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"Supernatural" is filled with creatures that go bump in the night, and you have to always be ready to defend yourself against them. Take this quiz to find out how prepared you are to fight the monsters!

How do you kill a vampire?

Vampires reproduce by turning humans through blood transfusion. Despite this ability, vampires in America have been hunted to the point of near extinction.


How do you keep ghosts out of your room?

An evil spirit cannot cross over a line of salt. Therefore, putting a salt line on all doors and windows will keep them away, at least temporarily.


What type of bullet kills a werewolf?

Werewolves are half human and half wolf creatures with incredible strength and speed. They are capable of healing most wounds on themselves. Unless, of course, they are shot with a silver bullet.


How do you paralyze a vampire?

Dead man's blood is not lethal for vampires, but they certainly don't like it. This is because it can paralyze them for a period of time.


What do angels use to fight one another?

Angels are agents of Heaven who are known for following orders. However, a few angels have been known to go rogue, and this can often lead to infighting and bloodshed.


What burns the skin of a demon?

Holy water is often used by the Winchester brothers as a method of torture against the demons. Anytime they need information, the holy water comes out.


What should you replace the pellets in a shotgun shell with to fight a ghost?

Dean Winchester introduces Sam Winchester to a new weapon when it comes to fighting a ghost, rock salt in a shotgun. Over the course of their career as hunters, this comes in quite handy. They even use it against demons a few times.


What type of gun was altered to kill most monsters?

In the 19th century, Samuel Colt invented a gun that can kill just about any monster. Needless to say, it becomes a prized possession for whichever hunter owns it.


How do you remove a demon without killing the human possessed?

Demons are nasty creatures who possess humans against their will. However, if the human's body is unharmed, a demon can be removed with little long-term damage after the demon is gone.


How do you trap a demon?

Demons are both manipulating and cunning. However, they can be tricked into a devil's trap if planned strategically.


What are ghosts weak against?

Ghosts can be temporarily repelled by striking them with iron. However, they will come back angrier than before.


How do you lay a spirit to rest?

To stop an evil spirit, a hunter needs to find the body of the human who is now a ghost and burn it. This can become complicated because, occasionally, objects hold the person's DNA, and those objects must be burned as well.


How can you keep from turning into a vampire after one bites you?

Someone who is turned into a vampire can be turned back into a human if they can find the person who turned them. However, they can't give in to their temptations and feed on human blood, or they can never be turned back.


How do you kill a dragon?

Dragons are extremely rare creatures to come across, and lore on them is hard to find. However, they can be killed by a sword forged in the blood of a dragon. Too bad only a few of those swords still exist.


What can kill anything?

Death is one of the most powerful creatures on the face of the Earth. He claims that one day he will even reap God.


How do you trap a phoenix?

A phoenix can turn anything that it touches into ash, making them a very dangerous creature to come across. However, like most monsters, they can't touch iron, or it will burn their skin.


What can kill a knight of Hell?

Knights of Hell are immune to most weapons that work on normal demons. However, if a hunter is willing to take on the Mark of Cain, they can use the first blade to kill one of the Knights.


How do you identify a shapeshifter?

Shapeshifters can change their appearance to look like that of any human. However, if one is caught on camera, its eyes will give out a retinal flare, giving away its identity.


What are shapeshifters vulnerable against?

Shapeshifters are capable of accessing the thoughts of the people they turn into. However, the human has to be alive for this to happen, so shifters often leave their prey alive.


How can you spot a wraith?

Wraiths eat by feeding on the brain fluid of their victims. They access the fluid through a spike that comes from their wrist.


How do you slow down a fairy?

Fairies are very powerful creatures that are hard to stop because of their magical abilities. However, if grains of sand are dropped on the floor, a fairy must stop and count every grain of sand before doing anything else.


What will kill a rugaru?

A rugaru is a human who has a specific gene that increases its appetite substantially at a certain age. The appetite is increased so much that the rugaru eventually gives in to eating a human.


What can you use to approach a vampire without being detected?

Vampires have very strong noses. This allows them to track human blood for miles.


How do you kill a ghoul?

Ghouls feed on the bodies of the dead. After they feed on a dead human, they can then take the form of that person, allowing them to live in disguise.


How do you remove a Khan worm?

Khan worms can crawl into a human's brain and take over their body. However, if the human can survive the shock, electricity can remove a Khan worm.


What do you have to avoid when fighting a Djinn?

Djinns have a hallucinogenic touch that will send a human into a dream state. While in this dream state, humans will live out their deepest desires.


How do you kill a Djinn?

Djinns feed on human blood. To nourish this appetite, they will trap humans for days in a state of unconsciousness, feeding on them in the process.


What do you have to force into the mouth of a Nachzehrer to kill it?

If a nachzehrer is decapitated without a copper coin in its mouth, the creature's head will remain animated. When the head is returned to the body, it will reattach.


What can you kill with a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto priest?

Even if you have the right dagger to kill an Okami, it can still be difficulty. They have to be stabbed seven times to die.


What happens if you fall in love with a siren?

Sirens are known for changing into a human form that meets the desires of their prey. They then use this to manipulate their prey into committing horrible acts, such as murder.


What can you kill with a bronze dagger coated in the blood of the creature's victim?

Sirens are not like other monsters in that they don't actually feed on humans. Instead, they enjoy the euphoria of having a human perform horrible acts, like murder, for them.


How do you trap an angel?

Holy oil is a very useful substance for hunters. It is the only thing that can trap an angel, and the oil can even kill some angels.


How do you keep a Rakshasa out of your home?

A Rakshasa can only come into your home if you invite it in. That's why these creatures often target children, who are more likely to let them come inside.


How do you kill a wendigo?

Wendigos are creatures who were once human until they were forced to eat the flesh of other humans. Eventually, after years of eating human flesh, it's the only thing the creatures crave.


Who is the only one who can kill the Whore of Babylon?

The Whore of Babylon is known for manipulating people into horrendous acts, such as murder. Her goal is to send good people to Hell.


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