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Answer these questions to receive your next clue! It's time to embark on the most amazing race around the world. Think you know enough about this show to ace this quiz?

The Amazing Race is a race around the ________.

"On your mark, get set, the world is waiting...Go!"


In which year did The Amazing Race premiere?

The Amazing Race premiered on September 5, 2001 and it is still going!


Who is the host of The Amazing Race?

Phil Keoghan was born in New Zealand. He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host in 2009.


Each episode begins with...

Phil narrates a quick recap of the last episode including tensions, victories and the elimination. Following this are the opening credits.


The Amazing Race was created by Elise Doganieri and _________.

Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster are the co-creators as well as husband and wife!


How many people are on each team competing in a typical season of The Amazing Race?

Typically there are 11 teams, each comprised of two people with some sort of preexisting relationship - siblings, dating, co-workers, friends, etc.


What are the colors of The Amazing Race route markers?

Route markers are three horizontal stripes - two yellow and one red in between.


What is it called when a team has to decide between two tasks?

Each detour has its own pros and cons. They are each described in the clue. Once completed, the team receives their next clue.


A ________ is a task that only one team member can perform.

Each roadblock clue is given in the form of a mysterious question! Then the team member must announce to the crew who is going to perform it - they cannot switch team members after this announcement.


The winners of the first leg of the race generally receive _________ Pass.

The Express Pass was introduced in season 17 and can be used to skip any single task, except a Fast Forward task.


Each leg of The Amazing Race leaves from the previous __________.

Teams leave for the next leg in the order which they finished the previous leg.


A U-Turn requires the chosen team to _______.

The U-Turn was introduced in season 12!


How many teams can complete a Fast Forward?

A Fast Forward clue is given with another task clue and only one team may perform it in order to bypass all other tasks and go straight to the pit stop.


How many players are on each team in Season 8's Family Edition of The Amazing Race?

The Amazing Race Family Edition featured 10 teams of 4 and allowed for children as young as 8 years old to participate!


What is the prize for winning The Amazing Race?

Phil gives the winning team a recap of the number of legs, countries visited, etc. and tells the winning team that they have just won $1 million!


Besides Phil, who is present at the finish line of each season?

All eliminated teams return and line the final few yards as the winners come running in to the finish line and Phil.


What is displayed on the pit stop mat at each leg of the race?

This mat is used for all pit stops, except the finish line is a giant mat that says, "The Amazing Race" on it!


"This is a ________ week, so you're still racing!"

Phil says this to the last team to arrive to the pit stop several times throughout each season.


The team that benefits from a non-elimination week must complete a _______ in the next leg of the race.

A speed bump is an extra task that only the non-eliminated team must complete. Many teams recover quickly from this loss of time remain a fighting force in the competition.


What is the geographic destination of the final leg of The Amazing Race?

Upon arrival back to the US, the teams are relieved to be in their native surroundings, also making their communication with taxi drivers much better, usually!


Teams often ask ________ for help with finding clues.

When in other countries, the teams usually lead with, "Do you speak English?!"


Teams often go to the ________ to book their next flight.

If there is one nearby, or if the airport is closed late at night, teams will often run to the local travel agency to make their arrangements.


What do some taxi drivers do that infuriates the contestants?

Often in the middle of a tight race, taxi drivers need to fill up which can seriously jeopardize a team's lead or possible elimination!


Many contestants wear this around their waist throughout the show...

Most contestants keep their money and passports in their fanny packs and few have been known to lose them from time to time!


While one team member completes a Roadblock, what is the other one doing?

They are rooting them on and keeping their teammate encouraged! Sometimes they bother the competing team member and tell them to be quiet!!


Who stands at the pit stop mat with Phil each leg of the race?

Generally they say, "Welcome to (their country)!!" in both their language and English.


How long is each episode of The Amazing Race with commercials?

Each episode includes one leg of the race. If the leg is a 'double-length' leg, the episode will conclude with "to be continued..." into next week's episode.


On which American network has The Amazing Race aired since its premiere?

Though previously airing on Sunday nights, The Amazing Race currently airs on Friday nights.


What are the locals often seen doing while teams are performing roadblocks and detours?

The locals laugh at the teams because sometimes they have difficulty doing a task that is second nature to the locals!


Which travel company has long sponsored prizes for the 1st place winners of certain legs of the race?

The Travelocity roaming gnome has often appeared in The Amazing Race, sometimes as an object which teams must carry with them to the pit stop.


Where does the Amazing Race begin?

The Amazing Race begins and ends in different cities throughout the United States!


"You are the last team to arrive, and I'm sorry to tell you that _______."

The eliminated team proceeds to reflect on their journey together often crying and appreciating each other and their time together!


In general, how long does it take to do The Amazing Race?

Most seasons are completed in 21 days, some have taken up to 23!


What does the final roadblock generally require teams to do?

Most always there is a task for teams to complete which involves recalling people they have met, places they have been, tasks they have done, and sometimes in chronological order too!


Besides vacations and cruises, winners of each leg of The Amazing Race may also win...

Throughout the 28 seasons, some first place leg winners have received $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 cash prizes each!


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