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The '50s brought no shortage of sci-fi flicks, most of which had one thing in common -- they weren't that good. The 1956 classic "The Forbidden Planet!" broke the mold, not just by offering an engaging story, but also by pushing the boundaries of the genre.

For instance, while earlier movies had space scenes, "The Forbidden Planet!" was the first to be set entirely in outer space. It was also one of the first to stretch the concept of space travel thanks to a ship that moved faster then the speed of light. The film even featured a surprisingly advanced robot -- who later starred in his own spin-off, "The Invisible Boy" -- who was so beyond his time that movie goers got an early glimpse of the potential dangers and pitfalls of robots and AI. 

Do you remember the name of the mysterious faraway planet where Dr. Morbius and his daughter were stranded? How about the name of the ancient people who once lived there? What is the name of the incredibly advanced robot assistant who welcomed Dr. Adams when he landed? Which future film star played Adams in the movie? If you can answer these, you just might have what it takes to ace this quiz about "The Forbidden Planet!"

What is the name of the planet Commander Adams lands on?

A futuristic society settles on the planet; one inhabitant names his daughter after the planet.


What is Captain Adams's mission on the planet they land on?

An expedition had explored the planet and were never heard from again.


With whom does the crew have radio contact before landing on the planet?

Morbius was part of the original expedition to the planet. He does not have a welcoming tone.


What is the name of the robot that greets Captain Adams?

Robby was created by Morbius and can execute unthinkable tasks. He acts like a servant in the household.


What advice is the crew given by the planet inhabitant before they land their spaceship?

Morbius makes efforts to dissuade the captain from landing on the planet. He finally gives in and allows them to visit.


Adams encounters Dr. Morbius, a scientist. What does he study?

Through his studies, Morbius is able to decipher the mass contents of the library left behind by the original population.


Captain Adams learned that an entire colony perished. Who are the only survivors?

A disease killed off the population. Morbius does not disclose too much detail.


What is the race who once inhabited the planet?

The Krell were a superior race with advanced technology. They constructed a miles-long underground transport system.


What color is the sky on the alien planet?

The climate is desert-like with a green sky. The astronauts marvel at it.


A robot greets Adams and his men. Who does NOT go with the robot to meet their host?

Quinn is the chief engineer who mans the ship while the captain seeks contact with survivors. He is played by Richard Anderson who was Oscar Goldman on "The Six Million Dollar Man".


What is Morbius's daughter's nickname?

The daughter was born on the planet so she is named after it.


What reveals that the robot is not dangerous?

Morbius does a demonstration where he gives the robot a gun and tells him to shoot at his guests. The robot does not follow orders.


Morbius mentions a "dark force" on the planet. How does it leave its victims?

The crew finds carnage inside the ship. They cannot figure out how someone could have slipped by the guards.


When Dr. Morbius's daughter meets the three space travelers, what does she comment?

The men are standing shoulder to shoulder as they are introduced. The doctor is in the middle.


Which is NOT among Altaira's "friends"?

Altaira has not grown up with any peers so animals have become her friends. They have been made tame.


How does Altaira summon her "friends"?

The animals are responsive to Altaira's whistle.


Who is the first to flirt with Dr. Mobius's daughter?

Jerry talks Alta into giving him a kiss. It does not take much coaxing.


What does the ship's cook ask the robot to make for him?

The cook is eager to take advantage of getting anything he asks for. The robot delivers gallons of bourbon!


When Jerry kisses Alta, what comment does she make?

Alta does not seem to have a physical reaction to Jerry's kiss. That is not the case with the captain.


What does the captain reprimand Alta about?

The captain is frustrated she dresses so provocatively. He is tempted by her.


What does Alta ask Robby to get her in order to please the captain?

Alta wants to please the captain and his request for modest dress. She is attracted to him.


What observation do the crewmen report after the ship is sabotaged?

The alien is invisible so the breathing is a slight clue there is a presence.


What does Alta say to Captain Adams that persuades him to kiss her?

Alta doesn't understand the rules of courting because she has been so isolated. An aggressive approach makes the most sense to her.


The only physical evidence of the Krell civilization is a _____________.

The doctor shows the captain a large stone-style door on the recesses of his home.


What does Dr. Morbius hope to gain with the Krell's lab secrets?

The doctor has studied the knowledge of the Krell. He is hesitant to share his discoveries.


What kind of security is set up around the spaceship?

The force field reveals the outlined shape of the monster as it zaps it. Otherwise, the antagonist is invisible.


What does Dr. Morbius tell Adams after Quinn is killed?

It seems as if there is no recourse for anyone and they are doomed.


What was the name of the expedition that met a terrible fate on the planet?

Bellepheron was a Greek hero who tamed the mythical creature, Pegasus.


What is realized about the alien monster?

The doctor developed his mind so much that he was unaware of its power to create. He cannot control it.


What device does Morbius demonstrate?

The device must be used carefully so it does not overdose the subject.


When the crewman, "Doc," takes a deadly dose from the Krell device, what does he tell Adams?

This was the intellectual way of saying that the monster comes from the mind of Dr. Morbius.


Why does Morbius tell Adams to get 100,000 miles away within 24 hours?

Dr. Morbius wants the captain to take his daughter with him to save her from the destruction.


What is 37 inches long?

There is very little evidence of the creature since it is invisible; only a footprint is evident.


How long has it been since the Krell lived?

The doctor has been studying the intelligence of this ancient civilization and is amazed at the longevity of their underground transport system and intelligence device.


The final shot of the movie is ________________________.

The captain makes good on his promise to care for Dr. Morbius's daughter.


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