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What is the nickname of the top ace in the German air force?

The Red Baron had 80 air combat victories in his storied run in the air.


What were German blimps called?

Zeppelins ruled the sky, except their flammability became a safety issue later in the war.


What was the first battle of WW 1

This was the first skirmish between the British Expeditionary Forces and the Germans which ended in a British retreat. This battle began on August 23, 1914 at the Battle of Mons


Which one of these countries was not a member of the Central Powers?

France, was a member of the Allied powers.


After which battle did the "race to the sea" begin?

After the Battle of Marne, the Central Powers and Allied powers attempted to outflank each other, which is now known as the race to the sea.


At what battle was chlorine gas first used?

At the Second Battle of Ypres, the Germans broke the Hague Convention and deployed gas on the battlefield for the first time.


Which country's troops were nicknamed 'Stormtroopers'?

Canadian troops gained this nickname after successfully capturing a number of German troops from their trenches, and having amazing skill at fighting in close quarters.


What battle became a symbol of French determination?

Facing mass causalities, the French forces held the line against the Germans at Verdun, with both sides casualties totaling 700,000 men combined.


What was the largest naval battle in WW1?

The British and Germans fought the Battle of Jutland due to happenstance. The much bigger British forces took a large hit, and the Germans came out of the battle relatively unscathed.


What passenger vessel sunk via U-Boat attack in 1915?

RMS Listania was hit by a U-Boat attack and sunk. This caused the Germans to change their engagement tactics in underwater warfare due to protest from the USA.


What country conducted large scale ethnic cleansings during the war?

The Ottoman Empire conducted the Armenian Genocide, Greek Genocide, and Assyrian Genocide


When did the United States enter the war?

On April 6, 1917, the U.S. joined its allies--Britain, France, and Russia--to fight in World War I.


Where did the creeping barrage make its first appearance?

The artillery barrage by the Canadians allowed the allied forces take Vimy with less causalities then first expected


What is the one continent to not be a theatre of war?

Australia and South America were the only two continents that were not included in the theatre of war


What was the most powerful land based weapon during the war?

The railway gun was extremely powerful. Germany developed the Paris Gun, able to bombard Paris from over 100 kilometres!


When was the depth charge invented?

The British invented these deadly barrels to deal with the constant German U-Boats on the merchant marine in 1916.


What is the name of the first aircraft carrier used in battle?

Deployed in a raid in 1918 to bomb Zeppelin hangers, the HMS Furious launched Sopwith Camels off its deck


What was the name of the first successful allied offensive?

The first offensive began as a counter attack after the Second Battle of Marnein 1918 and is nicknamed the Hundred Day Offensive


Which country had more troops than Britain on the field of battle at the start of the war from the commonwealth?

A huge outpouring of support from India due to unrest at home caused the Indian government to send a fair number of troops. At the beginning of the war, Indian troops outnumbered BEF members.


At which battle was 'In Flanders Fields' written?

John McRae wrote the poem after attending the funeral of his friend who died at the Second Battle of Ypres.


How many allied ships did German U-Boats sink?

At a cost of 199 U Boats, the German Navy sank over 5000 ships during the war.


Which country lost one quarter of their pre-war population?

The Serbian population dropped 875,000 people during the war.


What was Japan's stance during WW1

Japan was a member of the Allied Powers, and fought in the Pacific Theatre extensively.


What African nation was attacked in 1914 by South-West Africa?

The German protectorate attacked their neighbor South Africa in the beginning of August successfully.


At which battle were tanks first deployed?

First deployed as a smaller part of the Battle of the Somme, the Battle of Flers-Coucelette became the first battle at which tanks were deployed. Tanks would become an essential part of warfare on the Western flank.


What country did the pilot hail from who shot down and wounded the red baron?

Donald Cunnel, an Englishman is credited with wounding the Red Baron, but died a few days later in action.


At what battle did Canada 'become a nation' on the battlefield?

Vimy Ridge has been said to where Canada became a nation. To this day, November 11 celebrations happen yearly at this site.


At what location was the longest siege in the war?

The longest siege was conducted by the Russians on the German front at Przemysl in Poland


After what battle did the Central Powers attempt to negotiate a peace treaty?

The negotiations failed after Verdun and the allied powers rejected the German offer as it did not state any specific proposal guidelines.


How close was the front to Paris at its peak?

During the German offensive in 1917, the front was close enough for German rail guns to hit the suburbs of Paris at 120 km.


The Zimmerman telegram was a negotiation between Germany and what country to enter the war?

The Zimmerman telegram and increased casualties in the merchant marine led the United States to declare war after the failed attempt to bring Mexico into the war.


At its peak, how many troops per day did the United States send to France?

After drafting 2.8 million into the army, the US were sending 10000 men to relieve tired troops in the Allied trenches per day.


American pilots flew for what country before the USA declared war in 1917?

American pilots had a squadron in the Royal Air Force before 1917, once the USA declared war, they transferred to US squadrons.


Which of the following countries were established 1918

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic declared its independence from the Russian Empire during late Spring in 1918


When was the armistice signed to end WW1?

The armistice to end the Great War was signed in a train car outside of Compiegne, France on November 11, 1918. The exact same spot was used by Adolf Hitler announcing the surrender of France during World War II.


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