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The 2000s were monumental in terms of TV shows bravely breaking barriers. Programs with themes that reflected modern-day society were met with either the utmost of cheers or the most conservative of jeers. "The L Word" is one of those shows, centered on a group of California women who love women. Wanna take a ride with the ladies and reminisce? Then take this ultimate fan quiz and test your knowledge of the show!

"The L Word" debuted on the cable channel Showtime in 2004, and focused on telling stories about what specific type of characters?

When Showtime adapted the British "Queer as Folk" about gay lives, it was just a matter of time before American-based producers would create a show about lesbians. "The L Word" served that purpose, for a good 6 seasons. Love it!


Where in California is the series set?

The Greater Los Angeles area of California is the main setting of the show. This is where the characters’ professional and personal lives revolved. Lovely!


"The L Word" focuses on a group of lesbian friends working and living in trendy LA. Who is the most alpha female of the lot?

Jennifer Beals, star of the iconic movie "Flashdance," resurrected her career on television portraying Bette Porter on "The L Word." She’s the very alpha female of their bunch, in a good and commanding way, of course. Lay it on, girl!


What was Bette Porter’s original job in the first few seasons?

Bette is in charge of an art gallery, which features the up-and-coming artists of the time. And she’s also an art collector to boot. She’s got an eye for beauty, huh. Look at that!


Who is Bette Porter’s live-in partner for most of the series' run?

Laurel Holloman played Tina Kennard, the film development executive who’s Bette’s longtime partner. And by long, we mean 7 years. That’s a lotta years for a relationship! Long lasting!


Tina stopped working at the beginning of the series’ run. Why is that?

The whole first season devoted the Bette-Tina story arc towards having a baby through artificial insemination. This arc had developments and repercussions in the following seasons as well. Lullabies?


The only woman in the group to identify herself not as a lesbian but as a bisexual is which feisty, loquacious gal?

Actress-musician Leisha Hailey is one of the few actors in the show to be openly lesbian in real life. She played the bisexual Alice in a lovable way. Ultra loquacious!


Of course, each group has to have a heartthrob. Who was the lesbian hottie of the group?

Katherine Moennig played the androgynous heartthrob, Shane, whose life motto is “I don’t do girlfriends.” So yeah, one night stands are her thing. Lustful!


These active L.A. women need to have a "sporty spice" in there. Who is this character?

Erin Daniels played the sometimes bumbling but still super pretty Dana Fairbanks. The character is a professional tennis player who hails from the more affluent side of L.A. Loaded!


So the core group of feminine-presenting lesbian friends in the show is Bette and Tina, Shane, and besties Alice and Dana. Which lesbian-owned coffee shop do they hang out in?

The Planet is the name of the fictional cafe where the girls hang out or stop by for a quick jolt of java. It’s their happy place. Lounge around!


Who originally owned The Planet?

Karina Lombard played the somewhat mysterious Marina Ferrer, who sounds like she has a slight European accent. This makes her more desirable to the ladies, of course. And yep, she’s also lez. Ooh la la!


Dana seems to be the odd woman out in her group, primarily because of what glaring fact?

The other girls in the core group of friends somehow enjoy an openly out or selectively outed life. But since Dana is a public figure, due to her tennis star stature and her strict upper-class parents, she closets herself and is out only to her core group and immediate community. Tsk, locked up inside!


At the beginning of the series, who is the new dyke on the block — who actually was straight, and partnered with a man?

Canadian actress Mia Kirshner played the role of Jenny Schecter, the out-of-towner who moved to L.A. to be with her boyfriend. But L.A. has other plans for her, as she so discovered. Look out!


It was The Planet’s owner, Marina, who somehow led the man-loving Jenny onto a woman-loving path. What did they bond over at first to begin and sustain a seduction?

Jenny is introduced to Marina as an up-and-coming published literary writer. When Jenny quotes Nietszche and Marina recognizes the source, it’s an instant click. Who knew this love for literature would lead them to lustful paths? Lay it on!


What was the name of Jenny's hapless boyfriend, who she eventually dumps for a woman?

Eric Mabius played the role of Tim Haspel, who works in L.A. and asked his girlfriend Jenny to move in with him there. Well, he got the surprise of his life!. Look out!


This is L.A., so of course one of them has to work in the media industry. Alice ends up working as a radio jock and a TV host, but what was her job during the first seasons?

Alice sometimes uses her “journalistic” instincts to snoop around other people’s love life. Well, sometimes it’s profitable for her, and sometimes she gets dates, too. Lucky!


In the series, Shane finds her professional calling doing what kind of work?

Shane is always seen sporting a trendy hairdo in the show. She later becomes an in-demand hairdresser, a gig where she sometimes cuts women’s hair and gets potential dates, too. La vida loca, huh!


During the first seasons, Dana wanted so badly to learn whether this sous chef was lesbian or not — because she had the hots for her. Who was this kitchen hottie?

Lauren Lee Smith played the role of Lara Perkins, the sous chef whom Dana wanted to date, if only she was sure that she bats for the same team. So there was a whole episode dedicated to the girls snooping around to see if she is one of them. Laughs galore!


The ladies liked looking at their interconnectivity with the queer community, especially Alice. What kind of tally did she use to demonstrate these girl-to-girl connections?

The fun women had an amusing way of seeing how each lesbian is connected to others by mapping out their dating lives in The Chart. Yes, the lesbian community is sometimes that small that you would know who went out with whom. Looped in!


Of course the girls had to have a road trip episode to the biggest yearly lesbian weekend event, called Dinah Shore Weekend, now known as The Dinah. Where does this event usually take place?

Palm Springs, California, is about 2 hours from L.A. This is where the "biggest lesbian event” of the year has been happening, called The Dinah Shore Weekend, where there are musical performances, endless parties in and out of the pool, and lesbians of all kinds from all over! Lap it up, ladies!


During the second season, a Latina character was added who made Shane swoon. Who is this gal?

Carmen Morales is the Latina who can hold her own when it comes to being wooed by Shane’s seductive personality. The hottie was played by Sarah Shahi. Wotta looker!


And the unthinkable had to happen to Shane when she met Carmen. What nearly happened to the two lovers?

Shane and Carmen became such a formidable love duo that Shane considered marriage. I guess Latina lovin’ is perfect for our heartthrob!. Lassoed!


And the inevitable had to happen: Bette and Tina had to split up. And get back together. And split up again. And yeah, it’s confusing. But in between these trysts, they finally had what?

Tina and Bette split up before Tina realized that she was indeed pregnant. After so many trials and tribulations with Bette, she finally had a baby, which drew the two together — on and off, it seemed. Little luck?


This heiress of a philanthropist entered the lives of the gals as Tina’s love interest at first and eventually became part of the group, even financing Shane’s wedding to Carmen. Who is this rich femme?

Rachel Shelley played the heiress Helena Peabody, the sometimes bitchy but oftentimes babyish new addition to the core group. She kinda grows on ya -- limb from limb!


It may not look like it, but Bette Porter has a darker-skinned older sister (which was an issue in an episode). Who is her sister?

The cool lady Pam Grier ages gracefully in her role as Kit Porter, Bette’s older half-sister. Her character was first developed as part of the lesbian core group, but producer Ilene Chaiken revised this when the original storylines didn’t pan out well. Lead on!


The show had its share of criticism for not showing masculine-presenting lesbians that much. So in season 3, they had one. Who was this butch character?

Daniela Sea portrayed the controversial character of Moira Sweeney. She dated Jenny, that’s why she joined the core group’s world. Lured in!


As butch as she hopes to be, Moira reveals that she’s not satisfied with this label, and wants to do this instead.

Moira was actually struggling with her gender identity when Jenny first met her. Moira already wanted to transition into a male, and later took the name Max to prepare for it. Loaded!


Bette ended up leaving the art gallery circuit and entering the academe, specifically working with this new title.

After many upheavals in her personal and professional life, Bette finally transitioned into the academe, but still somewhat related to her field of study and work. So she became the dean at the California University School of the Arts. Lead the way!


Kit may not be the ideal big sister to Bette, given her lifestyle. What industry is she in?

Kit Porter is actually a professional jazz and R&B singer. But having a rock-and-roll lifestyle sometimes takes its toll on her family life, especially since she tends to disappear from their lives and ends up inebriated from time to time. So loose!


Bette had a very testy and tempting relationship with a professor-artist in the arts school named Jodi Lerner. Which renowned actress played her?

Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin played the role of the very alpha artist-sculptor-teacher Jodi Lerner. Like the character she portrayed, the actress is deaf in real life, which brought another interesting dimension to this show -- sign language!


During Bette's stint at the university as a dean, Bette’s really older boss, Phyllis Kroll, finds delight in coming out to her dean as an elderly closeted lesbian, to the point of wanting to inject herself into Bette’s circle of lesbian friends. Which high-profile TV actress played Phyllis?

Cybill Shepherd essayed the role of Phyllis Kroll, who already is nearing senior citizenship but is very eager to finally out herself as a lesbian. She ended up dating — and falling in love with — the equally feisty Alice. Lotsa laughs!


The lovable lez friends lost dear Dana midway through the series run. What happened to Dana?

It was truly a shock that Dana Fairbanks had to die from breast cancer. While the show’s producer wanted to reflect this reality among women, the fans of Dana and the show really felt this wasn’t the way to go for dear Dana. Wotta loss.


Alice has been dating various types of women here and there, but the series ends with her having a steady girlfriend from what sector?

Alice somewhat found Tasha Williams, a returning officer who was stationed in the war on Iraq. They started dating, which led to a relationship. The butchy Tasha was played by Rose Rollins. Left, left, left right left!


The literary writer in Jenny somehow fictionalized her L.A. lezzie life, including details of her friends’ lives, and turned it into a book. Later, she found herself turning it into which other art form?

The gals weren’t all too happy to learn that their fictionalized lives were featured in Jenny’s book. Now they also had to contend with having the book turned into a film. Lights, camera, lezzies!


The series’ final season centered on a big mystery, which, sadly, wasn’t really wrapped up well, since the show abruptly ended without cleanly concluding this story arc. What was this mystery?

Season 6 of "The L Word" focused on the mysterious death of Jenny Schecter, framing all of our favorite gals as suspects. Well, even the show’s fans hated her sometimes, to the point of wishing this upon her. Many felt this was not resolved properly, but the show still left a good impression of putting forth a lesbian legacy on TV. Yup, legendary!


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