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35 questions about the show and its songs.

Name the girl singer Shirley Partridge replaced in Episode 1.

In Season 1, Episode 1, a soprano named "Gloria" can't make a garage recording session due to mumps.


Which Partridge kid was the real-life stepchild of Shirley Jones?

David Cassidy is the son of actor Jack Cassidy, who was at that time married to Shirley Jones.


Which Partridge was played by two different actors?

The character of Chris Partridge was played by Jeremy Gelbwaks and then by Brian Forster.


How many seasons did The Partridge Family run on TV?

The Partridge Family aired for four seasons, 1970 through 1974.


Which legendary Hollywood dancer played Shirley Partridge’s father?

Ray Bolger, Scarecrow from "The Wizard of Oz," played Shirley Partridge's dad in Seasons 1 and 3.


Which not-so-family-friendly comedian played a Detroit club owner on The Partridge Family?

Richard Pryor played a Detroit club owner in the episode that introduced, "Bandala."


Which guest star was a heartthrob rival to David Cassidy?

Many schoolgirl conversations in the 1970s centered on the "Bobby or David?" question.


The singing duo who fell for Laurie were real-life grandsons of what crooner?

In the "Two for the Road" episode, singing twins Andy and David (Williams) develop a crush on Laurie.


The Partridge Family was loosely based on what real-life singing family?

Producers considered using the actual Cowsill kids but decided to go a different route.


Bobby Sherman starred in what short-lived Partridge Family spin-off?

Bobby Sherman and Wes Stern starred in a Partridge spin-off called "Getting Together."


Which Addams Family cast member played an eccentric millionaire on The Partridge Family?

John Astin, (Gomez Addams) played Sidney Rose in the episode, "Diary of a Mad Millionaire."


What future All in the Family cast member was in a couple of Partridge Family episodes?

Rob Reiner played the cycle-riding character Snake in two Partridge Family episodes.


Which famous sports broadcaster played himself on The Partridge Family?

Howard Cosell played himself in "Whatever Happened To Moby Dick?" (Season 2, Episode 6).


What future Star Wars hero played a Partridge neighbor?

Mark Hamill appeared as a boy named Jerry in "Old Scrapmouth" (Season 1, Episode 16).


Who played Partridge neighbor, Ricky Stevens?

Ricky Segall was neighbor kid Ricky Stevens, who sang a few songs on the show in Season 4.


What warning was painted on the back of the Partridge's bus?

We watched "Careful Nervous Mother Driving" pull away every week during the show's opening.


What instrument did Danny Partridge play in the band?

Danny played a bass guitar that seemed as big as he was.


What pina colada lover co-wrote , “Echo Valley 2-6809?"

Rupert Holmes ("The Pina Colada Song") wrote "Echo Valley 2-6809" with Kathy Cooper.


Everyone knows who sang “I Think I Love You.” Can you name who wrote it?

Tony Romeo also wrote, "I Would Have Loved You Anyway" and "Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque" among others.


Name the Partridge's dog.

Simone was there early on but disappeared abruptly without explanation.


What was Mom Partridge's first name in the series pilot?

The pilot never aired, but many sources refer to Mom Partridge's original name being Connie.


What fictional California town did the Partridge’s live in?

The Partridge's lived in a real state (California) but in the fake town of San Pueblo.


How many episodes of The Partridge Family aired in the show’s four seasons?

25 (Season 1) + 24 (Season 2) + 25 (Season 3)+ 22 (Season 4) = 96


What former TV neighbor of Rob Petrie directed The Partridge Family’s first episode?

Jerry Paris played Jerry Helper on The Dick Van Dyke Show.


What was the name of the last Partridge Family studio album?

"Bulletin Board" (1973) was the last studio album for the crew that recorded The Partridge Family's songs.


What record label did The Partridge Family appear on?

Check a first-release Partridge Family record and you'll find the Bell label.


Fill in this song title, “I Woke Up __________________.”

"I Woke Up in Love this Morning" appeared on The Partridge Family's "Sound Magazine" album.


Which Partridge Family song caused a writing credit argument between Keith and Danny?

"This Is My Song" (Season 1, Episode 11) is about songwriting credit for a tune that becomes "To Be Lovers."


What Herman’s Hermits song did The Partridge Family once sing?

In "Beethoven, Brahms, and Partridge" (Season 4, Episode 3) the band plays, "I'm Into Something Good."


In “Bandala” what does the guy do after rising with the sun?

In "Bandala" (from "The Partridge Family Album") the lyrics are, "I rise with the sun and start my existence."


Which future Charlie’s Angels played guest roles on The Partridge Family?

These three Angels appeared on The Partridge Family: Farrah Fawcett (Season 1), Jaclyn Smith (Season 1), and Cheryl Ladd (Season 4).


Who’s going to “shower you with all my love?”

In "Umbrella Man" (from the "Up to Date" album), the lyrics say he'll, "Shower you with all my love."


What does Keith sing after, “I don’t care where you been before?”

In "I'm Here, You're Here" (from the "Up to Date" album), the lyrics say, "You're the sweetest thing I ever saw."


Who introduced The Partridge Family in an uncredited Episode 1 cameo?

In Episode 1, an unnamed Johnny Cash introduces, "America's latest success story, The Partridge Family."


What word was tattooed on the chest of the biker who stopped by to visit Laurie?

Snake the biker ask's Laurie to autograph his chest underneath the word "hot" (Season 2, Episode 3).


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