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"Batman Forever" was the first time Robin joined Batman on the movie screen in modern times, and what an overhaul it was. Love it or hate it, "Batman Forever" is an important part of the Batman movie franchise. Take the quiz to see what you know about this gem.

What did Two-Face reveal about himself when he made the deathtrap in the safe?

In most versions of Two-Face's origin story, half of his face was disfigured by acid. This leads to Harvey Dent going insane and becoming Two-Face.


What incredible Bat-feat did Batman pull off when he got out of Two-Face's trap?

After getting out of the acid-filled safe, Batman was able to cut the chain and swing the safe back to where it was originally placed. How he did this with one thin cable could be considered advanced Bat-technology. Good Bat-thinking!


What was the sign painted on Two-Face's parachute?

The yin-yang symbol originally is about everything balanced in harmony. It's both fitting and ironic that Two-Face has it on his parachute.


Looks like it, but it isn't it: What does Two-Face's helicopter crash into at the end of the starting action sequence?

Two-Face's helicopter crashed into an ersatz Statue of Liberty with the name "Gotham" on its headband. It's a nice way to get iconic imagery, but not necessarily blow up the real thing, so to speak. Holy copycat, Two-Face!


What was Edward Nygma working on?

Edward Nygma was working on a device that could manipulate brainwaves to make someone feel as if they were in a show, similar to the concept of virtual reality in later years. Bruce Wayne found ethical issues with that.


Riddle me this! Why is Edward Nygma the perfect real name for the Riddler?

Edward Nygma used the contraction E. Nygma in the comic books, and "enigma" means mystery. Though later writers added that this is a fake name, it is how the Riddler usually names himself in "civilian" guise. Holy pen names, dude!


Who was Dr. Chase Meridian referring to with the "black vinyl and the whip?"

The black vinyl and whip detail is a callback to the Catwoman, who last appeared in "Batman Returns." In the comic books, Catwoman is forever Batman's romantic interest and foil.


From Bruce Wayne's office to the Batcave, what was his transport tube supposed to remind us of?

The '60's TV show had Batman and Robin slide down from Wayne Manor above to the Batcave below using access poles like in fire stations. Of course, in the TV show, when they stepped out, they were already in costume at times.


Why was Batman peeved at the Bat-signal usage?

The rules for the Bat-signal were specific, apparently. It's only to be used in emergencies, and not, as Batman himself puts it, as a "beeper." For the younger crowd, that means: not to be used as a messaging app.


Why did Batman utter the famous line "It's the car, right? Chicks love the car."

Batman knew what was happening, but he was putting a damper on it because it could be a distraction. Of course, the good female doctor was persistent.


What was the unexpected side effect of Edward Nygma's 3-D TV?

Edward Nygma found out that he could use the neural energy from people using his 3-D TV to make himself smarter. On the other hand, it also made him crazier. Wotta payoff!


What is Riddler's personal beef?

Edward Nygma's descent into the Riddler personality develops because he feels that Bruce Wayne should be put in his place for not funding his project. These days, Kickstarter would have been the solution. Or not.


Why does Two-Face like flipping coins?

Two-Face is obsessed with the idea of "two," or duality. He flips his famous coin, since it only gives him two answers to choose from. And he will stick by it, no matter what. In the movie, he makes it simpler: two choices by luck.


Blink and you'll miss it: Why are the uniforms of the Flying Graysons significant?

The costume of the Flying Graysons resembles the comic book costume for Robin, down to the cape. It's interesting to note that this is sometimes used as a detail in the comic books, but it's not officially established.


Why is Bruce Wayne being the main donor for Gotham Children's Hospital fitting?

Bruce Wayne's parents having been killed when he was a child probably drives him to donate to children's charities and help organizations. In the comic books, he donates to -- or helps -- orphanages, children's hospitals, and schools. He even has his own multi-purpose foundation.


How did the Graysons save the circus audience from Two-Face?

The Graysons were able to get the bomb moved out from where it was suspended by using their acrobatic skills. Dick Grayson was able to roll the bomb off the building's roof, and into the water.


How were the Graysons rewarded for their heroics?

The Graysons were killed when the bars they were holding onto collapsed after Two-Face shot the supports off. It should be noted that this is a common story in other media: the Graysons always fall to their death, but for various reasons.


What trick does the Batmobile have that lets Batman escape from Two-Face's machine-gun cars?

Batman's Batmobile has a grappling hook launcher, which it can use in many ways. In the case of the machine-gun car chase, it can launch it upward, and have the entire car go up the side of a building. Defying gravity, eh?


How did Riddler finally get his villain name?

As Edward Nygma was thinking of a costume and name for himself, a boardwalk dummy wearing the Frank Gorshin '60's TV Riddler costume "answered" his questions about what to wear. This was a nod to Gorshin's Riddler heavily influencing Jim Carrey's performance.


What is Riddler's offer to Two-Face?

Riddler needs more capital to put a 3-D TV box in every home. And to do that, he needs Two-Face's help. In exchange, he'll share the "smarts" with Two-Face, and help him find out who Batman really is. Holy ex-deals, villains!


What is Dick Grayson's motive for wanting to be Robin in Batman Forever?

Dick Grayson wants to avenge his family's death at the hands of Two-Face. He finds that when he acts on that idea -- like when he beats criminals up -- the pain goes away.


Why does Bruce Wayne initially want to hang up the Batman costume?

Chase tells Batman that she's fallen for someone else. She doesn’t realize that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same. This gives Batman the idea to stop his crusade, and maybe have a normal life. Holy romance, Batman!


What's the Batplane's little secret?

The Batplane's secret is that the central part is a submarine. All Batman has to do is lose the wings and some other parts, and it turns into a small, personal sub. Sweet!


What's the joke with Robin's "holey rusted metal" comment?

Although the first "holy ___!" statements from Robin were from the comic books, it would only take off once Burt Ward, the Robin from the '60's TV series, turned it into a punchline. In "Batman Forever," he only says it once -- as an inside joke. Holy rewrites, Robin!


What is the evolution of Riddler's powers?

After becoming smart enough, the Riddler can now sort through all the details he is receiving from people's minds. As he said, when it comes to information, he'll become a god. Good luck with that, dude!


How did Batman get out of choosing to save Chase or Robin?

Batman knew he had to create a distraction, so he knocked out the mind machine, allowing him enough time to figure a way to save both Robin and Chase, even though they were falling already. Along the way, he also managed to foil Riddler's and Two-Face's plans. Holy heroics, Batty!


Who is Dr. Burton, the main doctor in Arkham Asylum, a nod to?

Dr. Burton is most probably a play on Tim Burton, the director for the original "Batman" movie, and "Batman Returns." There are many stories about why "Batman Returns" director Joel Schumacher took over this one, so it's anyone's guess as to the real reason for the change in directors. Holy gossip abounds!


Holy law of economics, Batman! Why was Robin, a teenage boy, added to the Batman comic books?

Robin was added to the Batman comic books to attract younger readers, and make that audience grow. It worked and, according to the DC Comics website, sales of "Batman" doubled when Robin was introduced. Youth power indeed!


How's this for a sneaky cameo: who played Sugar, one of Two-Face's assistants?

Drew Barrymore, from old Hollywood's Barrymore clan, played Two-Face's angelic, Sugar. Barrymore would later become another kind of angel in the "Charlie's Angels" movie franchise.


What makes the Two-Face and Riddler team-up so bad for Batman?

Two-Face hates Batman. Riddler hates Bruce Wayne. Either way, Batman loses the popularity game. Holy ganging up!


When Dick Grayson suggested Nightwing as his name, what was this a call-out to?

In the comic books, when Dick Grayson grew up, he took on the name Nightwing, along with a change of costume. Since that happened, the Robin costume and name was passed on to other later Batman sidekicks.


Who was the only "Batman Forever" character who hasn’t appeared before -- or since -- in DC continuity, whether in movies or comics?

Gotham police consulting psychologist Dr. Chase Meridian is unusual in "Batman Forever," as she has never appeared in other related media. She may have been mentioned, but this was her only appearance. So far.


Jim Carrey took his hammed-out acting cues for the Riddler from this guy.

Frank Gorshin's memorable turn in the '60's Batman TV show as the Riddler inspired Jim Carrey's performance. Frank Gorshin's over the top characterization helped shape Jim Carrey's ham-tastic performance. Holy homage, Riddler!


In the beginning, one sequence would never have happened in the modern Batman comic books but could have happened in the '60's TV show. Which was it?

In the comic books, the modern Batman usually operates in secret, and is rarely seen in a crowd. That is, unless he's working with the Justice League. However, in the '60's TV show version, he's very much a celebrity hero.


When Dick Grayson in "Batman Forever" takes the Batmobile out for a joyride, what is this a shout-out to?

In the comic books, the second Robin, Jason Todd, tried to steal the wheels off the Batmobile. Dick Grayson's joyride in "Batman Forever" is a callback to this, and to how all Robins always have an issue with the Batmobile. So Robins don't dig the car? Hmmm.


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