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Test your knowledge of "The Machine!"

The show mainly takes place in what city?

NYC filming locations include Clinton Diner, Maspeth, Queens, and Silvercup Studios East.


Who stars as John Reese, the former CIA agent, who now saves people predicted by the machine?

Jim played the handsome Edmond Dantes in the movie, ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’


How many seasons is ‘Person of Interest’ on air?

It aired on CBS from 2011 to 2016.


Who helps Harold Finch invent “The Machine?”

Nathan acts as the contact between the government and his company while the Machine was under development.


What is another name for “The Machine?”

The machine was built for the US government to predict and prevent imminent terrorist attacks.


The “Samaritan” is an ________?

It was developed contemporaneously with the Machine by a student colleague of Harold Finch.


Who invented “Samaritan?”

Arthur is a former software engineer for the NSA and attended MIT with Harold and Nathan.


What tipped John Reese over the edge to live on the streets before Harold recruited him?

Jessica was John’s ex-girlfriend who was killed by her husband, Peter Arndt.


The government feels that the numbers the machine releases who are not terrorists are ______?

Harold Finch doesn’t think any human life was irrelevant.


Through a back door in “The Machine,” Finch is able to ______?

Reese and Finch must stop the crime from happening without knowing who the victim is and who the perpetrator is.


In the early seasons, what NYPD detective investigates Reese for his vigilante activities?

Joss is played by Taraji P. Henson and can be seen in ‘Hidden Figures.’


How does “The Machine” feed Finch numbers?

In 2012 there were 5, 834 public pay phones in Manhattan.


What date promotes Finch and Nathan to create “The Machine?”

The September 11 attacks were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda on the US on the morning of September 11, 2001.


How does “The Machine” gather its information?

It monitors and analyzes all surveillance cameras and electronic communications worldwide.


What corrupt NYPD Detective does Reese force at first to help them?

Lionel is played by Kevin Chapman, who can be seen in the upcoming TV show, “A.P.B.”


Who is the “fixer” that Reese and Finch save when her number is pulled and in turn helps them on cases that require her set of skills?

Zoe and Reese have an on again, off again, physical relationship.


What is the ISA?

An actual operations unit of the US government originally known as Field Operations Group (FOG).


Who is the ex-ISA assassin who works with Reese and Finch?

Shaw deals with relevant numbers from the machine until she works with Reese and Finch and helps them with the irrelevant numbers.


What disorder does Shaw claim to have?

The personality disorder makes her unable to feel and/or express universal human emotions like fear or sadness.


Samantha "Sam" Groves is also known as ________?

Root is a genius hacker and off-kilter killer whose obsession with the Machine lands her as an important ally for Finch and Reese.


Who plays Nathan Ingram?

One of the roles Brett is known for is that of Bob Cleary in the 1983 TV mini-series ‘The Thorn Birds.’


How is Detective Carter killed?

She is gunned down by Officer Patrick Simmons, HR’s second-in-command.


Who is Grace Hendricks?

She believes him to be dead following the ferry bombing that killed Nathan Ingram. In the series finale, Finch returns to her.


Where does the team relocate their base of operations after Samaritan takes control?

The Subway is an abandoned Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) repair siding that was built in the 1930s.


What is the name of the dog?

Bear is a Belgian Malinois adopted by John Reese. A trained military dog, he responds only to Dutch commands.


What hides the entrance to The Subway?

To enter the team has to insert two coins and enter the code 3141 then the vending machine swings open.


Who pops up as a number who Reese saves, but is then revealed as a mob boss?

When Reese saves him, Finch and Reese thought he was a timid school teacher named Charlie Burton.


Who sacrifices himself to save Elias?

He is captured by The Brotherhood and interrogated, wherein he sacrifices himself to protect Elias.


Who develops a romantic relationship with Reese?

She is a therapist assigned to speak with Reese, working undercover as Detective John Riley, after his involvement in shooting incidents as an officer.


What is Control?

Control is a woman, played Camryn Manheim, who once the ISA was shut-down is the puppet head of Samaritan.


Who plays Harold Finch?

Michael Emerson is married to Carrie Preston, who plays Michael’s alter-ego, Finch’s, fiancée Grace Hendricks.


Much of the series is from the point of view of ________?

The internal "thought processes" of The Machine is shown, including the prediction models and probability trees it uses.


Who runs Samaritan?

Greer is the Director of Operations for Decima Technologies that operates the Samaritan.


Who is “The Voice”?

Easton says that “compassion and loyalty” are what makes people weak.


Who takes over saving the irrelevant numbers at the end of the series’ finale?

After Reese sacrifices himself so that the Machine can destroy Samaritan, Shaw takes over his role.


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