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The Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the bestselling movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and 2017 marks the year they'll be coming out with the sequel. But before that, take a trip down memory lane: put on your headphones, fire up your favorite songs, and test your knowledge on this original Guardians of the Galaxy galactic quiz!

Why was the young Peter Quill so upset in the beginning?

Peter Quill's mother was dying of a serious disease, probably cancer. Peter wasn't being looked after very well, from the looks of it.


Aside from calling himself Star-Lord, how did Peter Quill introduce himself to Korath and his crew?

Quill calls himself Star-Lord, the Legendary Outlaw. Apparently, he doesn’t have that reputation, yet.


What did Quill have stowed away in his ship in the beginning?

After his escape from Korath and his team, it turns out that he had a woman sleeping things off in his ship. And he forgot she was there, since the night before. Bad loverboy!


We should also call the film Guardians of Looks! What did Chris Pratt do to fit the role of Peter Quill Star-Lord perfectly?

Although he had already gotten the role -- even if he didn’t have to lose so much weight -- Chris Pratt decided that he had to look like a superhero. He lost 60 pounds overall. He's a superhero just for doing that!


What was one of the more vintage pieces of equipment on the ship?

Aside from his Walkman, Peter also had a vintage audiotape player integrated into his ship's living quarters. How he got that in the middle of space seems to be a story for another time.


How are Yondu and Peter related?

In the first video call in the movie, Yondu reminds Peter that they are Ravagers who are, apparently, a galactic group of thieves. It's also revealed that they are the ones who "picked up" Peter from Earth.


Why is Ronan so angry about the Kree-Xandar treaty?

Ronan's traditional mindset makes him remember all of his family who died in what was apparently a Xandar-Kree war. That is why he doesn’t believe in the peace treaty.


Who was ultimately thrilled to be cast as the Nova Corps leader, Nova Prime?

Glenn Close apparently loved the idea of playing Nova Prime. Some sources say it's because she wanted to try out a character similar to James Bonds' M, last played by Judi Dench.


Why does Ronan need the Orb - which Peter Quill had stolen from his own team?

Thanos, hinted to be a powerful galactic personality, promised to destroy Xandar for Thanos, if he gets the Orb. That is why Korath and his team were on the planet Morag to acquire the Orb.


What's the big beef between Nebula and Gamora?

As Nebula and Gamora reveal while snarking on each other, they are sisters, and their dad is Thanos. And from the looks of it, cooperation was not part of family life.


When we first meet Rocket Raccoon and Groot, what are their jobs?

Rocket Raccoon and Groot are bounty hunters who are looking for a good score on Xandar. And just their luck, they run into Peter, who has a bounty on his head.


He's known for playing tough guys, but here he played the ever-lovable tree-giant, Groot. Who is this actor?

Granted, a script full of "I am Groot" was a challenge, but Vin Diesel is no stranger to movies like Guardians of the Galaxy. He's gone full sci-fi with Riddick, and you can say his role as the Iron Giant prepared him for Groot.


Who is Peter meeting in Xandar, of all places?

Peter went to meet the Broker in Xandar. It looks like the deal was with Yondu, and Peter's trying to muscle into it by stealing the Orb first.


Why is Drax in Kyln prison in the first place?

Drax is in jail for murdering Ronan's loyalists. Given that Xandar has a new peace treaty with the Kree, maybe this is one of those cases where they had to stop him as a sign of good faith.


Why does Drax have a big chip on his even bigger shoulders?

Ronan's men killed his wife, Ovette, and his daughter, Camaria. It's not known how, only that he now wishes to kill Gamora, since he sees her as part of Ronan's family.


Drax is an unstoppable living tank, but what makes him so funny?

Drax has little, or no idea of figures of speech. Combine this with the fact that he usually tells the truth without a filter, and you can imagine the fun that Dave Bautista had with the role.


What is Rocket Raccoon's real skill?

Rocket Raccoon is like the MacGyver of the Guardians of the Galaxy. As long as he has the parts he needs, he can make a weapon that can blow people away.


Because of the way Star-Lord's weapons are designed, what are they called?

Star-Lord's guns are known as quad blasters, probably because each "gun" is a two-in-one, hence the term quad for "four." Each weapon can fire a lethal energy beam, an electrical stun blast, or it can use both at the same time.


What is Yondu's special weapon?

Yondu's weapon is a whistle-controlled "arrow" or small hovering missile. In action, it can kill many people at high speed, without Yondu breaking a sweat. Smart!


What was Peter using to listen to music at the beginning of the movie?

The Walkman is the first portable music player that wasn't a radio. It could play audiocassettes ("tapes"), and was the granddaddy of our on-the-go music lifestyle.


None of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the movie were really in the first comic book version of the team. But someone in the movie was. Who was this?

Yondu, the rogue who kidnapped Peter Quill, was an original Guardian in the comic books. And from the looks of the sequel trailer, he might become one in the movies, finally!


What is the large space station Knowhere made of?

Knowhere is a space station built inside the head of a very large alien being. The rest of the body isn't there, so those aliens must be pretty big!


What is the main business of the space station Knowhere?

Knowhere's main business is that it mines the organic matter and fluids of the alien's head for fantastically high prices. The work is illegal, so the whole station could be on shaky legal ground.


What is the real secret reason why Gamora is becoming a "good guy"?

Gamora isn't really Thanos' daughter. Thanos killed her parents, and forced her to become his "favorite" daughter and assassin, all rolled into one.


What part of Karen Gillan's signature look did she sacrifice for the role of Nebula?

Karen Gillan was known in the "Doctor Who" series for her long, red hair. As Nebula, she was blue and bald as a baby's behind. Thankfully, she still looked super-sexy.


Taneleer Tivan is called the Collector. Exactly what does he collect?

The Collector is so named because he will collect anything that strikes his fancy. In the movie, however, he seems to collect objects of power, and living things.


So, what was in the Orb? What was so important that Thanos needs it?

The Infinity Stone is one of six. Each one is made from the remains from "singularities" before the time of creation. Each holds a limitless power that will kill the unqualified user.


Whose smart idea was it to call up Ronan's forces about where the Infinity Stone was?

Drax betrayed the Guardians of the Galaxy team by telling Ronan's forces where the Infinity Stone was, so he could force a confrontation with him. His karma was that not only did he lose the fight, Ronan says he doesn’t even remember killing Drax's family. Yowza!


What was the ship, the Milano, named after?

The good space ship Milano is named after Alyssa Milano, the famous television actress. According to director James Gunn, she is Peter Quill's childhood crush.


The Nova Corps fighters may looks small, but they have a big secret - what is it?

Each Nova Corps fighter ship can serve as a "knot" in an energy net. If there are enough of them around, they can snare even large battleship-type spaceships. Now that's power!


What ability did Nebula show after she was shot through a bulkhead with a bazooka?

We know Nebula is a cyborg. But it looks like she can repair her injuries, as a machine would: piece by piece, and with whirring sounds.


What did Peter really give Yondu in the Orb?

Peter switched his troll doll for the Infinity Stone somehow. Yondu was left with a toy, instead of getting the treasure.


When Peter finally opened his mother's last gift, what was it?

It turns out that Peter's mom had given him a partner mix tape to the one he was listening to. The music seems to be a reminder of how much his mother really loves him.


During the final battle, aside from fighting bare-fisted, what kind of weapon set did Drax prefer?

It's scary to think that Drax, for all his strength, only needs two knives and his fists to rack up an impressive body count. Impressive!


How did Groot survive after all the abuse he'd been put through?

It looks like Groot is very much like some trees in this respect. All you need is a small piece of him that's still alive to grow back the whole Groot. But it may take some time. So we wait!


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