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How well do you know about the adventures on the Ancient's starship?

Who is the first human to cross the Stargate onto the starship?

Lt. Scott is played by Brian J. Smith who can be seen in Netflix's 'Sense8.'


How does Eli get on the radar of Starfleet Command?

The video game is an online fantasy game called 'Prometheus.'


Who arrives at Eli's house with Jack O'Neill?

Dr. Rush is a Machiavellian scientist and an expert in Ancient technology.


What did Eli solve in the video game?

It took Eli a month to figure it out and he is the only one to solve the puzzle, which is a millennia-old mathematical proof written in another language.


Eli is beamed up to what starship?

The Hammond is named after General Hammond from SG-1 and Atlantis. The actor who played Hammond, Don. S. Davis, passed away and this was a way for the Stargate franchise to honor him.


Who explains the Stargate program to Eli?

Dr. Jackson doesn't explain in person, Eli is watching a series of videos.


The Stargate that Dr. Rush and others use to go the Ancient's starship can only _______?

The Stargate's power is tied into the planet and it is too dangerous to allow an incoming wormhole.


What is the name of the Ancient's starship?

Destiny is a ship in the Ancient fleet, constructed and launched around 50 million years ago from Earth.


The Destiny refuels by diving into a _______?

The Destiny dives into the photosphere of a star, absorbing material during its fly-through.


Who attacks the planet that forces the occupants of the Icarus Base to jump through the Stargate?

The Lucian Alliance is a coalition of former smugglers and mercenaries who have banded together to take advantage of the power vacuum left by the demise of the Goa'uld Empire.


The crew cannot directly _______ Destiny in the first season?

Destiny drops out of faster-than-light travel to allow its Stargate to connect to a number of nearby worlds for a fixed period of time before it continues.


How does the crew communicate with Earth?

The stones allow two users to share thoughts, either conscious or not.


Who is the IOA representative on board the Destiny?

Camile is played by Ming-Na Wen who can be seen as Melinda May on 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'


Who is Dr. Rush's nemisis aboard Destiny?

Col. Young is played by Louis Ferreira who can be seen as Oscar Vega on 'Motive.'


What is the biggest problem the people face once they board the Destiny?

Life support is barely functional and CO2 scrubbers are blocked.


Who sacrifices himself to seal a leak on board one of Destiny's shuttle-crafts?

The Senator is played by Christopher McDonald who can be seen on 'Jekyll Island.'


What is FTL?

The Faster-Than-Light engine is a technology capable of faster-than-light travel without entering hyperspace.


Who is the Chief Medical Officer on Destiny?

Tamara is not a doctor, she's a paramedic. However, she ended up being the only person stranded aboard the Destiny with medical training.


Why doesn't the travelers on Destiny simply travel back to Earth?

There isn't enough energy on board to power the Stargate to reach Earth.


Who plays Dr. Nicholas Rush?

Robert can be seen as Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin on 'Once Upon a Time.'


Who is supposed to be the commander of Destiny instead of Young?

Telford is left behind when the base is attacked.


Who is the engineer on board the Destiny?

Adam Brody is played by Peter Kelamis who can be heard as a variety of character voices on 'Beat Bugs.'


The ranking astrophysicist on the Destiny is ________?

Dr. Volker is played by Patrick Gilmore who can be seen in the TV series 'Travelers.'


Who is Eli in love with during season one?

Unfortunately, she likes Eli only as a friend as she's in love with Lt. Scott.


Who strikes up a personal relationship with Col. Young's wife?

By using the Ancient Stones, Young visits his wife Emily where he finds Telford and confronts him.


At the time of the attack on Icarus Base, ________ was awaiting court-martial for assaulting Colonel David Telford?

The Master Sergeant is played by Jamil Walker Smith who voices a character in 'Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.'


When the __________ boards Destiny, they capture Chloe?

The blue fleshed, oval headed aliens are the first space-capable race encountered by Destiny expedition.


Who does Col. Young ditch off world?

Dr. Rush is then captured by the Nakai. Dr. Rush saves Chloe and returns them to the Destiny.


Who arrives and tries to take control over the Destiny?

Kiva is the leader of the Lucian Alliance who has no problem killing hostages.


Who is a double-agent?

Before he was assigned to Icarus Base, Telford spent a year infiltrating the Lucian Alliance. He was discovered and brainwashed by Goa'uld brainwashing technology to believe in the Lucian Alliance cause.


Who is infected with the Nakai pathogen?

The pathogen increases Chloe's intellect and gives her the ability to heal rapidly.


Who does Eli fall in love with from the Lucian Alliance?

When Ginn switched bodies with Perry by using the Ancient Communication stones, Perry is killed in Ginn's body leaving Ginn stranded in Perry's body. Eli eventually quarantined her consciousness as well as Perry's because of the danger Perry was inadvertently posing to the ship and the crew.


Who uploads his consciousness into the ship's computer?

Dr. Rush is found unresponsive in the interface chair, having uploaded his consciousness into the ship's computer where he shares a simulation with Amanda Perry.


What is Destiny's actual mission?

The Ancients discovered a pattern in the Cosmic microwave background radiation; concluding that its presence suggested an order to the universe never thought possible - however the message they received​ was incomplete. They devoted the efforts of an entire generation to the construction of Destiny, the purpose of which was to find and reassemble the fragments, completing the message.


What crew member is left awake on the Destiny while the rest are in stasis?

Eli decides that he is smarter than Rush and the only one with any chance of fixing the pod within the two weeks he'd have before he had to shut life support down. After putting Rush him and Young into stasis, he shuts most of the ship down before looking out over the FTL vortex from the Observation deck.


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