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The Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise is one of the most successful in recent history, and "Dead Man's Chest" is the great middle movie for the series. Take the quiz and find out more about this gem of a sequel.

Avast! It's the reverse of the runaway bride. What happened as Elizabeth and Will were about to get married?

It's the stuff that makes for horrible news. Will and Elizabeth are about to get married, and they end up being arrested. You know there’s going to be an adventure!


Why was our favorite couple from the high seas arrested?

Because they let Jack Sparrow escape, Elizabeth and Will were arrested. However, there seems to be more to this than meets the eye.


In the beginning, where the heck is the mouse, err, James Norrington?

In the first movie, James Norrington was a stand-up, straightforward guy. It’s no surprise that in the "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest" he was said to have resigned from the Navy, since Jack got away from him.


When we first see Jack in the movie, what was he doing?

As we hear a few minutes later, when he gets back to the Black Pearl, he apparently had another plan go right and wrong. Thus, he ended up floating in a coffin. Well, it is Captain Jack, after all.


Why is his crew close to mutiny again?

Pirates generally steal stuff, and they're supposed to profit from that. Captain Jack seems to have other motives, and the crew is getting annoyed that there's no "shiny" stuff to be had from doing lots of pirating.


How do the crewmen close to Captain Jack know that something is wrong?

Jack's always had goals in life — like wanting to be immortal. The fact that he has a problem figuring out where to go this time around is disturbing, to say the least.


In pirate lore, what is the Dead Man's Chest?

In history, the Dead Man's Chest is a small island where Captain Teach, a nasty pirate, marooned a full crew, hoping they would all die. When he returned much later, he found 15 men still alive.


What did Lord Beckett actually want from Captain Jack?

It only becomes obvious later on, but Lord Beckett needs Captain Jack's compass. He's looking for something, and the compass can help.


Why is there so much importance given to Captain Jack's compass?

Captain Jack's compass has the unique ability of pointing to the specific direction where your heart's desire is located. Jack tends to keep it a secret, for obvious reasons.


Who greeted Captain Jack on his way out of his room to get more rum?

Will’s father, Bootstrap Bill Turner, who looks like he’s encrusted with sea life and coral, is suddenly onboard the Black Pearl. It seems that his captain has a deal with Jack, too. And he wants to remind Jack that the terms are up.


What is Davy Jones' Locker?

Davy Jones' Locker is a term that pirates use for the bottom of the sea. So being sent to it is usually a bad thing, particularly if you're still alive to experience the sending part.


Aside from giving Captain Jack a warning, what else did Bootstrap Turner give him?

As Turner was about to leave, he grabbed Jack's hand, and gave him a mark. He called it a black spot, and it supposedly will guide a monster to the Black Pearl and Jack.


While talking to the natives, what was Jack actually saying about Will?

If you listen closely to Jack’s weird conversation with the natives, he’s basically saying that Will had been castrated, and equating it to not having enough meat. It's not flattering, but hey, what if it works?


In real life, what is Tortuga?

Tortuga is one of the islands of Haiti. In a nod to real history, it really was a place where pirates came to get supplies and enjoy the pleasures of the land.


What was the shady trader saying when he exchanged supplies for "long pork?"

It looks like "long pork" was just another way to talk about human meat. Ouch! Yes, that could hurt...


The Pelegostos tribe are cannibals, but why do they want to eat Captain Jack?

The Pelegostos believe that Captain Jack was a god in human form. They believe that the only way for Jack to become a real god was for them to eat his body, so his spirit could be freed.


How did Elizabeth get passage on a ship to look for Captain Jack?

Elizabeth was able to get on a ship by stowing away, and then later on "becoming” part of the crew. Her dress was found, though, and it started some ghost stories.


When Davy Jones' monster is finally named, which legendary creature is it?

As Gibbs explains, the Kraken has suction cups on its tentacles that can tear a person's face off. Yep, that's a very big creature!


Who — or what — is Tia Dalma?

Tia Dalma is a witch. She knows Captain Jack from way back, and also seems to know something about Will Turner's future.


As Tia Dalma explains it, what is in the chest?

Tia Dalma explains that it is Davy Jones' heart that is inside the chest. No wonder they call it the Dead Man's Chest!


Why did he hide in the Dead Man's Chest?

Davy Jones loved a woman, but it was so hard to keep on loving her that he made a bad deal, cut out his own heart, and hid it in a chest. He gained many incredible abilities, but it’s still a crazy trade-off.


Why is Captain Jack safe on land?

As Tia Dalma explains it, with Davy Jones' great powers come great limits. In his case, he can only go on land once every ten years. That's a very strict vacation leave guideline!


In what has to be one of the best low-key jokes in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, what does Tia Dalma give to Captain Jack to protect against Davy Jones?

As Tia Dalma explains, since Davy Jones can’t go on land, Captain Jack has to keep on bringing a jar of dirt with him. Technically, that sounds right, though it's skirting the law, so to speak.


In the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, what is the name of Davy Jones' ship?

Davy Jones is the captain of the Flying Dutchman, which is known in actual history as a legendary ghost ship. Supposedly, even seeing it is a sign of bad luck.


What exactly is the deal between Captain Jack and Davy Jones?

From the stories, it looks like the Black Pearl had been sunk, and a deal was made with Davy Jones for the Black Pearl to be his ship for 13 years. Now, it was time to pay up.


What does Davy Jones ask in return for Captain Jack keeping his soul?

Davy Jones gives Captain Jack an impossible quest: to find 100 souls in exchange for his, within three days. As a starter, he keeps Will Turner as the first soul.


How does Captain Jack finally find the bearings for the Dead Man's Chest?

Captain Jack tricks Elizabeth into giving the right direction to the Dead Man's Chest, through the compass. He tells her that the only way to free Will is to find the Dead Man's Chest, and then lets her hold the compass.


When the chest is found, what happens with all the people involved?

James Norrington, Will, and Jack go into a Mexican stand-off style, three-sided fight over the chest. That's because their goals can all be accomplished by having the chest.


What did Elizabeth do that was totally unexpected?

Elizabeth chained Captain Jack to the Black Pearl. This made it impossible for him to escape the Kraken. To his credit, he went out bravely.


In order to get Captain Jack back, who came to help them?

Captain Barbossa is the surprise at the ending. He’s back from the dead, and now he'll help them get Captain Jack Sparrow.


Orlando Bloom is an actor with major fantasy adventure chops. What was his most famous role?

Orlando Bloom probably set in stone the modern elven look as Legolas from the "Lord of the Rings" franchise. However, as Will Turner, he also set the tone for the modern swashbuckling hero, as opposed to Depp’s charming but dastardly Captain Jack.


If you can believe it, Johnny Depp based part of his characterization on a celebrity. Who was it?

If you look at how Captain Jack dresses up and acts -- somewhere between cool and burned-out -- it's obvious it's Keith Richards. Keith would later play Jack's dad.


What was the real East India Trading Company all about?

The historic East India Trade Company is one of the first big corporations in the world. It was owned by nobles, and the government could only influence some of its decisions. At its most powerful, it practically manipulated governments, or was the government in some places, like India.


Keira Knightley, who played Elizabeth, is no stranger to period fantasy roles. In one medieval movie, who did she play?

Keira Knightley played a different sort of Guinevere in the 2004 retelling of the Camelot story, King Arthur. On the other hand, she can at least say that her fantasy female roles have been very much action-oriented.


Bill Nighy, who played Davy Jones, is no stranger to playing the monsterrific big bad dudes. What other famous, classic monster type has he played?

Bill Nighy also played Viktor, the lead vampire in the first Underworld movie series. Most people don't immediately recognize him in the role of Davy Jones because of the computer animation that covered most of his face.


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