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How well do you know the Braverman clan?

The show is based around what family?

The Braverman family is comprised of a mother, father, four children, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.


Who is the matriarch of the family?

Camille is played by Bonnie Bedelia, who played opposite Bruce Willis in the first two ‘Die Hard’ movies.


What type of syndrome does Max have?

Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.


When the series begins, which Braverman moves back home?

Sarah moves back home with her two children, Drew, and Amber after she leaves Seth for the last time.


What does Julia do for a living for most of the series?

Julia is a corporate lawyer who commands an average salary of $160,000 USD.


Haddie volunteers at a _________ where she meets Alex.

A soup kitchen is a place where food is offered to the hungry for free or at below market value and is staffed by volunteer organizations.


Who is the patriarch of the family?

Zeek Braverman, played by Craig T. Nelson, is probably best known for playing in the original ‘Poltergeist’ movie and on the TV show ‘Coach.’


What does Max obsess over?

The study bugs is called Entomology.


What instrument does Amber Holt play?

A guitar is a string instrument that can have anywhere from four to twelve strings, with the norm being six.


Which Braverman has a play produced?

Sarah also works as a bartender, a graphic artist, an intern, and a photographer.


When Crosby is engaged to Jasmine, who does he have an affair with?

Gaby is played by Minka Kelly, who shot to fame playing Lyla in ‘Friday Night Lights.’


Who is the English teacher that Sarah dates?

Mark Cyr is played by Jason Ritter, son of late actor, John Ritter and actress, Nancy Morgan.


Who owns the Luncheonette?

Adam is played Peter Krause, and Crosby is played by Dax Shepard.


What is the Luncheonette?

Adam is the business side of the Luncheonette, while Crosby handles the music side with booking talent and producing.


Who is not one of Adam’s kids?

Nora is a happy surprise to this Braverman family.


Who is Adam married to?

Kristina is played by Monica Potter, who also played Lori Colson on ‘Boston Legal.’


Who plays Julia Braverman-Graham

Erika Christensen can be watched in the upcoming film, ‘Two for One.”


Where does Crosby live before he buys his house?

Set designers created the houseboat to reflect a single male with an electric, minimalist style.


Who are Jabbar’s parents?

When the series begins, Jasmine is a one-night stand that comes to town five years later to introduce Crosby to the son she has kept hidden from him.


What disease does Kristina battle?

The five-year survival rate of breast cancer is over 90% when caught early.


In the series’ finale, who dies?

He dies peacefully in his home after Sarah’s wedding to Hank.


Where did Zeek plan to take Camille as a surprise?

Camille goes to France to the place where Zeek had planned to take her.


What does Amber Holt name her baby?

She names the baby Zeek after her grandfather Zeek Braverman.


What network aired ‘Parenthood?’

It starts on Tuesday nights at 10 pm and then moves to Thursday at 10 pm.


How many seasons did ‘Parenthood’ stay on-air?

It aired from March 2, 2010, to January 29, 2015.


What is the theme song for ‘Parenthood?’

The song was originally released on vinyl on January 17, 1974, for the album ‘Planet Waves’.


‘Parenthood’ is based on what 1989 movie?

The movie starred Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen.


Who originally had the role of Sarah Braverman?

Maura backed out of “Parenthood” to undergo breast cancer treatment.


The show is set in what city?

It’s not shot in Berkeley, but in Los Angeles.


What on-screen siblings date in real-life during the last season of the show?

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause may play sister and brother onscreen, but they sizzle it up as lovers off screen.


Who are real-life roommates?

Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer play sister and brother on screen and are close as sister and brother off screen.


Who plays Seth Holt?

Darin Heames played Seth in the 2010 pilot, but was replaced by the “Sex and the City,” actor John Corbett for the rest of the series.


Who is a licensed contractor before and after he is a stay-at-home dad?

When Joel is a stay-at-home dad, he is very popular among the stay-at-home mothers in their social circle, plus he’s accomplished domestically and hosts a regular playdate that’s very popular.


What does Adam and Kristina Braverman build together for Max?

Chambers Academy is a charter school that nurtures disabled children.


Other than her family, what is Camille’s favorite past-time?

Camille has an affair with her art teacher Matthew, but she ends it.


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