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"Alexander McQueen, Prada, Gucci, Chanel..." Before you feel your wallet start to get lighter with these fashion brands, we want to know if you're a fashion expert! While you might love fashion, only a true fashionista could ace this quiz. Can you handle it?

The fashion world has a history that traces back decades. You'll also find that fashion trends work in a circle. One of the oldest trends came through the Baroque period; a time marked by complex patterns and stunning embroidery. The style has since cycled its way back to the runway and into clothing stores.

A similar concept could be said of the '90s. With the popular crop tops and high waist jeans of the decade, the mid-2010s brought about the return of the style. While the trends are making the statement, who could forget about the brands and stores that are selling them?

You won't find a fashion expert who doesn't recognize the high-end brands of Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana. Stores like Zara and H&M are a staple for the perfect mix of high end and affordable. Who could look past the massive rise of the online clothing store, Fashion Nova?

With hundreds of trends floating around and thousands of brands and stores to shop at, do you have what it takes to make a fashion statement with this quiz? Or will you be on the list of the worst dressed?

Let's find out!

This special 7-day event is like the Superbowl and Christmas combined of fashion events in a given city. What's it called?

Fashion Week is the celebrated fashion event of a city, usually attended by many designers, out to showcase their latest works. Other fashion experts also attend this, as well as fashion-wannabes.


A true devoted person of fashion is called what?

A fashionista is someone who's truly devoted to everything fashion. Yep, it's a dictionary word now.


When we say LV bags, which designer are we talking about?

LV is unmistakably Louis Vuitton. This is ta high end brand for women's handbags, but they have luggage, too.


Dior and Louboutin share which of the following names?

Christian Dior made perfumes and fashion clothing; Christian Louboutin focused on shoes.


Every woman is recommended to have one "little dress" for a special occasion, or other style emergencies. What's the recommended color of this dress?

The "little black dress" is a fashion must-have for every woman serious about dressing herself up in style.


According to that cute book, and later film, what brand did The Devil Wore?

The Devil Wears Prada showed some ins and outs of the fashion world from an outsider's eye.


When choosing a neck line, say for a shirt, it's either rounded or this.

A v-neck is a shirt that follows a V shape for the collar. It's best to use if donning a jacket.


CK not only makes perfumes, but fashionistas know their line of undies, too. What does it stand for?

CK is Calvin Klein. The brand has been featuring celebs in their underwear billboards, in controversial shots.


When you're making underwear like it's a hush-hush thing, what's this brand's name?

Victoria's Secret is famous for their line of women's lingerie. But they also have other beauty products that include fruity and flowery scents.


This simple piece of small-ish cloth could speak hugely about someone's fashion sense. What is this wraparound accessory?

A scarf is a reliable accessory to have. It's also handy to whip out in certain situations.


When dressing from head to toe, it's always recommended to see all angles, especially this side.

When dressing from head to toe, it's good to have a full body mirror to check your outfit out. Make sure you also check your rear or your back view, because you might just discover something...


These small pointy items help keep things together in a fashion emergency, so they're handy to have.

It's always handy to have a safety pin set with you, in case of emergencies. Make sure to keep different sizes for different needs.


In the fashion industry, the name Coco is only followed by one other name. What is it?

Coco Chanel is an unforgettable pioneer in the fashion industry. The CC legacy is one to rival.


There's a fashion designer named Stella whose father is a famous Beatle. Which one is it?

Stella McCartney is the daughter of Beatle Paul McCartney. She has a line of great shoes, among other things.


Who designed Madonna's iconic pointy bra back in the '90s?

The French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier designed the now iconic Madonna cone bra back in the '90s. She wore it as part of the Blonde Ambition tour.


A fashionista would know what Tiffany & Co. sells. What is it?

Tiffany & Co. is primarily a jewelry store. This is where a famous someone had breakfast once.


When we say jeans, they're usually made of this material.

Denim jeans are usually blue in nature, and are dark. But variations of this have been made over the decades.


To remove small wisps of thread and other unsightly small stuff in your clothes, what do you use to roll them out?

A lint remover is a necessity for fashionistas. The roller kind is the best.


What do they usually call the high-end fashion companies?

A fashion house is the term used to refer to a specific high-end brand's company. That's what it means when they announce "from the house of ______."


The Armani fashion house was established in which country?

Emporio Armani was established in 1975. Its founding icon is Italian, Giorgio Armani.


Which designer dress did Bruno Mars want to, um, lose and land on the floor?

The song "Versace on the Floor" made Gianni Versace's name popular to audiences who normally don't follow the fashion scene. Gianni must be liking this reference a lot, from the great beyond, though...


Those who religiously read fashion magazines know who Anna Wintour is. Which magazine is she known for?

Anna Wintour is the unmistakable fashion icon heading the international fashion magazine: Vogue. She is the editor-in-chief.


What is the term used when you're completely overhauling your fashion style?

A fashion makeover is when you undergo a total overhaul of your fashion sense. That means junking the old wardrobe or at least repurposing some.


This 4-letter word simply means 'one's elegance or good fashion sense.'

Chic is the term often used to indicate one's sense of good style. It's also used to describe a certain sub-genre of style.


What is the term used to refer to a kind of corporate office wear for strong-willed women?

A power suit is an ensemble describing the snappy, respectable corporate women. Since they are in positions of corporate power, the term power suit connotes that these women are strong-willed and are the bosses.


Heeled shoes with a low front and cut closed toe design is usually called what?

Pumps is an American term for the heeled shoes of women that are low cut in front, and are closed, so the toes won't peek out. The Brits call this a court shoe.


What do you call tops or blouses that allow your shoulders to peek out?

A cold shoulder top is a style wherein the shoulder is seen through a special cut or hole on the shoulder sleeves. Some other version includes the regular off-shoulder style that bares not just a small area of the shoulder, but the whole shoulder blade area.


This kind of heel sounds deadly -- because it's named after a knife, which is what the heel's thinness mimics. What's it called?

A stiletto type of heel on a shoe looks awfully long and thin, like the dagger it was named after. Shoes with this kind of heel are also called stilettos.


When a shoe doesn't have pronounced heels, what's it termed?

Flats are simple closed shoes that don't have pronounced heels. It's best to own some that are solid-colored.


The rule of thumb when wearing stripes, if you don't want to appear big bodied, is to have stripes go this direction on your clothes.

Wearing vertical stripe-designed clothes won't emphasize the shape of your body much since the vertical stripes give an illusion of length. They're not hugging the body all around, so it's a good style to follow if you don't want to emphasize some bulges.


Style followers know what YSL stands for. Who is the designer referred by these initials?

YSL is short for Yves Saint-Laurent, the iconic French designer who started his fashion house back in the '60s. His real name is Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint-Laurent.


Carrie Bradshaw became a pop culture icon of New York fashion because of her role in which TV show for single women?

Sex and the City's fashionista followers were awed by the fashion styles presented in the show, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw's lead. The women there all became fashion icons in a way.


What do you call a bag without straps, usually small, which women carry with their hands?

A clutch is a small bag without a strap. What it could contain remains a mystery to some, due to its size.


Fashionistas who use social media like Instagram to show off their style are now being wooed by brands to advertise their products in their posts. What are these people termed?

Social media influencers are a thing now. These are people who somehow do product placements of fashion items or clothing in their posts, to hopefully influence their followers to use or buy.


Some delicates need to be washed in this manner...

Some delicates need to be hand washed to protect their make. Machine washing them would spell a fashion disaster, should you decide to wear them.


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