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Is your knowledge modern enough for these quirky families? Test your memory with this Modern Family quiz!

How many families are involved in Modern Family?

These three families are based in Los Angeles, California.


These three families are the main characters of the show, except for this one.

The three families all live in the suburbs of LA.


He is the patriarch that connects the three families in the show.

Jay Pritchett is played by Ed O’Neill.


Jay Pritchett is the father of which member of the Dunphy family?

Claire is played by Julie Bowen.


Jay Pritchett is also the father of which member of the Tucker-Pritchett family?

Mitch is played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson.


Jay Pritchett’s own family makes it modern because of this fact.

In the beginning, Jay's daughter Claire always thinks that her stepmom is merely a gold digger.


The Tucker-Pritchett family is considered a modern family because of this fact.

The household is an openly out and proud queer family.


Jay Pritchett married this younger Latina woman.

Gloria is played by Sofia Vergara.


Gloria Pritchett is originally from this South American country.

Actress Sofia Vergara, who plays Gloria, is also from Colombia in real life.


What is the name of Gloria Pritchett’s son from a previous marriage?

Manny is played by Rico Rodriguez.


Claire Dunphy is married to this guy, a self-proclaimed cool dad but often bungles things up.

Phil is played by Ty Burrell.


Which of these three kids is not Phil and Claire Dunphy’s kids?

Frank Dunphy is Phil’s father and the kids’ grandfather.


Mitch is in a domestic relationship with this fellow gay man.

Cam is played by Eric Stonestreet.


Mitch and Cam adopted a baby girl from outside of the US. From which country did their baby come from?

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia.


What is the name of Mitch and Cam’s adopted feisty little girl?

Lily is played by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons.


Who is Manny Delgado’s biological father, who visits them from time to time?

Javier is played by Benjamin Bratt.


What is the name of Mitch and Cam’s flamboyant and eccentric gay friend, the one who helped them plan their wedding?

Pepper is played by theater and film actor Nathan Lane.


Mitch gets called by the family when they need legal advice because of this occupation of his.

In one episode, he tried to use his lawyerly stance to get nephew Haley out of trouble with the police.


Gloria hates this quirky life-size statue in their house, which Jay loves.

Gloria says that the statue reminds her of the devil, which she refers to as “el diablo."


What is the name of the nerdy but smart child of the Dunphy family?

Alex is played by Ariel Winter.


Brainy Alex Dunphy’s polar opposite is this ditzy sibling of hers.

Haley is played by Sarah Hyland.


In his spare time, Phil Dunphy also fancies himself as an entertainment professional of this kind.

Phil even involved his kid Luke to become a magician, too.


Claire Dunphy goes all-out in decorating their house during this particular holiday every year.

Claire often decorates their house so realistically frightening that neighbors find her decor too graphic.


The young latino lover in Manny Delgado once surfaced when he continuously wrote this for a girl he likes.

Manny has a penchant for writing and eloquence, showing off his debonaire leanings at such a young age.


Cam Tucker and Jay Pritchett seem to bond together well particularly due to this fact about Cam.

In some seasons, Cam works as a physical education teacher and a football coach.


Cam and Mitch’s adopted daughter Lily is actually named after the adopted child of the character Charlotte in this New York-set TV show.

Lily was also named after Cam’s pig named Aunt Lily.


Gloria later became pregnant and bore a baby with Jay. What is the baby’s Spanish-sounding name?

The baby character joined the family during season 4.


What is Gloria and Jay’s son Fulgencio’s American-sounding nickname?

Gloria once asked a priest to exorcise baby Joe, due to some evil spirit that seems to be present in the kid.


This on-and-off boyfriend of a younger Haley once proposed to her during the family’s cowboy-themed outing in Wyoming.

Dylan is played by Reid Ewing.


The fifth season’s finale is a two-part show which celebrated the wedding of this couple in these families.

The show rode with the waves of what’s happening in the LGBT scene in the US at that time.


In Jay and Gloria’s wedding, this person was responsible for destroying the wedding cake.

DeDe, Jay’s ex-wife, is played by Shelley Long.


This famous TV personality, a known cooking show host and food writer, was a guest during season 6.

Nigella played herself in the episode.


What is the surname of the family that moved next door to the Dunphys, which they didn’t like in the beginning but soon became friends with?

The LaFontaines have two children.


In an episode that takes place in Hawaii, this couple in the families end up renewing their vows.

Phil and Claire decided to finally get a proper wedding which they were deprived of since they accidentally had a child first.


Modern Family is a comedy series presented in this kind of format.

The mockumentary style of Modern Family shows the characters directly talking to the camera as if narrating the real-time events of their lives.


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