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"Rear Window" is a 1954 film that remains a classic today. Helmed by master filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, this interesting film proves that a cleverly written story is all one needs to create tension for a suspenseful limited-location narrative. Take a peek inside this movie and take the quiz while you’re at it!

Alfred Hitchcock’s masterfully suspenseful story takes place in which American city?

"Rear Window" largely takes place in a very specific section of New York. Particularly, it’s centered on Greenwich Village apartments.


James Stewart plays the house-bound L.B. Jefferies, who people sometimes also call Jeff. What is his profession?

Jeff is a renowned photographer. From one long look — or one long take — inside his apartment, the tools and pictures give this clue.


At the time of the story, New York was experiencing what kind of phenomenon?

It’s probably summer, and the height of it. It’s the reason why Jeff is always dotted with perspiration — and later inspiration!


Due to the heat wave, the apartments of Greenwich Village all have their windows open. What does Jeff usually observe outside his window?

Since the windows of the other apartments are always open, Jeff always has a chance to observe his neighbors, whether he likes it or not. Hey, it’s another form of entertainment!


Here’s a curious window scene: Jeff spots a couple who is always outside of their window, just on the fire escape. What do they do there?

It’s strange, but there’s a middle-aged couple always on the fire escape. And they have their mattresses there, too — so they can sleep there. Is it THAT hot?


In one open window, Jeff notices a very eager man and woman entering an apartment for the first time. Who are they?

An obviously newly married couple could be seen eagerly entering a vacant apartment. Jeff could see through their window that they’re also eager to enter the bedroom. Uh huh!


In another window, a musically inclined neighbor could be seen. Who is this?

There’s a piano in one neighbor’s apartment. He is seen playing it while recording notes — something he does while composing music. What an art-filled apartment!


Jeff obviously lives alone in his apartment, but he is periodically visited by what kind of caretaker?

One of two regular visitors to Jeff's apartment is the witty insurance company nurse named Stella. She was played by Thelma Ritter.


Jeff gets visited by a nurse because he can’t really move. Why is that?

Jeff smashed his leg in a racetrack automobile accident. Occupational hazard, so he ended up being in a cast for weeks. Such torture!


Jeff always discusses life with Stella the nurse, especially his love affair. What is his major complaint about his girlfriend?

It might be social class differences or it might be personality preferences, but Jeff feels his girl is too perfect for him. Yeah, men are so stupid and insecure sometimes... agree?


Since Jeff is constrained by his cast and always looks out the window to see the neighbors, Stella the nurse calls him what?

Stella theorizes that Jeff might be a window shopper who’s looking out his window for better things. Yes, even women — but there’s nothing or no one there that catches his fancy.


The photographer’s other regular visitor is, of course, his all-too-perfect socialite girlfriend. Which classy actress played her?

Grace Kelly played Lisa Fremont, Jeff’s socialite girlfriend. This princess of Hollywood later become a real-life princess when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Fancy that!


In yet another window, there’s a single middle-aged woman who pretends to have a romantic dinner with someone. What does Jeff nickname her?

Miss Lonelyhearts seems to be so lonely that she ends up setting up scenarios where she imagines having a date. Later, she does end up with one… but not with good results. Sad!


In another window, there’s a sexy blonde who’s always strutting about since she’s a ballet dancer. What does Jeff nickname her?

Miss Torso the ballet dancer sometimes has a dancing partner and a dance coach inside her apartment. Most times, though, she entertains the company of several men. Sociable gal!


In yet another window, a man named Lars Thorwald lives with his wife, who seems to have a medical condition, because of this.

Lars Thorwald is the nearly white-haired potbellied man with the bedridden wife. Jeff assumes she is an invalid since he never sees her getting up or walking around the apartment.


Jeff and Lisa have what major couple dilemma?

As a traveling photographer, Jeff enjoys his life, so he can’t settle down in one place. Lisa’s wants him to settle so they could be together more. Trouble in paradise!


Jeff also looks out of his window to see the apartment courtyards below. What kind of neighbor lives down there?

A female sculptor could sometimes be seen outside the courtyard across from Jeff’s window. She sometimes does her artwork there, or sleeps.


Because of his cast leg, Jeff sometimes ends up sleeping on what?

Instead of the bed, Jeff sometimes ends up falling asleep while sitting in his wheelchair. For a tall man, it’s hard sometimes to transfer to the bed.


The neighbor with a bedridden wife, Lars Thorwald, turns out to be a custom jewelry salesman. That’s the reason he always has what?

Thorwald is always seen carrying a suitcase whenever he goes in and out of his apartment. Thorwald was played by Raymond Burr.


Since he’s immobile and sometimes falls asleep in the wheelchair, nurse Stella gives Jeff one of these.

Nurse Stella disapproves of Jeff sleeping in the wheelchair. She ends up giving him a therapeutic massage to help his muscles heal faster.


Curious to heighten his voyeuristic tendencies with his neighbors, Jeff uses binoculars to peep closer. But he junks those and uses this instead, to peep even better.

Ever the photographer, Jeff pulls out a very huge lens attached to his camera’s body. It’s called a telephoto lens, and it renders better image details than binoculars sometimes.


Suspicious that something’s up in Thorwald’s apartment, Jeff sees him cleaning a butcher knife and handsaw one day. What does this neighbor use to wrap those sharp tools with?

Thorwald is seen cleaning sharp tools then wrapping them up using old newspaper pages. Jeff senses something’s amiss here.


The fire escape couple are occasionally seen pulling up or lowering a basket via a pulley system, for it to reach the courtyard. What’s in the basket?

A small pet dog is usually seen being hauled up or down the fire escape via a wicker basket. Once in the courtyard, the dog then roams around the area, usually on the cement floor or the flowerbed there.


Jeff is so consumed by curiosity about Thorwald’s affairs that he loses interest in kissing his girlfriend. Frustrated, Lisa does what instead?

Lisa starts smoking a cigarette instead, out of frustration that her man doesn’t seem to want to kiss back as much. Dude, she’s gonna be a princess soon, y’know!


When Jeff sees Thorwald enter his apartment carrying some rope, using it to tie around a large trunk, then having some moving men haul it out, the voyeuristic photographer is convinced that what crime was committed in that apartment?

It has been days since Jeff saw the invalid wife, and it’s highly unlikely that she merely stepped out. So when Jeff sees Thorwald’s next dubious actions, he suspects murder most foul!


In this limited character storyline, one of the major characters that Jeff calls next, especially about the murder, is Tom Doyle. What is Doyle’s profession?

New York police detective Tom Doyle drops by Jeff’s apartment for a chat, but he is skeptical of the whole murder angle of this seemingly bored friend of his. Doyle was played by Wendell Corey.


Something finally goes awry in the neighborhood when the fire escape couple discover what ghastly thing?

The fire escape couple is suddenly wrecked one day when they find out that their dog is dead in the courtyard. The woman shouts, “You don’t know the meaning of the word neighbors!” and that makes Jeff suspect Thorwald as the killer. So that's THE murder?


Jeff’s suspicion of Thorwald grows by the day, especially since there are times that he is doing this odd thing.

Jeff is slowly creating a suspicious character out of Thorwald, especially since he sees the man smoking a cigar in the dark. The man also rarely turns on his apartment lights since the disappearance of his wife.


Lisa and nurse Stella finally get curious and they want to help in the “investigation.” What does Lisa do first, to contribute?

In order to see Thorwald’s guilty reaction, Jeff writes, “What have you done with her?” on a piece of paper. It’s Lisa who takes this note and slips it underneath the suspect’s door. Yep, that rattles the dude!


Jeff tries another investigation tactic and makes a call to lure Thorwald away from his apartment. He did that so that nurse Stella could do what?

Lisa and Stella theorized that Thorwald might have cut his wife’s finger with her wedding ring and buried it on the flowerbed, or something sinister like that. When Jeff’s call prompts Thorwald to step out, the nurse starts digging while Lisa is on the lookout.


When the flower bed digging yields nothing, curious Lisa climbs up to Thorwald’s apartment, intent on searching for what piece of jewelry?

The now feisty Lisa struggles inside Thorwald’s apartment to find the wife’s wedding ring as proof of her disappearance. They theorized that a married woman won’t go anywhere without wearing the ring. Female intuition works!


Thorwald finally gets wind of who’s been snooping around his apartment, so he goes up to Jeff’s apartment for a confrontation. What does the photographer do to stall the villain’s approach?

To stall Thorwald from approaching him, Jeff uses his major tool as defense — his camera’s flashbulb. The light is so intense that it blocks Thorwald’s vision momentarily with every flash. Click click!


But Thorwald finally confronts the meddling Jeff. What does he try to do to the photographer?

Thorwald gets angry and tries to fight with Jeff. He tries to push the man out of his own window, where Jeff indeed ends up holding on for dear life. Suspense!


The police nab Thorwald in time, and the murder case is indeed investigated. But since he fell from his own window, what happened to Jeff?

Good thing he only broke some bones, so Jeff ends up with two legs in a cast. Better than losing his life, or his gal.


Hitchcock almost always makes a cameo appearance in his films. In "Rear Window," which apartment window does he appear in?

In one shot showing the composer’s apartment, the music man is seen playing his piano while Hitchcock is behind him winding a clock. This cameo thing became the famed director’s unique signature in cinema.


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