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When most people think of fashion, they generally associate it with celebrities like the Kardashians and well-known designers like Ralph Lauren. You might even be able to name a style of a dress here or there, but fashion is so much more than that. The fashion industry covers nearly everything you've ever seen people put on their bodies or carry around with them. From footwear to accessories to the makeup on people's faces, you can find elements of fashion in nearly everything around you ... Even if you don't know that the purse that person is carrying is a Vendula Biscuit Shop Box Bag, you definitely know that it's a purse, and you know what it was made to do (carry things). 

You don't necessarily have to be a fashionista to pass this quiz, but you do have to know your stuff if you want to ace it. This quiz is all about the fashion basics. From the Dolce and Gabbana hairbands (they're headbands that sell for $1,500+) you wear in your hair to the mandala boots on your feet, we want to see just how much you know about the fashion world. See if you can get more than 20 right on this basic fashion quiz.

What is another name for the material that blue jeans are made of?

Denim is a type of material made of cotton. It has been one of the most popular types of fabric because it is light but sturdy. It can take quite a beating and be patched up if necessary.


Can you describe an A-Line dress?

A-line dresses come in various forms. They can be wedding dresses or cocktail dresses. They can be short or long, but they all have one thing in common: They're tighter on top than the bottom.


Do you know the name of the eye makeup style that requires a lot of shading, blending and dark colors?

The smokey eye style can be very complex or rather simple. It's a way to blend eye shadow and eyeliner in a way that gives your eyes a dark and mysterious look without crossing the line into the goth realm.


Which button-up shirts usually have embroidery and high stand collars?

Western shirts got their name from the style that has been worn by cowboys for decades. The intricate embroidery and prominent buttons give this style away. You can see some that are studded and bedazzled as well.


Can you name the men's shirt that has a pointed collar line?

Although V-neck shirts have been around since the early 1960s, the style has grown in the last ten years to move beyond under shirts. You can see V-necks on nearly every different type of shirt, giving men more options to work with in their wardrobe.


If fabric is transparent or see-through, what is it called?

Sheer fabrics are used on a lot of different articles of clothing. In general, it's used for women's clothing and accessories. Shirts that are made with sheer fabrics will usually come with an undershirt or another layer.


What do you call the winter hat that has a fuzzy, fluffy ball on the top?

Pom pom hats are very popular in the winter. They give you a little extra bounce when you have to cover your hair up. Not only do they give you the warmth that you need, but when they're in style, they add to your entire ensemble.


Browns, greens and oranges are all considered what kinds of colors?

Earth tones are usually seen throughout the fall fashion season because they bring out natural beauty and pair well with the colors around you. These tones might seem a little boring, but when accented properly, they can be stunning.


The hair accessory that is made from fabric wrapped in elastic that recently made a comeback is called what?

Anyone with very thick hair or a lot of hair is grateful that the scrunchie finally made a comeback. There's nothing like the snap of a hair elastic as it explodes in your hand. The scrunchie solves this problem.


Which of these is NOT considered a style of bracelet?

Though there are over twenty different styles of bracelets, the roper is not one of them. These styles go with various types of clothing and occasions, depending on the material they're made of.


If a dress's skirt has one side longer than the other, what is it called?

Asymmetric dresses and skirts will have one side longer than the other. These are generally used as cocktail dresses or nightwear. You will often see these dresses with fitted tops, as they are made to show off shape.


A women's shirt that puffs out under the arm and doesn't meet at the armpit is known as what?

Batwings are shirts that have been in style for a few years. (They'd be a great solution for women who have issues with sweat stains under their armpits!) These shirts are airy and breathable and give you a lot of freedom when you're moving around.


What kind of scarf has no ends?

Infinity scarves are scarves that are sewn in a circle. They are wrapped around your neck twice and give the illusion that they are the infinity symbol folded on itself. While this trend is fading, people still like the simplicity and comfort that it brings.


The stuffing that goes on the shoulders of a woman's suit is called what?

As women began demanding respect in the workplace in the '80s and '90s, the size of their shoulder pads grew and grew. Eventually, this bulgy trend went away, but good news for the ladies who need a bigger silhouette ... shoulder pads are making a comeback.


Which style of jeans is tight at the thighs and very loose at the ankle?

In the '70s, we had bell bottoms, but in the 1990s, the style came back with a new name: flare. The flare cut was great for anyone who wanted to cover their shoes or anyone who simply wanted to have a little air flow to their legs.


A type of t-shirt that has sleeves and a collar that are a different color than the rest of the shirt is called what?

Baseball shirts were incredibly popular among men and women in the 1970s and '80s. They made a short comeback in the early 2010s, and you can still see them hanging around a little bit. These shirts are usually made of cotton and are incredibly comfortable.


There is a debate as to whether this style of legwear should be considered pants. Do you know what the style is called?

While many think that wearing leggings as a pair of pants is only appropriate for around the house, others find that it is great work attire. One way to determine if you should wear leggings as pants is to consider how see-through each pair is.


What hair accessory helps keep your hair in place and can either be hidden or used as an ornamental hair accessory?

Bobby pins have been used for decades to give the appearance that hair naturally holds itself in place. In recent years, bobby pins have gotten bling upgrades and are used to show off some studded beauty in up-dos.


Do you know what the black and white shoes that were popular in the 1950s were called?

You can find variations of saddle shoes these days, but they were really more popular in the 1950s. These shoes usually had a white toe and heal with a black panel over the laces and were made of leather.


When someone adds extra eyeliner to the outer corner of their eye, what is it called?

Eyeliner tails have been in style since the turn of the century. They're popular because they help a person shape their eye and make it look bigger. The trend is commonplace in contemporary makeup routines.


What is the proper term for a flesh-tone fashion item?

The nude trend swept through the 2010s and is still hanging on today. It works on a lot of different fashion accessories, including lipstick and shoes. However, many don't recommend nude leggings, as they can give an odd (and truly nude) appearance.


Which style of sandal has straps that go up your ankle?

Gladiators were incredibly popular between 2008 and 2012. They can still be seen today, but the style is more for going out than taking long walks on the beach. They can be a little difficult to slip on and off.


Can you name the fabric that has an open pattern that looks almost web-like?

In general, lace is a fabric used to accent outfits rather than as a standalone. It can create a classic look or it can make a dress or shirt look outdated. Good news for lace lovers: the fabric is making a slow comeback.


Do you know the name of the style of purse that has a flap over the top that usually clips or buckles in two places?

Messenger bags look very much like the old-school mailbags that carriers used to use. However, different designers have created new styles of these bags to hold everything you need at your hip.


What kind of makeup comes in loose powders and is all about blending?

Mineral makeup has been popular since the mid-2000s, and it isn't going anywhere. It offers consumers the chance to wear natural-looking makeup that isn't heavy or overbearing while giving a finished look.


Which fashion designer is known for his polo line that always has an embroidered polo player on the breast?

Though Ralph Lauren didn't invent the T-shirt, he did make the polo one of the most popular shirts for men to wear for nearly any occasion. They're top-of-the-line shirts that have been copied over and over again.


This nail polish needs to be "baked" on and is supposed to be better for your nails. What is it called?

While there are a lot of different types of nail polish out there these days, gel polish is considered one of the best types to use for longevity and nail health. It comes in a variety of colors and lasts for weeks.


A checker-like pattern in this type of fabric was all the rage in the 1990s. Do you know what the fabric is?

When most people who grew up in the 1990s think of flannel, they think of grunge rock and a specific pattern on a button-up shirt. However, flannel is actually a type of material that a lot of different types of clothes are made from, including pajamas.


Which of these is NOT considered a style of neckline for a dress?

There are over a dozen different types of necklines for various dress styles. These necklines accentuate different parts of the chest, shoulders and neck, depending on the body type of the person wearing them.


Studs, hoops and barbells are all different types of what fashion accessory?

There are several different types of earrings. Studs are simple earrings with a single stone. Hoops are circles that go through the piercing, and barbells go through the piercing itself.


Which of these is NOT a type of lipstick you can get?

Lipsticks come in many forms. You can get ones that make the natural color of your lips pop more, or you can go the distance and bring in bold colors that aren't as natural. Either way, you have to decide the type of finish you're looking for before you make your purchase. (If you want a cat-eye, you need eyeliner!)


A long, flowing piece of material that is used as a hair accessory and wrapped around the head and hangs down is generally known as what?

Hair scarves are great for days when it's not so windy. While they tie your hair back nicely, a gust of wind can cause some major tangling. However, they're a nice accent to the outfit you choose and come in a variety of colors and patterns.


Do you know what it's called when shorts (or pants) and a shirt are sewn together?

While many of us remember rompers from our younger years, it's difficult to think they can be classy fashion statements. However, with the right belts, the right brands and the right body type, a romper can pass as semi-formal in some places.


What style of shoes for women look very much like an ankle boot with a high, thick heel.

Litas are an excellent style of shoe if you're looking to get a little height and calf definition. They usually have a bit of a raised toe, with a dramatically raised ankle. Some of them can add over six inches for the person wearing them. (Jeffrey Campbell kicked off the Lita craze, but there are many, many imitators.)


What does a slave bracelet look like?

Slave bracelets are difficult to place when it comes to the perfect occasion to wear them. They can do well with formal wear, but only if they're made out of the right materials. They're a great way to bring attention to the hands and nails (even if the name is a little iffy).


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