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It was the time of Disney, video games and the Olsen twins that gave kids born in the late '80s and early '90s the memories that they still cherish today. Pop culture shifted from its traditional ways into newer technology and ideas. The introduction of the internet and invention of the cellphone influenced the generation in new ways, changing the world forever. Did you grow up during this revolutionary time, or were you there to witness it?

Can you name a store that allowed you to rent movies? Can you name the device you would use to listen to music on the go in the '90s? Do you know which toy started a craze of collecting in hopes of selling for a higher value? This time period was unlike any other. A floppy disk may be unheard of by many today!

Do you know what the limitations of dial-up internet were? Can you name the television channel that is notorious for their slime? Maybe you can even name some of the hottest styles and trends of the time. Style in the '90s could give the '80s a run for its money!

If you think you can answer questions like these, this quiz will be a breeze. Travel back in time with this quiz!

When using dial-up internet, another person could not what?

While using dial-up internet, another person could not make a phone call. In order to use the phone, the person on the internet would have to disconnect, allowing the line to be used for the phone call.


In the '90s, what was a common way to listen to music on the go?

The Walkman was a common way to listen to music on the go. It allowed you to insert a CD into the player so that you could listen to it wherever you went. This could also be done with cassettes before the time of CDs.


Which program had a logo known as "The Running Man"?

AIM's logo was known as "The Running Man." The messenger service was one of the most popular ways to communicate with friends. It was discontinued in 2017.


Which toy also had a television series?

Pound Puppies were a popular toy that expanded into a television show in the late '80s. The puppies even had another chance at having their own television show in 2010.


Which game console did Sony introduce in the '90s?

Sony introduced the Playstation One in 1995 and was the first of the popular console series. The console proved to be very popular and paved the way for newer consoles to be made.


If a video game cartridge wouldn't work, how could you fix it?

Blowing into a game cartridge could fix a cartridge that didn't work. It cleared the cartridge of dust and was the way most people used to quick-fix a non-functional cartridge.


Is it true or false that the game, "Snake," was found on early mobile phones?

This is true. "Snake" was a very simple game that was included in early mobile phones. As texting was very limited, "Snake" was a great way to pass the time.


Which dance craze took over in the '90s?

The Macarena took over the world in the '90s. The song of the same name went to #1 in several countries around the world.


A movie about which tragedy was released in the '90s?

The Titanic tragedy was made into a movie in the '90s. It starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.


What was the name of a popular digital pet?

The Tamagotchi was a digital pet that you could take anywhere and interact with your friends. The toy originated in Japan in 1996 and quickly became very popular.


At which of the following stores could you rent a movie?

Back when renting movies was one of the only options you had, Blockbuster was the place to go. You would rent a movie, watch it, and return it to the store.


Which television channel was known for "sliming" people?

Nickelodeon is famous for sliming people on their television shows and at the Kids Choice Awards. They did this by dumping slime on their target.


Which Disney Channel show used a cartoon character to portray small fantasy skits throughout the show?

"Lizzie McGuire" had a cartoon version of herself that appeared in small skits throughout each episode. The character usually communicated Lizzie's inner thoughts in a comedic way.


Which girl group broke up in 2006?

Destiny's Child broke up in 2006, nine years after their start. The band consisted of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.


If you wanted to watch a movie in the '90s, what would you watch it on?

To watch a movie in the '90s, you would need to pull out a VHS and a VCR player. The DVD wasn't officially used or available until the late '90s.


What website was popular before Facebook took over?

MySpace was a very popular website that was around before Facebook became available to everyone. Kids on MySpace have fond memories of customizing their profiles to express themselves.


What was the spin-off of "The Real Ghostbusters" called?

The spin-off of "The Real Ghostbusters" was called "Extreme Ghostbusters." The show was on for only one year and only a fraction of the characters returned.


Which of these games came preinstalled on a Windows computer?

3D Pinball came preinstalled on Windows computers. When someone was using the phone, you could pass the time by playing some pinball before heading back onto the internet.


What twins were in movies like "New York Minute" and "Passport to Paris"?

The twins were Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The two were child stars who starred together almost all the time that they were cast in a show or a movie.


Is it true or false that texting was a popular way of communication in the early '00s?

This is false. In the early 2000's texting was not very popular compared to phone calls. It was more difficult than we know it to be today, and charges were higher if you went over your allowed number of texts.


Which computer game was played by avoiding bombs?

Minesweeper was played by clicking on boxes, and trying to avoid clicking on a box with a bomb. If you clicked on one, you lost the game.


What language did Furbies speak?

Furbies spoke "Furbish," a made-up language. Although they may be hard to understand, Furbies also had the ability to learn English.


Which of the following characters was not in the television show, "The Flintstone Kids"?

Bamm-Bamm was not in the television show, "The Flintstone Kids." The show was about Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty when they were children.


Which of the following had a video game and a set of cards?

Pokemon had both a video game and set of cards that were very popular in the '90s and '00s. The franchise also had an anime that is still being produced today.


Which toys were also collectibles?

Beanie Babies were toys that became very popular among collectors. They were first released in 1993 and quickly became investments becasuse of their value.


Hair clips in the '90s were usually in the shape of what animal?

Hair clips in the '90s were commonly in the shape of butterflies. Everyone from kids to teens and celebrities wore the clips which made them trendy.


What game was used to predict the future of another person?

M.A.S.H. was a popular game played by kids to predict their futures. Writing down four things under each category, then picking a number, left the answers for what their futures might hold.


Which letter of the alphabet was popularly written in a graffiti style?

The letter "S" was commonly written in a graffiti style. Although no one knows where it came from, any person who grew up in the '90s will likely know about it!


Schools often held what for students to purchase literature and supplies?

Schools often held book fairs where students could buy books, pencils and erasers. Fairs were often run by companies such as Scholastic.


What kind of ring do you wear while you eat it?

You wear a Ring Pop while you eat it. Ring Pops are tasty candies that are shaped like jewels on a ring. Although they are most commonly in the form of a ring, there have been other types of pops as well.


What toy is made out of metal and does tricks?

A Slinky is made out of metal (and sometimes plastic), and can perform a variety of tricks. The plastic Slinkys came about much later than the original metal version of the toy.


What animated television show was Chuck Norris in?

Chuck Norris was in the television show, "Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos." The show was about a group who fought evil. It was only on for five episodes.


Which television show featured a teacher taking her students on field trips?

"The Magic School Bus" was about a teacher who took her students on field trips like no other. Sometimes they would venture underwater, and other times they would travel into the human body to learn.


Which two stars were famously photographed wearing matching denim outfits?

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake arrived at the 2001 American Music Awards wearing their now famous denim outfits. Their outfits go down as one of the most memorable red carpet moments in history.


What was the purpose of a floppy disk?

The purpose of a floppy disk was to save files and documents, similar to saving something on a thumb drive or cloud today. Floppy disks could only be used if they were inserted into a floppy disk drive.


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