Tell Us About Your SO and We'll Guess Their High School Stereotype

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High school stereotypes are commonly portrayed in the media. The older crowd among us may remember Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which gave us the classic surfer/slacker archetype and others that continue to this day. Another popular media portrayal of high school students came in the hit TV show Saved by the Bell. In particular, the characters of Zack Morris and A.C. Slater are excellent examples of the classic "jock" stereotype.

As the years progressed, high school stereotypes got a little bit more nuanced. The show Degrassi, a portrayal of teenagers in Canada progressing from junior high and on through high school, became one of the most popular TV series in North America. The show is known for taking a serious look at student issues like alcohol, sex and mental health — matters that the more reserved, family-friendly sitcoms of the '90s wouldn't touch often.

While we don't have to live our lives by the guidelines of high school stereotypes, it certainly helps us understand the way we view the world. For better or worse, high school stereotypes help us find meaning in a time that is often full of confusion and uncertainty. If you've ever been curious about what kind of stereotype your partner would be, give us some details about them, and we'll give you the verdict.

How did your significant other dress on a typical day in high school?

Was your SO a good student in school?

What's their current occupation?

What does your significant other like to do for fun on weekends?

How did you meet them?

What is the most annoying thing about your significant other?

Where did they attend college or university?

Where was your first date with your significant other?

What is your SO's favorite food?

What are their parents like?

How many friends does your SO have?

Which of you is the funnier one in the relationship?

Does your significant other like to cook?

How often does your significant other workout?

Where do you see your relationship in the future?

If you were planning a vacation as a couple, where would you visit?

What do you usually do while you're together?

What kind of car does your significant other drive?

What is your SO's best physical characteristic?

What do your friends think of your SO?

Which of you two is most likely to be making plans in the relationship?

What do you and your SO typically give each other for a gift?

How do you celebrate holidays as a couple?

How often do you two see each other?

How open are you both about posting your relationship on social media?

Which of you takes the longest to get ready?

What is your significant other's favorite sport?

Which genre of music is your SO's favorite?

What kind of pet do you, or would you, have together?

How often does your significant other read books?

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