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The Lost Boys upgraded the classic vampire horror genre into the modern age, while at the same time providing a great soundtrack and memorable cast. If you want to see how much you know about this 1980s horror film, or you just want to learn more about modern vampire lore, take the quiz and find out how cool vampires were for that decade.

When the movie starts, where are the Lost Boys getting in trouble?

The film begins with the Lost Boys getting in trouble at the carousel in the boardwalk. Even in a fun place like this, you know something's not right with them boys.


If you look closely, Alex Winter, one of the Lost Boys, got another fifteen minutes of fame as part of a classic comedy film duo. What was that duo?

Alex Winter played Bill S. Preston, Esquire, in the classic 1990s Bill and Ted movie series with a young Keanu Reeves. He may be a vampire in the Lost Boys, but he was A Wyld Stallyn in the other.


Why were the Emersons moving to Santa Carla?

Lucy, the mom, recently had a divorce. From the tone in the film, it seems that she's had a difficult time financially and emotionally, so she went home to live with her dad in Santa Carla.


Aside from being evil bloodsucking vampires, why are the bad guys called Lost Boys?

The vampire teens were compared to Peter Pan's Lost Boys. As long as they stayed in Never-Land, they wouldn't grow old. No word if Peter Pan was a vampire.


Where did Grandpa keep his root beer and double-thick Oreo cookies?

Grandpa made sure that his fridge had some personal space, too - the second shelf, for his root beer and Oreo cookies. It pays to prepare private spaces when loved ones move back in.


What did Michael think he saw outside the kitchen window?

It looks like Grandpa believed in lighting up and tuning out, hence the presence of marijuana plants. Of course, these days, that could be legal, if he had a medical condition.


The Frog Brothers take their names from Edgar Allan Poe, because he writes this kind of fiction.

Edgar Allan Poe was a master of suspense and horror fiction, with such works as The Masque of the Red Death, and The Tell-Tale Heart. How he died is a mystery, as his death certificate and medical records have disappeared.


How did Lucy meet Max?

Max was in the nearest shop with bright lights. Lucy found a lost child out in the street, so she looked for a shop and probably a phone.


What is Max's job?

His outrageous jacket aside, Max was the owner -- or manager -- of the video rental shop Lucy walked into. He apparently likes her generosity, and she admits she's looking for a job.


Santa Carla was the "Murder Capital of the World" in the Lost Boys. What was the name of the real city used for filming?

The movie was filmed in Santa Cruz, but there were issues about calling it the "Murder Capital of the World." To get around that, they changed the name to Santa Carla.


In many of the public and street scenes in Santa Carla, you will see these.

To underscore how the entire city is dangerous, you can see missing persons posters all over the place. You can even see them in the boardwalk and carnival scenes.


One of the Lost Boys is Laddie. What makes him so special?

Laddie is still a preteen in the movie, making him the youngest would-be vampire in the cast. He seems to be Star's object of human care.


What happens to people who cross the Lost Boys?

The security guard and street toughies who tangle with the Lost Boys at the beginning of the movie are seen later to be taken from the air, and eventually go missing. In all probability, they just became vampire food.


What does Grandpa hide in his garage?

When Grandpa opens the garage, Sam is surprised to see a 1957 Ford Fairlane in mint condition. Of course, this figures later on in the story.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the show's fans use this term, and it started in the Lost Boys.

In the movie, Edgar Frog says that if Michael would "vamp out" in any way, he would be staked through the heart. It's a pop culture update to "turning" - and sounds better, too.


What did David, the Lost Boy leader, and Michael play chicken with on the motorbikes?

When Michael made the moves on Star, he was roped into a motorbike race. David nearly runs him off a nearby cliff. Since Michael was only human, that would have been very bad.


Where is Vampire HQ for the Lost Boys movie?

The Lost Boys took over an abandoned resort. Supposedly, it was swallowed up by the earth during the 1906 earthquake.


What did Edgar and Alan Frog give Sam as a gift?

Edgar and Alan gave Sam a comic book named "Destroy All Vampires." For the brothers, this was an important survival manual for living in Santa Carla. At that point, it sounded crazy.


What did Grandpa give Sam for his room?

Grandpa's character -- as a weirdo -- is again emphasized with this gift. Giving a kid a stuffed animal for the bedroom is just plain wrong.


What classic vampire ability does David use on Michael when they're eating Chinese food?

It's one of the classic abilities of a vampire: to use illusions. It may be just a form of hypnosis or a magic spell, but the end effect is the same. For David, it's a great joke.


What was the first part of Michael's real initiation into the Lost Boys?

Although David plays around with him and the Chinese food, the real first step seems to be offering Michael wine to drink. It turns out that this isn't a very good idea.


The Lost Boys movie was known for its great soundtrack. Who redid the Doors' classic hit, "People are Strange," for it?

Echo & the Bunnymen rerecorded the Doors' song "People are Strange" for the Lost Boys soundtrack. Their big plus point was that Ray Manzarek, the Doors' keyboardist, was the producer for their version.


When the Lost Boys hung out at the bridge, what did they actually do?

While it may have been a dare for Michael in the beginning, it turns out that this dare may have had another reason. It's possible that they needed to do this to activate Michael's vampire abilities.


While babysitting Sam at home, Michael nearly bites into his brother. What saved Sam from being a blood bag?

In some vampire stories, dogs, and other guardians of the home, know what vampires are. In this case, Sam's dog knew that something was up with Michael.


Unlike classic vampires, Lost Boy vampires could still return to normal as long as they didn’t do this.

It's probably a given that you kill someone when you drain their blood. However, in the movie, killing someone seems to be the key to eternal vampiric life, not exactly drinking blood.


What was the other big clue that Michael was "vamping out?"

Aside from Michael's blood lust, this was the clincher that Michael was turning: his reflection was becoming transparent. It's really taken from old Hollywood, where vampires had no reflections in the mirror.


This is an old way to protect yourself, and Sam does it. Great for pizza, too!

Using garlic wreaths is an old hokey Hollywood standby to protect yourself from being bitten by vampires. Because garlic drove away bloodsucking mosquitoes, vampires were thought to also hate it.


The first vampire to get snuffed in the movie was Marko. How did he get killed?

It's the classic tale of vampire destruction. Edgar and Alan decided to stake Marko through the heart while he was hanging upside down like a bat.


This ability isn't usually given to vampires, but was shown in the Lost Boys movie. What was it?

Normally, vampires have to turn into bats to fly. However, in the Lost Boys movie, they can fly in human form.


In the movie, what was the physical sign of vampirism, aside from the fangs?

For the Lost Boys, their eyes would go pale or colorless, showing they were using their full vampiric selves. As they get angrier, their faces look more monsterrific.


Why did one of the Lost Boys die in the bath tub?

After the Lost Boy did a no-sell with the garlic (surprise!), it turns out that they diluted the water in the tub with holy water. The first splash burned his skin, but the killing blow was when the dog Nanook pushed him into it.


One vampire dies in a mix of old and new ways. He got shot through the heart with an arrow, but what was the killing blow?

While most of the vampires in the Lost Boys movie died in traditional ways, one of them was killed by being shot through the heart with an arrow, and then electrocuted when the arrow punctured the stereo sound system. Considering his head exploded and he dropped into many smoking pieces, we're betting it was a short circuit.


David dies a dramatic and ridiculous death. How did it happen?

It's a classic case of overkill, if you think about it: antlers have many points. Just two of them going through the vampire David was actually a lucky thing.


How was Max unaffected by all the anti-vampire things they did to him?

It's one of the oldest vampire rules. Vampires normally ask to be invited into a house. Once they are, nothing the owners or the family does to them will have any effect.


Talk about overkill! How did Grandpa save the day?

It's a crowning moment of awesome and funny at the same time. Just as Max has the upper hand and Lucy is about to give in, Grandpa comes in with a hood full of fenceposts on his truck. And one of them just happens to go through Max. Saved!


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