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For nearly a decade, Chuck Norris portrayed Walker, a Texas Ranger who stopped bad guys, gave back to the community and maintained a high moral standard. How much do you remember about this popular show?

Chuck Norris played the title character. What was Walker's first name?

Cordell Walker was the titular Texas Ranger.


Walker was a veteran of which war?

Walker served as a Marine in Vietnam.


What type of combat did Walker teach?

One of Walker's former students, Trnet Malloy, was a recurring character who often helped on cases.


What city was Walker based out of?

Walker worked for the Texas Rangers' Dallas-Fort Worth division.


To which Native American tribe did Walker belong?

Throughout the run of Walker, many references were made to Walker's paternal Cherokee heritage.


What was the name of Walker's partner and best friend?

James "Jimmy" Trivette was in nearly every episode of the series.


What pro football team did Jimmy Trivette play for?

In the pilot episode, we learned that an injury ended Trivette's career with the Dallas Cowboys.


What actor portrayed Trivette?

Clarence Gilyard Jr. may be best known for his role as Trivette, but he has also appeared in movies such as Top Gun and Die Hard.


Trivette said he used to watch what show, which made him want to become a Texas Ranger?

The Lone Ranger ran on TV from 1949-1957.


What was the name of Walker’s partner before Trivette?

Jimmy Trivette became Walker's partner due to the death of Ranger Bob Mobley.


What was the first name of the assistant district attorney, who was also Walker's love interest?

Alexandra "Alex" Cahill was a key part of the entire series.


What actress portrayed Alex?

Along with her role on Walker, Sheree J. Wilson portrayed April Stevens on the long-running series, Dallas.


What kept Walker from proposing to Alex at the end of Season 5?

Alex Cahill was shot when gunmen led by a vengeful ex-con attacked a wedding, after which Walker had intended to propose to Alex.


What name did Alex and Walker give their baby girl?

At the end of the final regular series episode, we meet Baby Angela Walker.


What was the name of the woman Walker loved before he knew Alex?

We learned in Season 4 that Walker had a fiancee, Ellen Garrett, who died in his arms after being shot.


Who is the only character to regularly call Walker by his first name?

C.D. Parker was a former Texas Ranger.


What was Trivette’s nickname for C.D.?

Many times, Jimmy Trivette can be heard calling C.D., "Big Dog."


C.D. owned and operated what type of establishment?

C.D.'s Bar and Grill was a popular setting in the series.


What criminal was responsible for the death of C.D. Parker?

The final regular series episode of Walker featured an epic showdown with Emile Lavocat, who poisoned C.D. Parker.


Who raised Walker?

Walker was raised by his uncle, Ray Firewalker.


What happened to Walker's parents, leading him to grow up with Uncle Ray?

Walker's parents, John and Elizabeth Firewalker, were murdered.


According to the show's theme song, what should you do "when you're in Texas"?

"When you're in Texas, look behind you, for that's where the Ranger's gonna be."


Also according to the theme song, what had the unsuspected stranger better know?

Everybody sing, "In the eyes of a ranger/The unsuspected stranger/Had better know the truth of wrong from right."


What was the name of Walker's martial arts teacher?

Walker was instructed in the martial arts by the father of his friend, Yoshi Sakai.


What is the name of the martial arts youth group Walker worked with?

Kick Drugs Out of America was also a real-life Chuck Norris cause.


What is the Ranger motto sometimes quoted on the show?

It's not an official motto, but you can even find "One riot, One ranger." referred to on the for-real Texas Rangers website.


What historical Texas Ranger would Walker become in flashback episodes ?

Several Walker episodes featured Old West flashbacks to the exploits of fictional Ranger, Hayes Cooper.


What future superhero and "Great Gatsby" star appeared in a 1994 episode of Walker, Texas Ranger?

Future Spider Man, Tobey Maguire, appeared in The Prodigal Son (Season 1).


On what network did Walker, Texas Ranger originally air?

The series aired from 1993-2001 on CBS, and still airs frequently in syndication.


Gage's sister went missing while working. What was her job?

Gage's sister, Julie, was a reporter who got taken prisoner by bad guys while on assignment for a newspaper called The Parkerville Gazette,


What food was C.D.'s Bar and Grill most known for?

Trivette would often tease CD about his chili.


Who is the criminal mastermind who Walker battled, at a senator's request, for much of Season 8?

The Chairman was such a tough customer, he took up four episodes in Season 8.


Walker wasn’t the first Texas Ranger Chuck Norris played. Which was?

In 1983, Chuck Norris starred in the film, "Lone Wolf McQuade."


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