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Hey women, do you believe that you can’t snag a high score identifying car parts? How about you, men? You think you know more just because you’re men? Well, then, let’s see the real score by taking this car parts quiz! When it comes to driving, gender doesn’t really matter — but knowledge does! Test yours now!

It’s what you generally call the main casing of the overall car.

The car body is called just that: body. And some people name their cars, like a buddy.


It’s made of rubber and you have 4 of it, with 1 spare.

The tires or wheels make it possible for you to move. Make sure they’re aired properly.


It’s the system that makes your car run.

Most cars have their engines installed at the front of the car. But the old Volkswagen Beetle vintage model has its engine at the back. Fancy that!


It’s the huge window in front.

The windshield literally shields drivers from the gust of wind. We don't know why people like top-downs, though, for the screening won't be as effective there ...


It’s the one you open when you want to go in or out of it.

You open the door when you want to enter the car, silly! But there have been some incidents where people try to get in though the window -- which is not advisable.


It’s the two huge lights in front which makes you see the road at night.

The headlights are built to be durable and tough. Their glass and lighting system can also withstand harsh weather.


It’s where the gas, diesel or petrol is stored.

Make sure the fuel tank is filled before driving out. Letting it reach empty levels is not a good thing to do.


It’s what you press if you want your doors not to bet opened.

Door locks are located on one corner end of the door. They're supposed to be near the door handles.


It’s what you open at the back if you want to pack a lot of stuff.

The trunk should be spacious enough to store a few tools and a spare tire, plus other stuff. It's also supposed to be clean.


It’s what you turn on when you want to clean your windshield outside.

Windshield wipers are attached on the outside of the windshield to act as a cleaner. People often use water to spritz it, or use special windshield wiper fluid to do the job better.


It’s the rechargeable source of electricity of your car’s system.

Your car battery needs to be checked at least every two years. Or you can try every year, if you want to be super-sure about things.


It’s where all the meters and gauges are displayed prominently for you to see.

The dashboard is strictly about displaying gauges and meters. You should never place anything to obstruct your view of it.


It’s the body part that covers the wheels like a protective frame.

The fenders are supposed to be strong and sturdy like the car body. After all, they protect that car from anything minor to serious.


It’s what you turn when you want to go left or right.

The steering wheel manages the wheel system to go toward your preferred direction. It has to be better balanced, though.


It’s where you plug in the keys if you want to get the ignition going.

The ignition switch is where you put in the key, turn it, then the engine revs up. When the ignition has started, in some older cars, you can actually pull out the keys, and the car will still run.


It’s the top part that covers the whole car.

The roof is a good protection of the whole car system and everything inside. But there are top-down models which people prefer when they want to feel the air and sun while driving.


It’s what you open when you want to put in fuel in your vehicle.

The fuel tank door is a necessity so that fuel won't escape from the tank. It's dangerous not to have one!


It’s where the rubber wheel is attached.

The rim is where the rubber tire is attached. It's important not to have this dented.


It’s the protective strap that drivers and passengers all put on, before even moving.

The seatbelt prevents you from crashing onto the front of the car. It also prevents you from being thrown outside, through the windshield.


It’s what you turn on if you want to feel cold inside the car.

The air conditioning system is an important part of cars today. But imagine older people survived without one in their cars!


It’s the system that controls the engine-to-wheel power.

The transmission is what powers the engine and wheel systems together. Its advisable to learn with a manual transmission then graduate to an automatic one.


It makes the engine’s cooling and heating system possible.

Radiators are designed to assist the engine, actually. You need an engine coolant to make it work well.


It’s the mirror that lets you see what’s happening at the back outside your car.

The rear view mirror should be really long. Some people buy a specialized one and attach it to the original mirror installed in the car.


It’s the attachment at the front and end parts which protect your car when getting in close contact with things or other cars.

The bumper is used to protect the main body of the car, specifically at the front and back. But if a fast moving vehicle hit you, it's not good protection, but a weapon!


It’s the automatic protective pop-up to protect you if you crash your car.

Imagine cars without airbags! They existed before, and people were very careful drivers back then.


It’s the disc thing that covers all the wheels.

The hubcap is meant to be utilitarian. But some are designed to be fancy as well, depending on the car make or the owner.


It’s the one that covers the engine system in front of the car.

The hood is meant to protect the engine from harmful elements. It's also not advisable to touch it especially when a car has been driving for long.


It’s the lights that lights up when you want to go either left or right.

The turn signal lights it can be just the tail lights or those, plus another side light. Big cars and SUVs also have their turn lights on their side mirrors in addition.


It’s your source of audio pleasure accompaniment while driving.

Almost all cars these days come with a built-in radio system. Before, it was a luxury to have one installed.


It’s the device that takes in the sudden movements when you’re driving.

The shock absorber is the system that enables the car to minimize, well, shocks. Not all cars have this before, though, which is a surprise.


It’s the system that makes your car stop when you step on its pedal.

The braking system doesn't merely start or end with the brake pedal. you have to make sure that the brake pad, brake lining, and everything else in the system works well!


It’s the flat and long thingie that loops and connects two or more rotating items inside your car.

Most engines use a fan belt to act as a loop to help rotate power or act as a pulley system. When you hear the fan belt screeching, though, it's time to have it checked, for it should not make any weird sound.


It’s a small drawer-style storage inside the car, usually in front of the passenger seat, where you keep your license and registration.

The glove compartment is a handy small storage space inside a car. Just be careful not to put in anything heavy.


It’s the part of your seat where you can put your head back on, for a bit.

The headrest is designed to move up to better adjust to the height of the driver. Some prefer driving without it though, which is strange.


It’s where the gaseous combustion byproducts exit from your car.

The exhaust system is where the gaseous fumes exit, after the internal combustion of your engine operates. A muffler is designed to literally muffle the sound coming through the exhaust pipe.


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