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Christmas is around the corner! Do you remember enough about this classic movie to get back in the holiday game? Test how much you remember about Elf with this quiz!

What is the name of the main character?

Buddy is an elf - he is played by the amazing, Will Ferrell! Originally the role was to be played by actor, Jim Carey! Will Ferrell had no prior movie experience, but did play Santa with Chris Kattan at an outdoor mall in Pasadena!


Where did Buddy grow up?

Buddy was raised as an elf in the North Pole, however he did not fit in one bit! He is the size of any average human and had trouble fitting in his bed, chairs, house etc.


Why does Buddy go to the U.S.?

Buddy, who gets his name from the diaper he is wearing which says "Little Buddy Diapers," sets out to find his real parents. He has never seen the the U.S. yet!


What is his favorite food?

Spaghetti! But not your average spaghetti, instead of tomato sauce, he loves drenching the food in maple syrup!%0D Ferrell got sick playing Buddy. He says, “I ingested a lot of sugar in this movie. But anything for the movie, I’m there. If it takes eating a lot of maple syrup, I will.”


What famous actress couples up with Will Ferrell?

Zooey plays the character, Jovie. She works at a mall as an elf and Buddy mistakes her for a real one initially. Zooey sings 3 songs throughout the movie! The actress also has a beautiful singing voice!


Who is Buddy setting out to meet for the first time?

Buddy heads to NY to meet his biological dad. However, he is not met with much enthusiasm on his dad’s end!


What Christmas toy makes Buddy freak out?

Will Ferrell didn’t have to fake his surprise and terror as he actually dislikes them! The director had the toys hooked up to a remote which he timed perfectly to catch Ferrell's natural reaction. The sound effect used for the jack-in-the-box that frightens Buddy is the same sound used to produce the laughing hyenas at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World!


When he fits finds his father, what does Walter think he is?

His father thinks he’s some insane holiday gag telegram until Buddy drops the name of someone from Walter’s past!


Where does buddy get his first job?

Mark Acheson, who plays the guy Buddy is talking to and laying down with in the mail room, had auditioned for the role of a trucker. That part was cut from the film, but, because of his audition tape, Favreau cast him in this role in the mail room.


Who is the man called in to help Walter’s company come up with new ideas for books?

Buddy mistakes him for an elf and it causes a huge ruckus!


What does Miles Finch consider too vulnerable for a children’s book?

Miles and Buddy then get into an altercation and Miles storms out! He leaves behind his notebook full of ideas. Miles best idea is about Peach that lives on a farm! (ironic)


What song do Jovie and Buddy sing in the women’s locker room?

Baby it’s cold outside. However, Jovie does not know Buddy is in the room and freaks out when she notices his presence!


Why does buddy call himself a “cotton-headed ninny muggins”?

The eves are building toys and Buddy can’t keep up because he is a human! The toy they are building: Etch A Sketches


What does Buddy drink in the mailroom?

Buddy gets drunk in the mail room with a co-worker, who puts alcohol in his coffee. The two end up starting a huge dance party!


Buddy says elves try to stick to the four main food groups: Candy, Candy canes, candy corns, and what else?

You can tell Buddy likes syrup, because he puts the stuff all over his spaghetti. He even packs that as a lunch for his father!


After finding his dad Walter, Buddy wrote a list of activities for the two to do. What was the first?

For the first two hours, buddy wants to make snow angels! Walter declines and goes to work. Their relationship is portrayed as having no connection, but that changes later.


Where does Jovie take buddy to see a beautiful christmas tree?

Jovie Takes Buddy to Rockefeller. That scene was filmed in NY! However, most of the movie was actually filmed in Canada to save money.


What does Buddy cram into the VCR?

He does this right before leaving! In his farewell note to Walter, Emily, and Michael, he apologizes for it.


Who does Buddy call out on being a fake at the department store?

The scene where fake Santa chases Buddy around destroying all the decorations had to be done in one take, as it would have taken too long to rebuild everything!


What was Santa Claus doing while baby Buddy was crawling into his toy sack at the orphanage?

Santa was so busy stuffing his face with cookies, he didn't notice Buddy! Baby Buddy saw a teddy bear in Santa's bag, so he just crawled right in.


What does Buddy say when he is hit with a snowball?

Buddy wins Michael over in this event when he breaks out his crazy skills. Buddy throws snowballs at a speedy rate and gets every last one of the bullies!


Who is the actor that plays the head Elf?

Peter Billingsley is best known as the child actor who played the main character, Ralphie in the classic holiday film, A Christmas Story!


Finish this well memorable line “I just like to smile, ______”

Buddy is talking to his boss when asked why he is smiling so much. If you look closely, you'll notice that his toy store manger's name is Wanda!


Walter tells Buddy to "_________. As soon as possible."

Walter tells buddy to "Lose the tights." Buddy complies with him and starts taking his pants off!


What was the tunnel in New York that Buddy came out of?

People were so shocked to see Will Ferrell in costume walking around Central Park and Lincoln Tunnel that several traffic accidents were reported!


What is the department store that Buddy gets a job at?

Gimbels is actually a digitally altered version of the Macy’s on 34th Street in New York! It was Macy's primary competition but is now out of business.


You see Jovie and Buddy’s relationship progress through the film. What happens in the end?

The baby’s name is Susie. They take her to the North Pole to meet the elves!


Who bails Buddy out of jail?

Walter bails buddy out of jail and the immediately takes him to a pediatrician for a DNA test! The test proves he is in fact Buddy's dad.


What happens to Santa's sleigh at central park?

Santa’s sleigh crashes due to lack of Christmas spirit! Michael steals santa’s list and starts reading it on air!


What does Jovie do to help Santa?

Jovie sings, “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” Zooey Deschanel sings 3 songs in the film! She goes on to release the song “Baby it’s Cold Outside” on an album!


Who do Buddy and Michael get in a snowball fight with?

Buddy helps Michael defeat a gang of bullies in a snowball fight! In return Michael gives Buddy the courage to ask Jovie out.


Walter is in a business meeting when Michael interrupts with an emergency. When Walter goes to leave, what happens to him?

Walter pitches Miles Finch’s ideas to Greenway, but Michael bursts in to tell Walter that Buddy ran away. Greenway refuses to reschedule, so Walter lets Greenway fire him!


Who tells Buddy to go to Gimbel’s?

After following a security guard's sarcastic suggestion to go "back to Gimbels" due to his elf outfit, the manager mistakes him for an employee at Santa Land! He meets Jovie there.


Knowing that Santa will arrive the next day, Buddy stays behind and spends the night doing what?

Knowing that Santa will arrive the next day, Buddy stays behind and spends the night decorating Santa Land! This makes the Manager of Santa Land paranoid that someone is going to take his job (because the decor is so good!)


When was the movie released?

Will Ferrell is the main star in the film and it was his first major role after starring in Saturday Night Live!


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