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The original "Ghost in the Shell" animated movie helped anime to be accepted globally. If you think you can hack it, try out this quiz to see how much information about the movie you have in your ghost!

Major Kusanagi is one of the best operatives of Section 9, and most in that department are what?

Most of Section 9's operatives are cyborgs - people with mechanical parts. They have built-in communications, weapons and even stealth.


If you watch the movie closely, the Major and some of the other cyborgs look weird because of what robotic detail - aside from all the obvious machine parts?

If you look again, you will notice that the Major and some of the other cyborgs do not blink at all. They do not bother to look that human, really.


What is Section 9 supposed to do?

In the movie, Section 9 is supposed to fight terrorism. Their duties extend online, against hackers who act as terrorists, too.


The Major gets the jump on people in the field with what?

Major Kusanagi is a walking commercial for military-grade camouflage and stealth technology. She is like the Predator when her suit is on!


What is one thing that many cyborgs have that allows them to interface better with machines and each other?

Many of the cyborgs have these in-out jacks at the backs of their necks. This technology allows them to plug their brains directly into computers and, as "Ghost in the Shell" shows, it can be used to hack other cyborgs.


Major talks about the joys of drinking, which are different in what way when you are a cyborg?

Many cyborgs can get drunk - and then get sober fast, if needed. Their cyborg parts let them filter out alcohol fast. They are the perfect companion for late nights out!


The shootout in the beginning happened because another country tried to do what?

Another country tried to sneak out a computer specialist who was working on a top-secret project. Section 9 moved to make sure that the specialist would not fall into terrorist hands. Or another country's hands, for that matter.


In the movie, brainwashing is described as what?

When your brain has been rewired or tampered with, the Section 9 people refer to it as having your ghost hacked. For cyborgs, hacking is a nightmare, because it really can be done.


We refer to things that go bump in the night as ghosts. What are ghosts in "Ghost in the Shell"?

The Major always talks about hearing the whispers in her ghost. She is talking about how her human side is still giving her intuition or instincts about certain things. Otherwise, she would be a real robot.


Is Major Motoko Kusanagi really ranked as a Major?

Although Section 9 does not have military ranks, Kusanagi and Batou seem to come from military backgrounds. She could have been a major, since you do not age if you have a full-cyborg body.


In the beginning of the movie, the Puppet Master is described as what?

The Puppet Master is a master hacker who hacks not only computers, but people as well. He gets his name from working through others he has programmed to act like him, or to do things that they did not know were dangerous.


The opening credits give us an idea that all that is left of the Major is what?

The Major is full-body cyborg. That means she is little more than a robot with a human brain in her head.


In one of the best scenes in the movie, The Major has a fistfight with a suspect where?

Kusanagi catches up to a suspect while she is trying to cross a floodway. In the fight, we get an idea of just how scary it is to fight someone like her. It is like trying to fight a ghost.


In a few scenes, we see what cute visual signature of Director Mamoru Oshii, because he supposedly owns one?

Mamoru Oshii always tries to include a basset hound in his movies, and in the case of "Ghost in the Shell," there are scenes where they appear. He has no symbolic meaning for them. He just likes basset hounds!


Kenji Kawai is important to the "Ghost in the Shell" movie, due to what artistic touch?

Kenji Kawai’s music and scoring for "Ghost in the Shell" is so good that you will remember the song with creepy singing Japanese women long after you see the film. Mamoru Oshii has worked with Kenji Kawai on many projects.


You cannot have cyberpunk or heavy sci-fi without some sort of big corporation involved. In "Ghost in the Shell," what corporation made most of the parts for Section 9’s agents?

Many Section 9 cyborgs are nervous when the Puppet Master takes over a Megatech factory because most of them have parts made by Megatech. The possible security issues would be unacceptable.


What surprise does the Puppet Master reveal when he is finally caught?

The Puppet Master reveals that he is not a human at all, but a hacking program that became an artificial intelligence. Watch out what you do with those computers!


We know that the Major will do everything to win, and what is one crazy way of doing it?

The Major knows that her body parts can be replaced. In the final battle, she tries to open the hatch of a combat tank and ends up breaking her arm - and body - into pieces.


Kusanagi loves to show off her, err, “assets." This is normal in anime, and there is a term for it. What is it called?

If you have a sexy character, it sells to make them wear tight clothing, and yes, it "services" the fans. The Major does not look like she is wearing much.


Togusa is the odd man out in the team. Aside from being a former police officer, Kusanagi finds what detail about him to be very important.

Togusa was hired because he was the closest thing to a normal person that could qualify for Section 9. Having almost no cyborg parts, he has a more human view on situations that Section 9 might encounter.


What is Batou’s role in Section 9 operations?

Batou is Kusanagi's operator and support agent. He is also in charge of getting her out of trouble, if things end up going wrong. And, boy, is he needed.


During one long dramatic scene, what surprises Kusanagi while traveling around the city?

Kusanagi is surprised when she sees someone else with her face. She is still human enough to think of herself as unique, even if her body parts are not.


Batou can’t believe that Kusanagi’s practices what hobby or sport while she is off-duty?

As Batou says, cyborg bodies need special equipment to dive, and if that fails, they sink to the bottom like a rock. Kusanagi likes the experience of floating weightless in water.


Togusa gets a lot of flak from the others about what part of his combat gear?

As Kusanagi tells him while suiting up for an operation, a revolver has fewer bullets than a normal automatic gun. She orders him to use an automatic, not his revolver.


We know that Batou has cybernetic eyes, but what is one vision enhancement we see in the film?

While going after a suspect, Batou is shown shifting his vision into infrared in a crowd - because the suspect has a camouflage jacket that makes him invisible. He is a cold spot in a warm crowd.


What is Batou’s concern with Section 9’s cyborg maintenance crew?

Batou and Aramaki have a conversation where Batou has issues about the Section 9 staff. Aramaki responds by saying that checking on people has to stop somewhere.


Aside from Togusa, who is the only almost-full human in Section 9?

Aside from Togusa, Chief Aramaki is almost totally human. He probably knows too much to be compromised by cybernetic implants, and at the same time, he is not a field commander.


Nakamura, who doesn't much like Aramaki, is from which government department?

Director Nakamura of Section 6 (Foreign Affairs) may be in the same government as Chief Aramaki, but they do not see eye to eye. His job can make his goals something that Section 9 does not like.


What was the job of the Puppet Master's first agent?

The Puppet Master hacked into the brain of a garbage collector. That way, he could hack from different phones along the neighborhood route.


Director Mamoru Oshii has another favorite visual element. Normally, he uses birds, but this time, he chose what flying things?

Oshii has a kind of trademark of using birds in his scenes. This time, he used large jet planes moving slowly across the sky when a character looked up.


Puppet Master suggests merging his mind with Kusanagi, for what reason?

The Puppet Master is looking for another mind to merge with that would expand its own. That way, the new life form’s new mind would be able to think of things that Puppet Master could not.


In the beginning of the movie, we see some guards with cool briefcases, containing what?

In one of the cool moments of the film, when the two bodyguards knew police were coming, the briefcases dropped from the handles… showing kick-butt machine guns the size of large handguns. Sweet!


The foreign minister's assistant is ghost-hacked by the Puppet Master in what old-school way?

The assistant is attacked through a phone or wired line, probably connected to a PC. Seeing as cyborgs plug into computers to work better, she wis hacked the moment she plugs in.


How did Togusa find out there would be an attempt to take the Puppet Master's body out of the Section 9 lab?

Togusa felt weird that two boss-types traveled without guards. He checked the elevator computer and found out the readings were too heavy for two people. They must have had stealth agents with them.


How does Kusanagi look at the end of the film?

Batou’s contacts could only provide a robot body that looks like a little girl. Kusanagi ends up being inside one.


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