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"The Lego Movie" is one of the most successful toy tie-in movies of all time. And, not surprisingly, it also has many brand tie-ins that make it utterly hilarious. Why not be a Master Builder and take on the "Lego Movie" quiz? Who knows, maybe you can un-Kragle your mind!

What are the tips of Lord Business' helmet-horns made of?

The tops of Lord Business' helmet-horns are coffee cups. It makes sense, since his name is Business. It's also a clue later on to other things.


Why is the prophecy said to be true?

Apparently, how the prophecies are said matters in the Lego world. In this case, they rhyme, so they must be true!


What is the most important part of being in the Lego world, according to the morning manual?

In a Lego world, it makes sense that being "built right" is so important. So, the idea of "fitting in" takes on a more serious meaning. Witty!


Release the Watzits! What did Lord Business want released, to stop all his enemies in their tracks?

Kragle - or Krazy Glue - can fix Lego structures in place. It's also hell for the Lego people, freezing them in place, too.


What is Lord Business' secret identity?

In the time-honored tradition of paper-thin disguises, Lord Business is President Business, official government head and richest guy in the land. Sounds familiar!


Why do Taco Tuesday and the TV show "Where Are My Pants" exist?

Lord Business knows that he can slip up when he says things. So he makes sure that people are always happy and satisfied with free food and inanely funny shows.


In keeping with the Lego themes, what's the name of the local sports team?

Since it seems that this is a world where there is one main city, it means that the local sports team is called… Sports Team! Also, in the Lego sets, unless it's branded, everything is generic.


Obviously, some old Lego brand tie-ins couldn't make it, but Lego pulled one for the books with which brand?

Lego spokespeople were saying that "Star Wars" wouldn't appear, thanks to possible issues with licensing. And then suddenly, some important characters appeared, swooping in to save the day. May the Force be with them bricks!


How did Emmet stumble upon the Piece of Resistance?

Emmet was trying to run after a strange but beautiful girl at the worksite when he fell into a hole. Once he reached the bottom, the Piece of Resistance seemed to whisper to him that he was the One.


What's so weird about the head cop?

The Bad Cop is also the Good Cop, depending on which face he's using. Yes, it is a split personality, and it's creepy.


What does Emmet have to face up to when the Bad Cop shows interviews of his workmates?

When Emmet's co-workers told the police that he wasn't a friend or special someone to anyone, he had to admit to himself that he was nothing. Awww, sad!


What's the problem with the Piece of Resistance, now that it's in Emmet's possession?

It's shown after he wakes up that the Piece of Resistance is somehow glued to Emmet's back. This is why they were probably going to try to melt him, so they could destroy the Piece, or separate it from him. Yikes!


As a Master Builder, what does Wyldstyle, the strange girl, first build in the Lego movie?

In keeping with her name, Wyldstyle creates a super motorcycle that defies the "normal" idea of what a motorcycle is. It's Emmet's first experience with how a Master Builder does things.


What are the numbers that Wyldstyle sees in her sight when she looks at Lego pieces?

It's part of a Master Builder's ability to know from which box set a Lego piece comes from. Also, for some parts, they have their own part number, too.


What is Bad Cop really good at using and abusing?

It's a stereotype, but Bad Cop likes abusing chairs in the beginning, as if to show that he's a real bad guy. It's like a kid having a snit -- which means something later on.


What can the Poh-Leesh Remover of Na-Heel and the fleece-crested Scepter of Q-Teep do to Lego people?

Nail polish remover and Q-tips can erase a Lego figure's face. In the Lego world, this means that their personalities can be removed, or changed.


What is Vitruvius' staff made of?

If you look closely, Vitruvius' staff is a half-eaten lollipop still on the stick. It's a clue to another character in the Lego movie, and, at the same time, Lego fans know that most lollipop sticks fit into Lego hands.


Mostly, what are the soldiers of Lord Business and Bad Cop?

Judging by the metallic grey faces and glowing eyes, it seems that many of the key soldiers and personnel of the bad guys are robots. This is even more obvious in Lord Business' office.


Who saves Emmet, Wyldstyle and Vitruvius from certain death by falling off a cliff?

In a nod to all the cross-branding that Lego encourages, one Master Builder, Batman, comes in to rescue them — with an appropriately bat-winged Bat-plane. Fly!


What's the joke about Middle Zealand all about?

The name refers to how the Lord of the Rings movies were shot in New Zealand. And of course, there's a Lord of the Rings Lego line.


Why did the movie producers use the name Cloud Cuckoo Land for Princess Unikitty's kingdom?

In real-world slang, cloud cuckoo land means a place where things are crazy, and cloud cuckoo landers are crazy people. After seeing Princess Unikitty in action - and how her people are, we tend to agree.


If you look closely at Vitruvius' clothes, what is he hiding under the robe?

It now makes sense why Lord Business said the whole prophecy thing sounded like hippie stuff - because Vitruvius was probably one. Or at least, he was created to be one. Peace, man!


Blink and you'll miss it: Who is another DC superhero that was a part of Metalbeard's crew?

In the elevator scene, you can see Flash's costume and Wing-ears in the foreground. It's another reminder that DC had a fun time sharing their properties with Lego.


Why couldn't the Master Builders Shaq and Superman knock out the flying police vehicles?

This is one of the advantages of being Kragled. You lose the ability to be creative, but dang, your fixed forms can't be knocked out so easily.


What brings down the mighty Superman… and Green Lantern?

Another non-Lego artifact was used to bring down Superman: chewing gum. This only shows that Lord Business has been collecting a lot of human stuff, just in case he had to use it on Master Builders.


Which distinguished actor can count the Lego movie as his first animated film?

Morgan Freeman's vocal quality is so unique that he makes for a perfect celebrity voiceover. He's no stranger to child-oriented fare either, being an Electric Company veteran.


What was Emmet's real creation?

Emmet's double-decker couch may seem useless, but it is a symbol, too, of how Emmet looks for the simple things. Also, it comes in handy when you have to escape detection.


What is the Think-tank?

The Think-tank is a prison for Master Builders. There, Lord Business extracts their skills to make instruction manuals for all the stuff he wants built.


Why is Batman annoyed by the clown and the guy in the lizard suit in Cloud Cuckoo Land?

If you came across people who remind you of two of your bat-crap insane villains, you'd feel annoyed too. And with all that's happening in the Lego movie, Batman doesn’t want to be reminded of even more trouble.


Emmet figured out the real weakness of Master Builders. What was it?

Emmet, being a construction worker, hits the nail on the head: Master Builders don’t work well together. The submarine experience alone proves that.


How did Emmet save all the Master Builders in the Think-tank?

Emmet realized that in order to disconnect the battery, he had to jump a long way. This meant out the window, and into the unknown.


In real life, what are Master Builders?

Master builders may not necessarily build the official sets, but they're the ones who can build amazing stuff from pieces -- just like the Lego people in the movie. Most Master Builders build installations for LEGOLAND parks and events around the world.


What's the big twist of the movie?

Although Emmet seems to be aware at some level that he is just a toy, it seems that the Lego world, like the movie, is influenced and built by humans in a real world. Of course, the implication is that humans are gods.


What was Lord Business, really?

Lord Business, and his obsession with order and putting things together in a permanent manner, is similar to how the Dad in the real world is. It's not very encouraging, as the Dad realizes.


Who is the real Special?

The idea is that everyone can be special in the way they express themselves. In this case, it’s in the way they build Lego. How's that for the marketing pitch?


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