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What the HECK is a beauty blender?! In the beauty world, there are thousands of products to choose from. From the basics like foundation to questionable products like a fan brush, how many of these products can you match to the definition? Are you a beauty expert?

Makeup has certainly changed over the years. While women were mostly using foundation, powder, blush, and lipstick, the beauty industry has boomed with a host of new, and sometimes complicated products. 

For many women, their beauty regimen consisted of the face products of foundation and powder, but what about when concealer, bronzer, and highlighter are thrown into the mix?

When dealing with lipstick, they only had to worry about the classic tube. Now there are differences with liquid lipsticks, satin lipsticks, and let's not even get started on the finishes. For something as simple as foundation, now you're stuck deciding if you need a matte or dewy finish. First, do you even know what matte means?

Words like tweezers and mascara are probably easy, but do you know what a palette and blotting papers are? Could you define brow gel?

Just how high is your beauty vocabulary? Are you a beauty expert who could master this quiz or do you need to spend a bit more time watching makeup tutorials?

Let's find out!

This product is applied after makeup application, to help seal in all the products.

Setting Spray is one of the last steps in the makeup process. It is sprayed after application to help seal and lock in all the products. Some popular setting sprays are the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin.


After applying foundation and concealer, this product is applied to the face to add warmth.

Bronzer is commonly added to the face after foundation and concealer. It is used to bring warmth back to the face and is usually added around the perimeter (forehead, cheeks, chin).


This product is applied to the eyes for the appearance of longer lashes.

False Eyelashes can be considered extensions, except for the eyes. They can either be applied as individual lashes or set along the eye in a strip form.


A solid colored stick that is applied to the lips.

Although there are many different forms now, the classic lipstick comes in a solid form. Lipstick can have many different finishes which include sheer, satin, and matte.


Applied to the lips, this product is meant to add the appearance of shine.

While both added to the lips, lip gloss is unlike lipstick in that it seldom applies much color and is often used for a high-shine look.


This makeup applicator is used to apply products to the face.

With the appearance of the beauty sponge, makeup brushes have started taking a back seat. With the innovation of the beautyblender, beauty sponges are used to apply products like foundation and concealer to the face.


Applied to the lips, this product will cause them to look slightly bigger.

Lip plumpers are a relatively new makeup products. Meant to cause a slight sting, these products slightly irritate the lips to give your the temporary appearance of a fuller pout.


Applied to the brow, this product helps shape and fill the empty spaces.

Brow gels are used on the eyebrows, not only to make them appear fuller, but to help the hair fibers stick down.


After applying products like foundation and concealer, this product is used to seal those products in and help diminish any pores and fine lines.

Setting powder is applied after foundation and concealer to help set and seal all the previous products applied to the face. It can also be used as a last measure to minimize the look of pores and fine lines.


Applied as a base, this product is applied all over the skin to even out the complexion.

Foundation is often considered the most important step of makeup. The product is applied after moisturizers and primers to help even out the complexion and cover any marks or hyperpigmentation.


Often used in a cream or gel consistency, this is applied to the face to help blur out pores, smooth out wrinkles, and counter textured skin.

Face primers are meant to be applied before foundation. While many of them serve different purposes, you'll often find them boasting to mattify the face, blur out pores, minimize the look of wrinkles, and smooth out texture.


This product is applied to the face to carve out the features and create shadows.

While many use contour and bronzer similarly, they serve different purposes. Bronzer is meant to add warmth to the face while contour lies heavily on shadow. It is placed to create shadows on the face that will help carve out the features.


Often applied to the apples of the cheeks, this product is used to add a 'natural' flush to the skin.

Often coming in red, pink, and even orange tones, blush is often applied to the apples of the cheeks to bring a flushed look to the skin. It is meant to give the skin a healthy look.


Often metal but sometimes plastic, this product is used to pluck hairs off of the face.

Tweezers are essential to your flawless makeup, especially when it comes to the brows. Tweezers are used to pluck hairs and are perfect for removing a few wayward hairs.


This product, often coming in an oil-based for, is used to wipe makeup from skin.

Makeup remover is often used to remove all the products from one's face at once. Coming in a liquid or wipe form, they are often oil-based, use to counter many waterproof makeup products.


These products are used to counter any discoloration on the face.

Color correctors are usually applied before foundation to counter any discoloration on the face and often in the colors of green and peach; green is used to counter any redness, while peach is used to cancel out any dark marks.


This liquid or gel product is often applied to the eye and is often 'winged' out.

Eyeliner often comes in the form of liquid or gel. While it is a staple in black, many brands have released several different shades of eyeliner. When makeup users refer to a cateye, they are often referring to their winged out eyeliner.


These pigmented powders or glitters are blended around and on the eyelid.

Eyeshadow is often a staple in one's makeup routine. Coming in several forms, makeup users have the option of using matte, shimmer, and glitter eye shadows. Eyeshadows often come with a series of brushes meant to help make the application easier.


This product is applied underneath eye shadow to mute out any discoloration and help the eye shadow color remain vibrant.

Eye primer often comes in a liquid form to help any discoloration on the eye from showing through the eye shadow. Make up users will often use a light colored eye shadow for the same purpose if they are without a primer.


This product is a lighter form of foundation that comes with a few skincare benefits.

If you're in the market for a lighter foundation, you might want to try your hand at a BB Cream. They are used as an alternative to foundation because they are lightweight but still provide some coverage.


This product is used to help remove excess oil from the skin.

While powder helps control shine, it is covering the oil with more product. Blotting papers help remove the excess oil from the skin by soaking it up onto the sheet.


From eye shadows to highlighters, this is used to hold a collection of shades.

Many makeup products often come in the form of a palette. When eye shadows are sold together as a collection, it is considered a palette. The same can be said for highlight, contour, and blush shades.


Meant for the lips, this hybrid applies similar to a gloss and often dries down.

Liquid lipsticks have recently become the new rave. A hybrid between regular lipstick and a gloss, it applies like a liquid and often dries down to a matte form.


Meant to cancel out imperfections, this product is often applied underneath or on top of foundation.

Concealer is a staple in the makeup process and is used to hide imperfections. While many use it underneath the eyes, it is often used to 'spot conceal,' a method used to cover smaller spots on the face.


This product is used to emphasize the natural high points of the face where light bounces off.

Highlighter is a product that is meant to add a glow to the high points of the face. It if often applied to the cheek bones, nose, brow bones, and cupid's bow.


Applied to the lashes, this product is meant to separate them and make them appear longer and fuller.

Mascara is a popular makeup item that can usually be placed anywhere in the makeup routine. Often used to make one's eyelashes appear fuller and longer, it can also be paired with false lashes for an even more dramatic look.


This tool is meant to help change the shape of your lashes.

An eyelash curler is used to help change the shape of one's lashes. If one has straight lashes, the eyelash curler will help 'curl' them and make the lashes appear more.


This lip product is used to outline the shape of the lip before applying other products to it.

Lip liners are often used to help outline the natural shape of the lips, but they can also be used to overline the lips and make them appear bigger. They are often used in conjunction with other forms of lipsticks or glosses.


This makeup tool is used to comb out the hairs of the eyebrow.

While the word 'spoolie' might throw you off, you've definitely seen one before! A spoolie is the wand that you'd find in your mascara tube. When not being used for mascara, spoolies are used to comb the hairs of the eye brows.


Lighter than a foundation or BB cream, this product helps dry skin while also giving very small coverage.

For those who want lighter products than a foundation or BB cream, a tinted moisturizer is the way to go. It's main purpose is to work as a moisturizer, but the tinted aspect adds the smallest bit of coverage when applied.


This liquid is used to help remove traces of makeup from the applicators.

Brush cleaners are a product that often come in liquid form. It is easy for old makeup and bacteria to clog your pores from a dirty brush, so cleaning your makeup brushes are essential!


This product is used on pencils to help emphasize the tip.

Sharpeners are mainly used in the makeup world for pencil products. Whether it be a lip or brown pencil, it will help sharpen it to a point.


This product is applied as a base to help glitter shadows stick to the lid.

Glitter glue is a newer makeup product made to help glitter shadows stick to the lid. While many used setting sprays previously, glitter glue's adhesive qualities help the shadows stick more effectively.


This tool is used to fuse colors together on the eyelid.

Blending brushes are used when applying eye shadow. They are used to help blend the different colors on the lid and crease of the eye.


This product is used to scrub away dry skin from the lips.

When it comes to applying matte lipsticks, dry lips can be your downfall. Lip exfoliators are meant to scrub away the dry and dead skin and leave a smooth surface for application.


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