obanno is infuriated during the Montenegro poker game, because Bond appears to have the upper hand and that means Le Chiffre is losing. Obanno ambushes Le Chiffre in the latter's suite over the loss of money. Bond kills Obanno and his henchmen. Obanno is portrayed by Isaach de Bankolé, who has appeared in over fifty films, including Jim Jarmusch's Night on Earth, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Coffee and Cigarettes, The Limits of Control, and Machetero, to name a few.


How does Vesper react to seeing two men killed?

Vesper is very shaken up over the killing. Bond comes back from the Poker game and finds her fully dressed, sitting in the shower, shaking. In the shower scene, Vesper was originally scripted to be wearing nothing but her underwear. Daniel Craig argued that Vesper would not have stopped to take her clothes off, and the scene was changed.


What happens when Bond loses his initial stake in the poker game?

When the tournament resumes, Bond loses his initial stake, and Vesper refuses to fund further playing. Frustrated, Bond is about to assassinate Le Chiffre when he meets Felix Leiter, a fellow player and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent. Leiter agrees to stake Bond in exchange for custody of Le Chiffre. This is the first time that the character "Felix Leiter" returns to the James Bond franchise since 1989's Licence to Kill (1989).


Who spikes Bond's martini with poison?

Le Chiffre's girlfriend, Valenka, spikes Bond’s martini with poison. Le Chiffre's left eye is deformed and weeps blood. Valenka almost always has her hair styled to cover her left eye - she hides her eye in deference to his damaged one.


How does Bond survive the poisoning?

Bond throws up the poison and escapes to his Aston Martin, where he injects an antidote. MI6 instructs him to use the defibrillator, but he finds that one of the wires is disconnected. Vesper saves Bond by connecting the wires and pushing the button. Bond lives AND wins the poker match. Did you know that the scene where James Bond beats an opponent at poker and wins the keys to his Aston Martin is not actually taken from the Casino Royale novel, but rather from another Ian Fleming James Bond novel, Goldfinger?


Who says this? “I'm afraid that your friend Mathis... is really... my friend Mathis.”

Le Chiffre says this to Bond as he takes both Bond and Vesper hostage. He clearly states that Mathis is a traitor. However, Vesper is the traitor, but Le Chiffre needs Bond to think she is innocent so he can use her as leverage to get Bond to talk. Having failed to win the poker tournament, Le Chiffre's only remaining option to get the money back is to take it from Bond.


How does Le Chiffre intend to get Bond to tell him the password to the account containing his money?

Although Le Chiffre is swinging a weighted, knotted rope that will slowly castrate Bond, Bond still refuses to give in. Even after Vesper can be heard being tortured, he will not relent. Then James tells Le Chiffre that “I'm not gonna give you the password, which means your clients are gonna hunt you down and cut you into little pieces of meat while you're still breathing.” Le Chiffre boastfully reveals he is intending to rat out Quantum for immunity. Hearing this, Mr. White decides to kill Le Chiffre, freeing Bond from his torturous predicament.


How serious is Bond about Vesper?

Bond and Vesper fall in love, and he decides to resign from MI6 to be with her. Bond and Vesper travel to Venice. Bond even tells her the password for the account. Speaking of Bond girls, it was a conscious decision to leave the semi-naked girls out of the opening credits, as the James Bond persona is not effectively established until the end of the movie.


What does Bond realize when M tells him the money was never deposited?

M calls Bond and tells him the money was never deposited, and Bond realizes Vesper has stolen the money. He pursues her and her clients into a building under renovation. In the ensuing struggle, the building is damaged and begins sinking into the Grand Canal. Bond kills Vesper's accomplices and tries to rescue her, but she drowns as the building sinks. Mr. White, watching nearby, walks away with the money.


What does Bond ultimately learn about Vesper?

M informs Bond that the same organization behind Le Chiffre had kidnapped Vesper's lover and threatened to kill him unless Vesper became a double agent. During the torture sessions with Le Chiffre, Vesper had made a deal: the money in exchange for Bond's life. She unwillingly became a double agent.


How does the movie end?

Bond discovers a text message left for him by Vesper with Mr. White's name and phone number. At his estate in Lake Como, Mr. White receives a phone call and is shot in the leg when he asks for the other person's identity. Bond strolls into his path holding a machine gun and answers the question: "The name's Bond... James Bond."


Who is talking? “Wait... three measures of Gordon's; one of vodka; half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice, and add a thin slice of lemon peel.”

James Bond, of course! The "Vesper" that James Bond orders at Casino Royale is taken from the novel. One of the ingredients, Kina Lillet, has not been made since 1985 and the modern substitute would be Lillet Blanc, made by the same company, Lillet, based in Podensac, France. This also creates somewhat of an anachronism, as the film adaptation of "Casino Royale" is clearly set in the present, where Kina Lillet would no longer be available.


Who is talking to James? “I knew it was too early to promote you.” James Bond: “Well, I understand 00s have a very short life expectancy... so your mistake will be short-lived.”

M is referring to the incident with the African Embassy. Did you know that this is the fifth Bond film to feature Judi Dench as M? The character of M was reportedly modeled on Dame Stella Rimington, the real-life head of MI5 between 1992 and 1996.


Who says this? “Weeping blood comes merely from a derangement of the tear duct, my dear General. Nothing sinister.”

It is said by Le Chiffre, who suffers from haemolacria and uses a Salbutamol inhaler, plated with platinum. Haemolacria is a physical condition that causes a person to produce tears that are partially composed of blood. It can manifest as tears that are anything from merely red-tinged to appearing to be entirely made of blood.


Who said this? “Money isn't as valuable to our organization as knowing who to trust. [shoots him]”

Mr. White says this upon hearing that Le Chiffre is intending to rat out Quantum for immunity. Did you know that of these three recurring villains - Jaws, Mr. White, and Ernst Stavro Blofeld - only two - Jaws and Mr. White - are the only ones who have always been portrayed by the same actor. Jesper Christiansen, who portrays Mr. White in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Spectre, is an award-winning Danish actor.


Who says this? “This is me in character pissed off because you're losing so damn hard we won't be here past midnight. Oddly enough, my character's feelings mirror my own.”

Although she is furious at Bond for losing the $10 million, she still looks stunning. Vesper's purple evening gown was made by Roberto Cavalli, while her black one was by Versace. In addition, she wore Versace 4061 sunglasses in Venice, and her unique Algerian love knot necklace was made by Sophie Harley.


What did the critics think of the film?

Critics responded with praise for the film, in particular, to Craig's performance and credibility. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an aggregate rating of 95%, the highest rating for a wide-release of the year. It is the fourth-highest rating for a Bond film on the site, behind Goldfinger, which received a 96%, From Russia with Love, which received a 96%, and Dr. No, with a 96% score.


What did the fans think of the film?

The audience loved it. On a budget of $150 million, it earned $599 million at the box office. Adjusted for inflation, Casino Royale is the fifth most financially successful of the James Bond films. As of 2007, it was the highest-grossing movie of the Bond franchise - until Skyfall passed it in 2012.


How many British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTA) nominations did this film receive?

The film was nominated for eight BAFTA awards, including the Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film of the Year, Best Screenplay, the Anthony Asquith Award for Best Film Music, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Production Design, Best Achievement in Special Visual and Best Actor (Daniel Craig). This made Craig the first actor ever to receive a BAFTA nomination for a performance as James Bond. He also received the Evening Standard British Film Award for Best Actor.


Which actor won the Rising Star Award?

At the 2006 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTA), Casino Royale won the Film Award for Best Sound and the Orange Rising Star Award, which was won by Eva Green. One of the many reasons may be the scene where Bond comforts a distraught Vesper in the shower after she's witnessed her first death, which was shot in one take.


The Saturn Awards gave Casino Royale one of the best awards, which one?

The film was nominated for five Saturn Awards: Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Writing, and Best Music. It won the Best Action/Adventure/Thriller film of 2006.


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