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FASTEN THOSE SEAT BELTS! We're speeding right on into this quiz! When it comes to cars, many people like to think of themselves as fanatics or car connoisseurs. There's a lot more to being a car expert than saying you're a car expert! Put your money where your mouth is! Only a true car expert can score 85% or higher on this world's toughest car quiz!  Can you?

If you're a car expert, you might know that German inventor Karl Benz is credited with the invention of the first car. For those who didn't know that, you might not be as much of an expert as you think! Benz' invention was the three-wheeled car that had an internal combustion engine. German car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz would go on to name their line after him. 

Germany would go on to have other major manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, and Porsche. Italy would become a leader in luxury cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. Japan became known for their dependable Nissan and Toyota. The United States would stand behind their best-selling brand, Ford. 

There are thousands and thousands of cars that fill the streets all over the world. Do you know enough about them to pass this quiz? 

What's the difference between a coupe and a sedan? Which company created the assembly line? What does the Audi logo symbolize?

Many people would say they love cars but are they a true car expert? Are you? Prove it!

Only a true car expert can score 85% or higher on this quiz. Put on your seatbelt and let's see if you're ready to speed to a high score!

Vroom Vroom!

How many doors are on a coupe?

A coupe is a car with two doors.


What do you call car doors that open outward from where they meet?

Suicide doors are favored by luxury brand, Rolls Royce.


What car company invented the assembly line?

Ford's greatest innovation was the assembly line, where many unskilled workers could combine simple skills to build complex machines.


In how many colors can you buy a Rolls Royce?

Rolls Royces can be had with any color the buyer wants, because when you're spending upwards of a half million dollars on a car, you can have any paint color you damn well please.


What does GTI stand for?

The GTI's name comes from Grand Touring Injection, meaning fuel injection, which was very new when the car was introduced.


What are the two main differences between the VW GTI and the VW Golf R?

While all Golf models have a bump in the middle for a drive tunnel, only the R makes use of it with AWD. The R also has around 295 horsepower, way more than even the potent little GTI.


What do the Camaro and the ATS share?

Both vehicles use GM's new and excellent Alpha platform.


What does the Audi logo symbolize?

The rings symbolize the merger of Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.


What company has been rumored to be in the development of a self-driving car for years?

Apple has reportedly been working on a self-driving car for many years, but there's no evidence this is actually true.


What is the device that keeps individual wheels from getting locked up while other wheels spin uselessly?

Without getting too technical, a differential is a device that ensures that the drive wheels (usually in the front or rear of the car) can turn at different speeds, without either stopping altogether. When the car is going straight, the drive wheels turn at the same speed, but when the car turns, the inner wheel turns less than the outer wheel. The axle ratio is the ratio of how much the outer wheel can turn more than the inner wheel.


What road car was a marriage of a British racing team and a German auto maker?

The SLR was a carbon fiber hypercar version of the Mercedes SL, engineered by McLaren, the British racing engineers.


What orphan car brand was the brainchild of the designer of the Aston Martin DB9?

Henrik Fisker designed the Karma when his old company, Fisker, went into business. When he had differences with his executives he left, taking his name with him. The Karma is still around though, with its solar roof and impressive lack of any performance specs or numbers on its website.


What are the current crop of Toyotas and Lexuses accused of resembling?

The current look of the grilles on these Japanese giants does really look like Darth Vader's mask


What engine is in the Chevy SS?

Lifted from the last cheapo-plastic Corvette, the 6.2-litre LS3 V8 is an engine that generates a stupid 415 horsepower, giving the SS more power than it needs.


What Holden is sold in the US under another badge?

The Chevy SS (Super Sport) is sold in Australia as the Holden Commodore (VF). The Commodore was built in Australia until very recently, and is a point of pride in the island nation.


What is the sleeper electric car no one is buying, but should?

The Bolt is the best value on four wheels, by most measures. The interior is pleasant, the performance is good, the interface is easy, and the range is impressive. It's not expensive, and used examples are hitting the market at a significant markdown. Why aren't people buying it? GM isn't pushing it hard, and there's a lot of sobbery about electric cars; either people want a very expensive luxury car like a Tesla, or they want something with a gas backup like a Prius.


What car was designed according to specs provided by Adolph Hitler?

Being an artist, Hitler had ideas of what he wanted out of cars, and designed one of the very first "people's cars" (what Volkswagen means in German) to please his aesthetic sense.


What sports car brand bases all its designs on a very poorly-made German budget-box?

Ferdinand Porsche's first cars were based on the Beetle, which he helped design. Porsches are mostly rear or mid engine, though the SUVs and the Panamera are all front engine. Still, they make it look a lot like the lumpen Beetle.


What car maker other than Tesla once tried to do away with the dealership model?

In the 1980s, Porsche tried to do away with dealerships. It didn't work.


What is the worst car color to have if you're planning on speeding in the UK?

In the UK, some traffic cops while away the hours by playing "snooker." In snooker, every other ball sunk must be red, so if you're violating traffic laws, you are much more likely to be pulled over in the UK if your car is red.


What is actually the most popular color for Ferraris?

75 percent of Ferraris are painted red.


What is the slowest car that can seat more than two people side by side?

The Aixam Coupe costs money like a real car, looks like a real car, drives with just a moped license in the UK, and doesn't go faster than 30 MPH. It is incredibly slow and expensive, begging the question, "Why?"


What automobile brand founded in 1897 closed its shop in 2004?

Oldsmobile was a venerable brand until the early 2000s, when it had little to offer to differentiate itself from other GM brands, except that the cars didn't sell. GM finally put it down.


What was the upgrade car driven by the hero of "Breaking Bad"?

When Walter White decided his ride needed an upgrade, he went with the very gangster Chrysler 300. His special edition version produced even more than 300 horsepower.


What was the ridiculous car driven by the protagonist of "Breaking Bad"?

Walter White's daily driver in the beginning of "Breaking Bad" is the Pontiac Aztek, a car created by GM's old performance brand in order to make everyone happy. It made no one happy.


Which van was not criticized for looking like a Dustbuster?

While driving a Dustbuster isn't necessarily a bad thing, the Dodge Caravan did all the same stuff as the GM cars, but with slightly better styling.


What was the worst expensive 1980s car ever built?

The Maserati Biturbo was cool, make no mistake about it. Still, the car was plagued by mechanical problems and needed frequent servicing. Of course, much of Italian engineering was like this back then. The Maserati was supposed to be the gentleman's Ferrari though, and should not have expected the sort of coddling and rare use of the Prancing Horse. Today not much has changed with build quality, with massive panel gaps, interior switches from Dodges and sticker prices north of $80K.


What BMW-powered roadster was made by Germans to drive like an English roadster?

The Wiesmann MF3 was built to be a fairly bare bones yet luxurious roadster. It looked simple, with its wind-down windows, but it was powerful and handled like a champion, with underpinnings taken from the BMW M3.


What is considered the worst mass-marketed car built in the 1960s?

The Corvair got a lot of complements when it was introduced, but it had problems, chief of which was safety. In Unsafe at Any Speed, Ralph Nader singled out the Corvair for its unfortunate habit of killing drivers in front-end collisions by impaling them on the steering wheel.


What was the most expensive Czech car ever made?

Built as a tribute to several older Škodas, the R200 'Erko' was built by an enthusiast.


What is considered the best Soviet-era car ever made?

The Niva was introduced in 1977 and is made to this day. Yes, it's bare bones, and it comes with a repair kit which you will definitely need, but it's pretty good at off-roading and saved weight by not having an AC. Just don't take this rolling oven to the desert.


What is the most fuel efficient gas car ever made?

The XL1 gets over 100 MPG.


What is the smallest car ever made?

The P50 is tiny, unsafe, and slow.


How many doors on a sedan?

A sedan (or saloon in the UK) has four doors.


Where is the Peel P50 from?

The Peel P50 is the only car from the Isle of Man, which is ironic since the island has roads without a speed limit, but the car can't get above 30 MPH.


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