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He won't return your phone calls? He won't propose? He won't ask you on a second date? Well, maybe he's just not that into you! Take this quiz to remember all of your favorite scenes... and advice... from "He's Just Not That Into You"!

In which year was the premiere of the film, "He's Just Not That Into You"?

"He's Just Not That Into You" was released on February 6, 2009 - just in time for the Valentine season. This film grossed more than $180 million at the box office!


"He's Just Not That Into You" follows the stories of nine people in which U.S. city?

"He's Just Not That Into You" was directed by Ken Kwapis. It was based on the book with the same title, written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.


The original book, "He's Just Not That Into You" was inspired by a line from which famous TV series?

In an episode of" Sex and the City," Carrie's boyfriend at the time, Berger, tells Miranda that the reason the guy isn't getting back to her is, "He's just not that into you." This was mind-blowing, sound advice that was heard 'round the world!


Which couple is married in the movie, "He's Just Not That Into You"?

Ben and Janine are married, but things aren't always perfect. They are in the process of renovating their new house, but that's not the only thing that needs fixing!


What does Ben do that Janine is absolutely against?

Ben gave up smoking, but Janine is worried that he has started back up again. He denies any allegations she makes towards him!


What is the name of the woman who Ben meets at the grocery store?

Ben allows Anna to cut in line. She is intrigued by him and his charming ways, although, unfortunately, he is married.


Which famous actor plays the role of Ben?

Bradley Cooper was born on January 5, 1975, in Philadelphia. He attended Actors Studio Drama School and also received his Bachelor's from Georgetown University.


Which famous actress plays the role of Janine?

Jennifer Connelly was born on December 12, 1970, in New York. She made her film debut in 1984's "Once Upon a Time in America."


After cutting in front of Ben at the grocery store, Anna becomes the 1,000th customer and wins what?

"He's Just Not That Into You" was filmed in 12 different locations, ranging from Maryland to California, and even London, England!


Who tells her mother to hang up the phone because she's waiting for a guy to call?

Gigi is portrayed by actress Ginnifer Goodwin. Goodwin was born on May 22, 1978, and studied at Boston University.


What is the name of the real estate agent who Gigi likes, but he likes Anna instead?

Connor Barry is portrayed by actor Kevin Connolly. Connolly is best known for his role as Eric Murphy in "Entourage."


What is the name of the bartender who befriends Gigi?

Alex is actually the manager of the bar. He meets Gigi as she sits at the bar, waiting for someone who isn't actually going to show up, and he starts providing her with advice on men.


Which famous actor plays the role of Alex the bartender?

Justin Long was born on June 2, 1978, in Fairfield, Connecticut. He is known for his roles in "Jeepers Creepers," "Dodgeball," "Comet" and "Tusk," to name a few.


What is the name of the woman who dates and lives with Neil?

Beth and Neil live together. She really wants to get married, but he is just fine as is, and this frustrates her!


How long have Neil and Beth been together?

Beth and Neil have been together for seven years. Beth has two married sisters and one engaged, whereas Neil does not believe in marriage.


Which famous actress plays the role of Beth?

Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, in Sherman Oaks, California. She is divorced from Brad Pitt and now married to Justin Theroux.


Who suffers a heart attack at the wedding of Beth's sister?

Beth's father, Rod, was portrayed by actor Kris Kristofferson. Beth helps him recuperate following his heart attack.


Neil is portrayed by which actor?

Ben Affleck is an actor and filmmaker. He began his career as a child actor on "The Voyage of Mimi," a PBS educational series.


While she is tending to her father, Beth's brothers-in-law sit on the couch and do nothing. Who comes in the door with groceries to help out?

In this moment, Beth realizes that they don't have to be married because Neil is more of a husband to her than her brothers-in-law are to her sisters!


How do Gigi and Beth know each other?

Janine also works in the same office. They often give advice and egg each other on when it comes to their own romantic relationships.


What is the name of the contractor in charge of Janine and Ben's renovations?

Javier is portrayed by actor Luis Guzman. Guzman is originally from Puerto Rico, though now lives in Vermont!


Why is Janine so against smoking?

Janine finds a collection of cigarette butts out in the backyard. She interrogates Javier, but he insists none of his guys smoke at her house.


Who is at Ben's office when Janine goes to visit him unexpectedly?

Anna went to Ben's office to meet with him about her singing career. She hides in the closet when Janine shows up unexpectedly.


Who is Anna's friend, who she goes to get a pedicure with?

Mary goes on a rant at the salon about the various portals of communication that exist in relationships. She feels there are too many!


Which famous actress plays the role of Mary?

Drew Blythe Barrymore was born on February 22, 1975, in Culver City, California. She began her acting career as a child, in the film, "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial," in 1982.


Anna Marks is portrayed by this actress...

Scarlett Johansson made her film debut in 1994, in the film, "North." She was born in New York City in 1984.


While making out with a guy on her couch, Gigi briefly excuses herself to do what?

She goes into the bathroom and calls Alex. She wants to know how to handle the situation because the guy says he's going to be out of town and out of touch for a while.


Where does the guy tell Gigi he is traveling to, where he will be out of touch?

He stumbles a bit on his response and tells Gigi that he is going to Pittsburgh... where there is clearly phone service! She realizes then that he's just not that into her.


Alex calls Gigi and offers to set her up with a friend of his. Who does he set her up with?

Alex shows up instead of Bill, saying that he told Bill the wrong day by accident. Except that this was no accident... Alex is into Gigi!


What type of classes does Anna teach?

Anna is a yoga instructor. Ben shows up to her studio to take one of her classes. Namaste.


After he attends her yoga class, where does Anna invite Ben?

At the pool, Anna and Ben agree that they will just be friends, since Ben is married. Anna then teases Ben as she strips off her bathing suit and swims in the pool.


Who does Gigi "co-host" a party with?

Gigi is very excited to attend Alex's party, but he doesn't seem to be into her that night. He asks her to refill the chip bowls, so she believes she is there to co-host and starts to enjoy it.


Where does Mary work?

Mary is also single and mainly meets men online. She has tried all avenues, including email, pager, phone and Myspace!


Who does Mary meet and start dating by the end of the film?

Mary runs into Conor at an outdoor restaurant, where she recognizes him from his advertising photo. They meet in person and hit it off!


At the end of the film, who gets married on a boat?

Beth and Neil, after seven years of dating, have a small, intimate wedding ceremony on Neil's boat. He finally proposed to her after she moved back in - he hid the ring in his cargo pants pocket.


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